it all started in pre-k . niall and taylor were best freinds, but when taylor
moved away in 5th grade. they never spoke again untill she moved back now 18 and they catch up but when he introuduces her to the band a love hexagon forms her head is plastered in the middle.


21. liam part 1

(taylors pov)  i meet liam at the ice rink a few miles away. when i go in i see liam holding a big teddy bear in his arms i smile really big. i run up to him and hug him tight i thank him and we kiss. we get our ice skates and go ice skating. after a while liam goes to use the bathroom so i wait outside the rink for him i was watching everybody skate when i feel strong hands on my waist, "hey" i say as i close my eyes and turn around and kiss him. we kiss passionately and i hear "oh". it was liam. i pull away and look up at who i was kissing and it wasnt liam. i gasp and slap the man. "aww come on babe where are you going" the creep sais as i run after liam. "liam wait" i yyell "its not what you think" i yell. he turns back and he si crying. he is walking and i am running so i catch up  to him pretty quick and plus i have skates on. i grab his shoulder. "liam can we sit down and talk" i say. "liam look at me" i say "liam" and he looks me in the eyes. "can we talk". i say he walks over to a table and sits down. i sit next to him. "what" he sais. "it wasnt what you think. i was looking at the other skaters and i felt a hand on my waist i thought it was yours since it had been a long time since you went to the bathroom" i say "i was in there so long cuz i was building up the courage to tell you that i loved you" he said still crying."and when i finally did i came out to you kissing my competetor." "what do you mean" i ask "do you know who that guy was " "no" "it was nathan sykes from the wanted. they hate us and we were fighting on twitter" he said "im so sorry just let me finish. i turned around really fast and my eyes were closed and i kissed him. i thought it was you. i would never do that to you. i love you too" i say we look up at each other and we make out. i grab us some drinks and i pay and walk aaway and liam is overe by nathan skyks or whatever his name is and he punches him in the face nathan holds his face an dpunches liam back he grabs him and is hitting him i drop the drinks and run over. i asumme it looks like bella running over to edward wen he is going to expose himself at the festival thing(twighlight). nathans freind punches liam in the willy. nathan hold him while his freind punches him. i run over "stop" i yell "only if you do somthing for me" nathan sais. "what" i say. make out with me infront of liam or punch him in the face. you choose." he sais "no" i yell "ok then"nathan sais and he punched liam in the gut HARD. "NO STOP PLEASE" i yell. "do it" nathan sais. so i grab his face and kiss him. i can hear liam gasp. i pull away and say " there ya happy" to nathan. he laughs and nods and finally walks away.

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