Truly, Madly, Deeply

Miranda Johnson never expected to meet Niall Horan. She definetley didn't expect what happens. She struggles through love, heartbreak, fame, and even insanity.


3. Meeting the Boys

I pulled up to a decent looking flat. Leave it to Zayn not to go all pop-star on me. When I finally managed to unhook my bag from the stick-shift, yes folks, I drive a stick, for the life of me I can't figure out an automatic. I climbed out of my truck, and stumbled like a drunk buffoon to the door. I quickly knocked on the door and pulled out a mini bag of chips to calm my nerves. I counted in my head and Zayn answered at 30.

"30!!!" we shouted together. He invited me in and I quickly noticed the HUGE mess. I also noticed four decent guys standing behind Zayn. The blonde was eyeing my chips. 

"Urm.... hiya?" I offered to the five guys standing in front of me.

"LIAM!!!! I'M HUNGRY!!!" the blonde screeched. Immedieatley the one with a buzz cut, fluffy brows, and caremel eyes nodded. I figured that was Liam. I relaxed at that, slowly I took in all the boys. A blonde with REALLY nice eyes, a curly haired one who was wearing the same sweatshirt as me, a loud one in stripes and suspenders, Zayn, and a Liam. I stood in the doorway as the boys seemed to ignore me. Out of habit I cleared my throat and the boys turned as if I were about to make some huge announcement. I looked at the boys once more, little did I know that they'd all be my best friends within the hour, and Niall would later become more.

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