Truly, Madly, Deeply

Miranda Johnson never expected to meet Niall Horan. She definetley didn't expect what happens. She struggles through love, heartbreak, fame, and even insanity.


4. Sorry!

I am so sorry if you thought this was an update. I just wanted to know if y'all have heard about Mr.X yet. I copied the following from a blog. True Directioners will read it all.

I have my theory.

Dear ‘Mr. X’,
I have been spending hours thinking about everything- going back and re- reading everything, trying to find answers. You've said the answers are right in front of us. I believe I have come to a conclusion, although it may be crap. At first, I thought this was all B.S and I was scared, but really it’s genius. You’ve referred to the book ‘Angels in America’ which I have found is about the troubles of a closeted man; Joe. Joe struggles with his sexuality and denies it to his wife,his friends and the public when they ask. Why did you use that book? Maybe, to compare Joe and Harper to Louis and Eleanor. Maybe, to prove that ‘Larry’ is the biggest load of crap. I don’t know. Another thing about this that stood out to me was the title.. ‘Angels in America.’ It might be coincidentally but this didn’t start until One Direction (Directioner’s Angels) were in America. Quite the coincidence? I don’t take you as the type of person who is making this up, because what you say makes sense. Everything you say seems so well thought out, so precise. You’re so careful to not reveal yourself or anything to early. You didn’t come here to tear us apart, you came to prepare us, but for what.? In the ‘Little Things behind the Scenes’ video the letters A T E O T Y were spotted, which is thought to mean At The End Of The Year. Maybe because that’s when the boys’ contract end?. That’s what a lot of people think. That’s why everyone thinks its about Larry.. Modest unsigned Union J and shortly afer one of the members came out. And Louis and Harry were the ones holding the letters. “Tweeting the boys about me wont change the fact that I’m here. They’re a part of this too.” When asked if the boys know your doing this, you responded " .... :) xx “ You’re so much like them but you’re not them, nor a friend, family, or band member. But you’re close enough to know stuff.But you're someone we would never think of. You seem like a combination of the boys. One thing I found weird is you’re not following them on twitter. According to you, the boys know about you. Simon and Savon know about you, I bet you didn’t think this would get this big. But then again nothing is ever small with the boys, nor Directioners. We take everything to far. “You’re thinking so hard about something so simple.” Your journals were so deep, but I think I finally get it. It’s always been here, the storm, from the start. he reason just hasn't been here. Its not you, It’s us. Directioners. We call ourselves a family but then hate on each other for having a difference of opinion about a relationship that isn’t ours. We push the boys molding them into what we want them to be, not what they actually are. This isn’t just about Harry, Louis and Eleanor. It’s about all of the boys, It’s about Directioners. All of the boys changed because of us. We don’t know them personally, their love life is their business but somehow we think it’s okay to pick apart ever part of them. It doesn’t matter if whatever their sexuality is, it doesn’t matter if they have girlfriends. It’s their life. And we need to go back to being a fandom that lets them live as the boys they actually are. That’s why you’re here. You’re here to warn us so that way when the reason for the storm is here, we can still support them. The boys need to know they can be themselves around us,they need trust that we’ll love them, and love each other no matter what. Because if the fandom is rocky, it’s only a matter of time until the band falls with it. Whatever will be reveal could be the straw that breaks the camels back, and you’re here to tell us before it happens. You are on our side.
Sorry if this is the biggest waste of time ever, I may have over thought things a bit.

NOW, theres more. You have done such a great job hiding yourself. But I decided before I send you my theory I was going to figure who you were and the WHOLE theory if it killed me. I thought of everything you said and went through your twitter and tumblr looking for clues in your words. One thing stuck to me "Dont look at me. Look at yourself. Look at the boys" Then it hit.Look at the boys. I looked at the boys the only way I could. Twitter. I realized Louis has been talking about the Xfactor an awful lot, Harry has been talking about MSG nonstop. Just for fun, I looked at Eleanor's twitter. Eleanor has been talking about Christmas. Hmm. When is Christmas? At The End Of The Year (A T E O T Y) Maybe they're connected. You said so yourself, the boys know your doing this. They've been giving us clues. When I was on Louis' twitter I found who I believe is Mr. X. I'll get to that later. Well, thats when I decided to go on Omegle to see how immature the imposters of you were being. But I didn't expect to have this conversation.

