She was pretty, smart and popular. He was cool, laid back, and not really realized. She was going to go to collage. He was going to keep going with his band. She had a mother and father who loved her. He had a dad, who was always busy. What will happened, when on a class trip she falls over board and he tries to save her. They will be trapped.


12. I want

*Lilly's POV*

I wake up to Harry poking me in the arm and calling my name. I sit up thinking it was is finger when in reality it was a stick. He was standing up with a long branch, just poking me.

"What?" I ask.

"Get up, I want to eat and we have no more fruit." He smiles.

"So, you're a big boy go get it yourself." I smile fixing my hair. Oh my don't I wish I had a brush.

"Yeah, but you need to get the water."

I sigh and stand up. "Ok, ok, ok."

We walk out into the woods again and he goes to find fruit, while I walk to the stream not to far away. As I am filling up the water bottle, I hear something. An engine. Harry comes running over to me.

"Lilly, Lilly?" He keeps yelling. I meet him and we run out to the beach as fast as we can. We start jumping and waving our arms, just hoping they would see us. We were in a pretty good place, right at the water line.

We keep yelling and screaming. It's a plane. It's flying right over us. I just want this to be it. I want to go home.


Sorry it's such a short chapter, I just wanted to update a little but of what was going to happen next. Thanks for reading. Again, sorry it was so short. Tell me if you want  an update soon. :)

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