it all started in pre-k . niall and taylor were best freinds, but when taylor
moved away in 5th grade. they never spoke again untill she moved back now 18 and they catch up but when he introuduces her to the band a love hexagon forms her head is plastered in the middle.


30. 2 days left

(Taylors pov)

I hear music and i open my eyes its niall he is playing his guitar. "I have a song for you its called loved you first please just listen" he starts singing and when he is done i pek hi cheek and we walk down stairs he sits across from me and gives me a sad look "whats the matter nialler" i say "taytertot can i tell you somthing but dont get mad." "Yah sure whats up and you knoe you can tell me anything" i reply im worried " well me and the boys go on tour soon" he sais "how soon " 2 days" he sais "what two days i dont want to be here alone and i cant come with you i need to be with andrew." I say almost in tears "i know i know so i got your phone and called andrew" he sais " you did what" i say and he has tears in his eyes as he looks away "your moving in with him in his flat" he sais i can tell it hurts him "when" i ask niall cant hold the tears any longer "tonight" he sais as he cries. " but niall when will you all be back " " 5 months" he sais "i cant live without my boys for that long." I say and i run up to harrys room niall stayed downstairs l. "Harry wake up" "mmmm" he sits up tierd and confused. I hug him tight. He pats my hair and sits me up "niall told you " he asks.i nod my head and cry into his bare chest he get up and he is naked "harry " i say as he puts underwhere on. "Go sit on the couch please.l" i say as i run to lous room "lou wake up i sAy as i jump on him he hugs me wen he sees i crying i tell him" go sot on the couch ill be tere in a sec please" and i kissed his cheek. I ran to liams room. "Liam wake up please i sat on the side of his bed and kissed his cheek. He smiled as his eyes fluttered open. "niall told me" he sat up and kissed my head and held me as i cryed "go get zayn and sit on the couch" i said i ran to the couch and sat with the boys as zayn and liam walked down. I sat in between niall and liam. We watched movies and snuck a kiss from niall when nobody was looking because he was crying. I heard a knock at the door and we all look around niall got up and opened the door andrew and a girl. He cam in and st in nialls spot niall looking angry walked away and came back calmer. The girl sat on the love seat with niall she seemed to really take an interesy in niall obviously being a dorectioner. They really got along and it bugged me a bit. He would say somthin and she would giggle. Her hand on his thigh. I sat with andrew and we kissed and talked all of us and niall asked the gorl to dinner tonight. I was not ok at that point i kissed andrew and invited bim and his sister to dinner tonight.
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