Stranger: hello
You: mr x?
Stranger: no but I think I solved his riddles.
You: what did you find, i think i found the answers too
Stranger: So.. I have to start at the beginning.
You: ok
Stranger: The boys aren't what we thought they are.
You: kinda along the lines, what do you mean
Stranger: They became friends before X-Factor.
Stranger: Have you seen Lou's Birthday video?
You: No?
Stranger: last year's birthday video?
You: I think its all along the lines the boys are afraid to be themselves
You: what about the video?
Stranger: so, Harry mentioned that Lou and him were at a the script concert in 2008.
Stranger: He said he didn't know that Lou was at the concert too.
Stranger: He pointed in the crowd 2 times.
You: what would this have to do with mr. x?
Stranger: the first time to show where he had his seat and the second time to show where Lou sat.
Stranger: But if he hasn't known Lou before the X-Factor, how could he know that?
You: he couldnt
Stranger: They met on the loo on the concert.
Stranger: that's what I think-
You: you could be right but it could also be a coincedence
Stranger: So, let me go on.
You: ok
Stranger: Louis once mentioned he knew Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix before he was at the X-Factor.
Stranger: Jade was at the X-Factor 2008, like Liam.
Stranger: So Lou got to know Liam.
You: Hmm.
Stranger: Josh is actually Niall's cousin.
Stranger: the last photo.
Stranger: there are two men standing next to eachother looking very similar
Stranger: their names are Martin and Derek Devine
Stranger: you can look them up on facebook.
You: How did you find out about all this. that theyre cousins?
Stranger: I can't tell you but I know someone who works at the X-Factor as a stylist and she tolds me everything about it.
You: Ok but what im confused about is how this relates to Mr. X?
Stranger: Greg Horan is very close to the Styles' and Tommo's extended families.
Stranger: So Niall got to know Lou and Harry.
Stranger: You'll see what I think is going to happen on the 3rd.
Stranger: Zayn was a bit puzzling, though. I guess he's good friends with Danni, Lou's friend from Doncaster.
Stranger: Or Simon wanted the band to be slightly realistic so he put zayn in the band
You: So basically they all knew eachother before. One Direction was a setup
Stranger: That's the reason Simon wantes Zayn to dance at bootcamp.
Stranger: It makes sense, doesn't it?
Stranger: I guess it was planned in early 2009
You: It does. Zayn wanted to leave because he couldn't dance but Simon made him stay
Stranger: RIGHT!
Stranger: So, do you know Lou's ex girlfriend Bethany?
You: I know about her.
Stranger: Watch them up on google.
Stranger: you can see, the pics of them looked like there are taken over years.
Stranger: If you have a look at the photos with Hannah Walker, they look like they were taken on one day.
Stranger: So, I basically think Louannah never existed.
You: I never thought the relationship with Hannah was real
Stranger: But you can see it on the photos, right?
You: Yeah, thats why I thought they were fake
Stranger: At the Audition Hannah was interviewed. She said something like "Lou has seen Harry being interviewed"
Stranger: but how could Lou knows Harry?
You: They met before..
Stranger: And why would he mention that to his gf?
Stranger: Now it gets tricky.
You: I'm ready.
Stranger: I don't think Eleanor Calder is a real person.
Stranger: I guess she's from american descent.
You: She always looks different
You: She has 2 different noses
Stranger: She used to say her father works for Columbia records
Stranger: Sorry, +
Stranger: she used to say her father works for a sister company of syco
Stranger: but a sister company is never in the same country.
Stranger: so, her dad probably works for columbia records and she gets money for being lou's gf.
You: Thats what I've heard. She
You: *Shes an act
Stranger: So, what did you think of Lou's audition at the X-Factor?
Stranger: He could have done much better, couldn't he?
You: Honestly, it wasn't that great
Stranger: I know!
Stranger: That's a clue.
Stranger: He could have sung as badly as he could, he would've passed, though.
You: He still got in because it was a setup..
Stranger: because it was planned.
Stranger: right.
Stranger: I know that the boys love their fans, really.
Stranger: but modest! gives its best to ruin their lies.
Stranger: You have to pay a price for being famous.
You: Modest does run their lives it obvious
Stranger: Yep.
Stranger: do you know the german/american boyband us5?
Stranger: they were famous in 2005
You: I've heard of them.
Stranger: so, they were punched by management,too.
Stranger: modest! will always say that the most important thing to them is that the boys are feeling all good but they actually don't give a fuck.
Stranger: sorry for swearing.
You: Its fine(:
Stranger: They are only interested in the money the boys make
Stranger: they would've changed management but their contract is very strict.
You: A guy from UJ came out right after Modest unsigned their band
Stranger: I know, we'll talk about that later.
Stranger: We have to do it in the right order to understand everything.
Stranger: Modest! physically harms them.
You: Okay. And then I'll tell you my theory because I think I know who Mr. X is
Stranger: to keep the control.
Stranger: who do you think he is?
You: I'll explain after, It will take awhile.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: So, I think the big thing will be at MSG
Stranger: They are going to change the lyrics or something like that
Stranger: Lou and Harry will out themselves as gay, I guess.
Stranger: or modest! forced Louis to ask eleanor to marry him
Stranger: or eleanor got payed to pretend that she's pregnant.
You: Everything you say makes so much scense and it goes with what I think..
Stranger: Have you seen the whole X-Factor series 2010?
You: Yeah
Stranger: so, you remember Tom?
