Truly, Madly, Deeply

Miranda Johnson never expected to meet Niall Horan. She definetley didn't expect what happens. She struggles through love, heartbreak, fame, and even insanity.


2. Getting Ready

I rolled out of bed the moment I heard my alarm go off. I quickly threw on a old purple Jack Wills sweatshirt, a superman tee, and grey jeans. I walked downstairs and grabbed a bowel of corn flakes. Half-way through my meal my roommate Lili came in and said "so, you get to meet Zayn and the other boys of One Infection today right?"

"I've already met Zayn idiot."

In the car I smeared on some lip-gloss before heading to Zayn's flat.


(A/N sorry it was short loves, what do you think so far? Leave a comment below. Please heart, and follow. I'll write more later)

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