it all started in pre-k . niall and taylor were best freinds, but when taylor
moved away in 5th grade. they never spoke again untill she moved back now 18 and they catch up but when he introuduces her to the band a love hexagon forms her head is plastered in the middle.


28. Awkward conversations

(Hey guys its me taylor so i have bronchitis and my lungs hurt and i keep couching yuck ughh but it should go away soo so any way i decided im only doing one choice so ignore everything about multiple choices sorry for any inconvienance lol tell me what you think of my story and feel free to give me any ideas you have i hope i inspire you to write you own fanfic :) thanks loves - taylor alyse)
(Nialls pov)

I cant stand him. The way he took her from me the prank they played the way he kiases her like he has know her forever. I sat on the couch in between liam and louis. " so where did you take her" i ask " "a place called the hidden garden but im not allowed to. Tell you were it is because its supposed to be secret" i nodded " we sat in awkward silence suddenly louis leans foward squinting his eyes and sais "you were an accident werent you" i started laughing "louis thats not nice he is our gest" i hear taylor say walking i with 4 plates of spaghetti andrew hops up and takes two and hands one to louis and one to liam i handone to harry and zayn "wheres mine" i ask. "In the kitchen be right back" she runs to the kitchen and comes back with a huge plait for me andrew widens his eyes at how much food there is. "Ihave to go my aunt wants me home" andrew sais we all look at taylor weird she shakes her head no. He walkes to her and grabs her waist and whispers i her ear somthing she giggles and pushes him palyfully "i w
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