Stranger: The judges said they would all imagine him in a boyband.
Stranger: Imagine you are a judge
Stranger: you told a guy about 10 minutes ago you'd like to see him in a boyband
You: Oh, yeah.
Stranger: who'd be the first one you'd put in the band?
You: Tom
Stranger: RIGHT!
Stranger: so.. why haven't they done it?
Stranger: I really like Lou but
Stranger: Tom's audition was much better.
Stranger: It was all maded up.
Stranger: so..
Stranger: now to Union J
Stranger: about 11 months ago x factor tweeted something about larry stylinson
Stranger: and that there'll be a larry child by the end of the year
Stranger: you know what directioners call george shelley?
Stranger: larry love child.
Stranger: exactly 9 months after that tweet george's audition was on tv
You: Creepy.
Stranger: you know what lasts 9 months too?
Stranger: a pregnancy.
You: exactly
Stranger: Larry Stylinson child obviously means George and X-Factor ends in december.
Stranger: but the modest! got fired and Simon left x factor uk
Stranger: I guess triple J were meant to perform as solo artists but they auditioned as a group because the rules were changed
Stranger: management wanted to put them together with george in bootcamp like with 1D and little mix.
Stranger: But now, because modest! was fired, they've lost the control over the votes
Stranger: so that Union J probably won't win.
You: That comes in my theory...
Stranger: so. that was my part.
Stranger: your turn now.
You: Okay, so have you been following the Mr. X blog?
Stranger: sure
You: Well Mr. X tweeted a quote "Greetings, Prophet! The great work begins! The messenger has arrived!" - Tony Kushner
You: He said that if you found where the quote came from you'd find the answers about the storm.
You: Its from a book called 'Angels in America'
Stranger: Angels could also mean Los Angeles.
Stranger: or the boys are the angels
Stranger: it is going to happen in america
You: The book is about Joe, A closeted homosexual who is trying to come out but is scared.
You: In the book there is a love triangle between Joe, His wife, and friend.
You: So, I think its representing Louis, Eleanor, and Harry.
You: All the answers are there.
Stranger: was about to say that
You: In the story it talks about a special date..
You: December 4th
You: According to the story thats when Joe's life changes forever
You: Now that cant just be a coincidence, can it?
You: So 'Angels in America'. Like you said. The boys are the angels. They're in America.
Stranger: you're right.
Stranger: I shiver.
You: The blog wasn't created until the boys were landed in New York.
You: So, I've spent days researching and looking at Mr. X's blog.
You: He's very wise.
You: He says he's here to warn us, Ignorance wont help us.
You: "Tweeting the boys about me wont change the fact that I'm here. They are a part of this too" he said
You: When asked if the boys know what he's doing he said " ..... :) x "
You: They know.
You: It was all planned.
You: Mr. X has been dropping clues. He thinks nobody knows who he is.. But I think I do.
You: He says he doesn't want this fandom to fall apart but the ignorant ones wont survive
You: People blame Mr. X. They said this is all his fault but then he said something that has been haunting me. "Its not me. Look at yourself. Look at the boys."
You: Look at the boys? Look at the boys. What? Then it hit. I logged into twitter. The first profile I looked at was Louis'. Turns out they've all been dropping clues
Stranger: it's our fault..
Stranger: excited for MSG
You: All Louis has been posting is about the X factor, I didn't know it but that was a huge clue.
Stranger: obviously.
You: Next, I looked at Eleanors. Everything she's been posting is about christmas. In the little things behind the scenes video the letters A T E O T Y were found. What does that stand for? At The End Of The Year. When is Christmas? December. The end of the year.
Stranger: riiiight.
Stranger: Niall's tweeting all about MSG and answers fas
Stranger: *fans
You: Then I went to Harrys. He's talking all about MSG so are the rest of the boys. Its a clue.
You: So, I put it all together. And I decided I was going to figure out who Mr. X was if it killed me.
Stranger: Who do you think he is?
You: Mr. X admitted to having brown hair. And says he prefers boxers over briefs.
You: So, Assuming its a brown haired boy, I thought.
You: Hes said he is NOT the boys, a family member, a friend or a member of managment or the band. But he is close enough to the boys.
You: Close enough.. To know things.
Stranger: that's creepy.
You: Look at the boys I thought again. I went back to Louis twitter and I found him.
You: It may be crazy but I think Mr. X is James Arthur.
You: Without Modest the xfactor has no control over the votes.
Stranger: that's right..
You: Everything was going to come out soon but it needed to happen in a way where the fandom wouldn't fall apart.
Stranger: seems legit.
You: Thats when Mr. X was probably thought of. The boys needed someone to save the fandom
You: But it couldn't be obvious.
You: They chose James, but James would want something in return, right?
You: James would want to won the xfactor.
Stranger: and poooof it all makes sense!
You: Thats why Louis has been tweeting #votejames all the time.
You: Louis has enough followers to get James to win.
Stranger: we need to spread the world.
You: But.. I still wasnt sure. So I clicked on James profile.. He has brown hair.
You: He types very proper just like Mr. X. And guess what..
Stranger: what?
You: He signs most of his tweets with a single ' X ' which means kisses, right? But normally people use 2.
Stranger: that's right omg we have to spread the world
You: Then James tweeted this "Love you all so so much thanks for all your support! Hopefully it will get me to the final and then we can win this thing! X" I feel like its more than just a message to his fans.
You: So theres my side.
Stranger: you're definetly right.

