it all started in pre-k . niall and taylor were best freinds, but when taylor
moved away in 5th grade. they never spoke again untill she moved back now 18 and they catch up but when he introuduces her to the band a love hexagon forms her head is plastered in the middle.


26. Andrew (my choice 1 part 2)

(Taylors pov)

We get in the car an drive for about 45 minutes. We get to a wooded area and we run threw mossy vines hanging in ribbons over a hige rock thing. (Like in the movie tangled where repunzels hidden chamber thing was hidden) he runs. I stamd there confused and a hand reaches out to me i put my hand in his and he pulls me through. I stand at the entrance in awe. There are two big cabins. A small lake more like a pond, and a big play ground. I noticed a small building at the very back. The place was enclosed no way to get out exept the way we got in. "Whats that" i ask. "Its the gift shop type thing my best freind works there" he answered. I made my lips in an o shape. "Where are we" i ask still shocked. "We are in the hidden garden. You only know about this place if you know somebody. Its not advertised or public. The discovered te hidden pond decided to make somthin of it. He told one perso they told somebody and so on . My mom dated the owner when she was in highschool so they were close freinds. He told her about it. We used to come every year untill my.. Ummm.. Parents died. And i moved in with my aunt and she hates this place because she almost drown in that lake right there and she got poison ivy and she hates the outdoors. So we stopped going". "Oh i didnt know about your parents." I say "its ok" he smiled. "Cmon" he said as he ran toward the playground and i followed. He hope on a swing and flicke his head motioning me to join him on the swing so i hoped on. We swang and talked. He hopped off and started running. He took of his shirt and slowly took of his jeans and shoes and socks and jumped in the lake leaving on his boxers. I laughed as i ran toward the lake and stopped at the edge "cmon in the water is great" he laughed. "Umm ok but turn around ok and dont look until i say" i tell him and he replys with an ok. I slowly take off my shirt revealin m black bra with lace at the top and slowly wiggle down my green jeans and my green panties with little carrots on them with louis name on the butt. I cover my stomach insecurishly. "Ok you ca look now" i say shyly. "Wow" he sais. Staring at my body up and down landong on my chest. I clear my throat bringing his attention to my eyes "well cmon" he sais and i run in with him. We walk deeper i untill i cant touch. I shiver "its cold" i say "lets fix that" he sais as he pulls me close he can touch the water is at his neck. He walk up so the water goes to his belly button. He holds me close and we sink in the water. So he is on his knees. I stand up and swim away pulling him with me to the center of the water. I give him a quick peck on the lips amd i swim up to get out "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN" i yell and he swims. After me i touc and the water is mid thigh when he picks me up brodal style an drun me to a big tree and i notice its dark. He lays me under the tree on top af ad duvet he brought. He puts his knees on either side of me and his arms on either side to he kisses me on my neck and whispers on to my skin "what do i win" i get tingles through my body. I loo at him and smile "this" i whisper and flip him so im ontop of him straddling him. And i kiss his neck trailing up to his lips and we kiss. "Can we play agian" he asks jokingly and acting shocked. He checked his phone and said "holy crap its already ten lets get you home" "good idea the boys are probably wondering where i am" "the boys" he asks. "Ill explain on th way" insay we pick up the duvet and grab out stuff and run to the car. We hop in and i throw my jeans on and my t ahirt atruggling because the lack of space. We pull over and grab some food but first he gets dressed. When we are done we head to my flat. We pull up to my flat. "I had fun thanks so much" i say "any time ill cal you tommorow ok" he replies. I kiss him and i peek aroun him to se 5 pairs of eyes peeking out the blinds. I look athim and whisper "play along the boys are watching" he nods. I explained everything at dinner. I grab him and kiss him rough. I flick my head to the back seat and he climbs to the back there are not any seat juat a big gap. Hey laid down and i stradled him we kissed more and i took off my top i leeked up and the. Boys still watched. He does the same he unbuttons my jeans and and he did too. We continued kissing. He sat up agianst the window bloking the window so they couldnt see i put my hands on either side of him against the window and we got dressed and crwaled out of te car the boys still watching the blinds flick shut as we walk up to te door you can hear the shushing and pushing. I mouthed my lips play along and he nods and smiles . "That was soo much fun thanks " i say "anytime babe" he replies "that was like the best ive had."isay trying not to laugh i hear niall whisper "im gunna kill him" "yah you too we will definatley have to do that again" he sais "so you want to come in" i ask "id love too " he replies.
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