She was pretty, smart and popular. He was cool, laid back, and not really realized. She was going to go to collage. He was going to keep going with his band. She had a mother and father who loved her. He had a dad, who was always busy. What will happened, when on a class trip she falls over board and he tries to save her. They will be trapped.


7. Hey

Author's Note: Hey guys, sorry if you thought this was a chapter. I was just going to inform you on why I haven’t been updating. I just haven't had that much time, I have had a lot of homework in my high performance classes and stuff. I will try to update when I have time and will continue trying to update at least once a week. Thank you for being patient, and by the way, I really love comments so I would love to read some more, if you could comment. Thanks LOL. Bye bye guys.

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