She was pretty, smart and popular. He was cool, laid back, and not really realized. She was going to go to collage. He was going to keep going with his band. She had a mother and father who loved her. He had a dad, who was always busy. What will happened, when on a class trip she falls over board and he tries to save her. They will be trapped.


9. I wish

*Lilly's POV*

I wake up and yet again, Harry is gone. I stand up, put my hand over my eyes to block the sun and catch sight of him swimming at the shore. I run over to him and jump in beside him. We have a little water fight and swim for a while until we get tired.


We just sit by the fire and eat the fruit we found. I want to know more about him, this is my chance to learn.


"So, what?"

"So, I want to know more about you." I say biting into my banana.

"What about me?"

"Your wishes, or hopes."

"Well, I wish...I wish I was home eating fried chicken."

I laugh. "Is that all?" I ask. "Cause that is the worst wish I have ever heard."

"No, I also wish I had my own apartment and sooner or later...I wanted to go to college."

I nod. "Anything else? Don't you want to have kids or anything?"

"Yeah, I do, sometime."

"So do I." He says smiling.

"What do you want?"


"What do you want? Boy or girl?"

He thinks about it for a moment. "Both." I nod.

"What are your wishes?" He asks me.

"I wish what every teenage girl wishes. I want to have a house a car, and I had plans for collage."

"Is that all you want?"

"I also wish to start a family."

"That is the whole thing about life thought, we wish for a lot of things. Sometimes other things get in the way of our hopes."

"Yeah, I suppose so."

We just sit and talk about what our wishes are for the rest of the afternoon, then we go swimming again. After swimming in this ocean for so long, I realize I am not as afraid of sea creatures as much. I have swam with the fish and found these cute little turtles. I just love it here. If I ever get off of this island, I think I would come back like once a year and stay a week. Maybe it could be with Harry.

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