She was pretty, smart and popular. He was cool, laid back, and not really realized. She was going to go to collage. He was going to keep going with his band. She had a mother and father who loved her. He had a dad, who was always busy. What will happened, when on a class trip she falls over board and he tries to save her. They will be trapped.


1. Save you tonight

*Lilly's POV*

I gave my mom and dad a kiss, and gave my sister a hug.

"Well, I guess this is it." I said smiling.

"Yep, you just get back here ok." My mom said.

"I will, I promise, I will bring you guys some stuff."

"Ok, goodbye sweetie." My dad said.

"I will see you soon." I said to my sister. I felt bad for leaving her. I knew she didn't really like me. But hey, she was family.

"Yeah." She smiled.

I grabbed my suite case off the floor and went to the stairs to board the plane. Me and a lot of other class mates were going on a trip. We got time to do our own stuff, but we also had to volunteer to help around. That was the main reason for the trip, was to help the people living there, they just had a bad storm that tore up the town. I always loved helping those in need, so I took the opportunity. The plane ride was like an hour. We had to take a plain somewhere, then we would take a crew ship around to the places that just had bad storms. I sat by my two best friends and we finally arrived. We got off of the plain and boarded the ship, we got our own room together and I had to say they were fancy. The lady who gave us our room told us our first stop was Haiti. I knew they really needed our help. I was excited. I walked down to the dining hall and paid for my meal. As I was walking back, I saw him. Harry. I don't know why but I watched him sometimes. He was kind of mysterious. He was pretty handsome and laid back, he didn't really seem like a people person. I sat at the table still looking at him.

"Why is Harry here?" I asked that question only because you really never saw him out and about with a lot of people.

"I think his dad made him." My friend Kia said.

"Me too." My friend Sara agreed.

When we were done eating we went back to our room. We had a lot to do the next day.


We got up and went out to the dining hall again, for breakfast. It was so hot out, it was even hot in the dining hall. We went back to our room, I put on a pair of purple shorts, and a light blue tank top. We asked our teacher what we were supposed to do. Me and Kia had to Nail the boards to form the structure and Sara had to saw the boards, so we could nail them. It was like 100 degrees, but we were almost done. When it was time and we were done. We went back to our room. Sara stayed behind for some reason. I got in the shower to get all of the sweat off. I heard the door open and close and Sara's voice. She came into the bathroom.

"Hey, you want to go to the main deck and join the party?" She asked me.

"Aren't we suppose to stay on our deck and rest?"

"Yeah, but I want to party, come on, how many times will you get to do that?" She looked at me and pouted.

"Fine. Just let me finish getting ready."


I got out of the shower and put on a pair of light jeans and a light purple shirt to go over my light blue tank top. No I didn't wear the same one, I have two. We all snuck up there. We all started dancing, and I was looking around the place. He caught my eye, why was he here, he didn't seem like the kind to party? I just kept looking at him. I am guessing after a while our teacher did room checks, and noticed we were gone, because there she came. I didn't want her seeing me so I backed up. She started yelling to get everyone out of her way. In all of that chaos, I was pushed. I almost fell off the side of the boat. I sighed in relief. Then another wave of people came and this time. I tripped on one of the white couches along the side of the boat and was pushed off the side. I screamed, but no one heard me. I hit the water pretty hard, and went under. I knew how to swim but I thought I was going to drown this time. I swam as hard as I could and found the life boat. I climbed in. It was really hard. It had no paddles, people are stupid. I was having trouble still trying to get in all wet. I felt someone behind me lift me up and climb in the boat after me. I turned coughing and saw that it was the one and only, Harry Styles.

Harry was in a band called One Direction. He kind of kept to himself, at least at school. He had brown, curly hair, a nice smile, and the most beautiful eyes. What am I saying, I sound like I like him. Hahaha. I don't like him, pfft. Ok,Ok, I liked his mysteriousness, and stuff. I didn't know why. I laid down and quickly fell asleep. When I awoke he was sitting up against the side of the boat, yeah the crappy boat that I felt would pop any minute. It was a blow up boat. I sat up and went through my bag I had with me the entire time, to see what I had. I had my phone, which had no signal. I had a bottle of water, a granola bar, my wallet, and a bottle of Ibroprofen. I would need some, I had a bad head ache. I didn't notice before, but there was a small box on the life raft. He was digging through it.

"Why did you save me?"

"You needed help, no one but me was going to do anything about it."

"Oh." I waited a minute to talk again. "What is in there?"

"A small first aid kit, a couple cans of soup, four bottles of water, matches, a gun, some bullets, and a small blanket."

"Well, that sounds good, they should find us before that is all gone."


I took one of my Ibroprofens, and laid back down. When I awoke from my nap he was sleeping. I looked around us, when I looked in front of me, I still saw nothing but water, but then I looked behind me, and saw land. We were almost ashore an island. I tapped his arm.

"Hey, hey." I said, trying to wake him.

He sat up and opened his eyes. We stepped out of the water and pulled the boat ashore.

Authors Note: Hey everyone, this is my third movella. Not first, not second. But third. Oh yeah. Anyways, I was just wondering what you thought of it so far. Comment on it I will try to read all of the comments. Bye Bye.

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