Sorry, that was really long. At first, I didn't believe the stranger. But it does all add up and go along with my theory. I mentioned this earlier but when I was on Louis' timeline, I found Mr. X- James Arthur. James types alike Mr. X and has a similar personality. It makes sense though, If what the other girl was saying is true, and all her facts are right.. It's gonna come out soon. The boys wouldn't want to tear apart the fandom when everything comes out. Thats why they needed Mr. X. It couldn't be an obvious person so they chose James. But James would want something in return, James would want to win the Xfactor, right.? But without Modest, the Xfactor has lost control over votes. That explains why Louis has been tweeting about James so much, telling his fans to vote for James. Louis has a big enough impact on people to get people to vote for who he wants. Harry has given us where this is gonna happen, Madison Square Garden . And Eleanor, she's given us when. A T E O T Y. With all that, your on our side. You say ignorance isn't the answer, I've tried not to be ignorant.

I cannot predict the future, but I do have a guess as to what is going to happen. I believe one of the boys is going to come out, I'm not going to say which one I believe. A relationship is covering it, and when we find out things will go crazy. I believe that if Haylor is confirmed, which I doubt but it could. I believe its because Harry isn't ready. If Harry isthe one to come out, I believe something big will happen in the Elounor relationship. And if we do find out what the stranger said in my conversation is true, It's alot to take in. But no matter what, the ignorant ones wont survive. The storm is our emotions, our reactions. Those who take it as a joke, or who believe the imposters are the ones who wont survive. Open your eyes!

So sorry if it doesn't make much sense.

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