it all started in pre-k . niall and taylor were best freinds, but when taylor
moved away in 5th grade. they never spoke again untill she moved back now 18 and they catch up but when he introuduces her to the band a love hexagon forms her head is plastered in the middle.


2. arriving

(taylors pov)

"sweety wake up" mom said as daddy lifted me up out of the car. we had driven to the airport , rode the plane to texas, and  got the rental car and drove to the new house i fell asleep on the plane and the whole way to the new house. i was crying untill i got on the plane so im sure you could imagine how tierd i was. as soon as we got there. daddy lifted me inside and i started to wake up. and yelled for mom to get nialls number. sh ewas digging through her purse for at least 20 minutes and sh ehad dumpped it out and finnally came back in and sat down on the couch next to me. she told me " umm sweety when we were on our way here we stopped for gas and i had gotten some gum well when i was finished with it i dug in my purse for a peice af trash paper to put it in and i must have grabbed nialls number and when we stopped at mcdonals i threw it away im sooo sorry." "how could you i hate you" i replied as i ran up to my room and slammed my door. no one came to see if i was ok and im glad i never wanted to talk to her again. school starts in 3 weeks and i have to start middle school without my best freind. next thing i know i wake up to an amazing smell. and i knew DINNER WAS READY. i ran downstairs made a plait and ran back up to my room. me and niall always loved food.... niall. as i ate i started crying again beacause i was sad about niall.

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