Lost In Fate

The new girl, Dylan, is forced to go to yet another school she knew she would get kicked out of like all the rest. She meets people who hate her guts, but no matter what she does she is constantly the enemy. She finds herself making unexpected friends and falling for one special guy, but what limits will she go to to get him...? ~comment and tell me what you think!!<3~


2. Pleasant Surprise

            Steven and I pulled into the decent sized parking lot. He went down the lanes until he found a spot that suited him. He took a space that was alot further from the school than i fancied. I didn't want took look rood and leave him to find another space, then again i didn't want to walk, what i exaggerated, was a mile in stiletto heels. No thank you! I just sat stopped behind where he had parked his truck and waited for him to get out. i pointed forward and mouthed "im going up here."

          I didn't look for a reply, i just kept on driving. Luckily, i found a space that was relatively close to the entrance. I parked my car and pulled out my compact and dabbed a little extra powder on my face, clearing my skin of any dark spots that may have appeared. I brushed my Red hair, that had finally gotten to the length had wanted for years, mid stomach, and got out of the mustang.

          I sat on the back of my car and waited for Steven to catch up. I saw many people walking by, not caring that i noticed them staring at me. People probably were just wondering who I was so i didn't take much to it.

       Finally, i saw Steven walking on the other side of the lane so i called him over.

       "Steven!" i said loud enough for him to hear, while motioning him over. When he saw me he immediatly ran across the road barely avoiding a hit from a passing car, of course they honked. What was his problem?

              "You can't park here!" He scream whispered. I was startled, what was wrong with parking here.

             "why? It's just a parking spot. Like that one, that one and that one." I commented pointing to other spots near by.

              "You should find a different spot, this is Niki Wess's place and you'd be smart to move it before she sees you here." i was guessing that Niki was trouble by how serious he sounded. I just half laughed.

              "Okay, Okay, gosh, You sound like you're talking about some criminal. Calm down," i said jokingly. He moved out of the way and I opened my car door. Just as i was about to get in a brunette girl with striking green eyes and an amazing tan came up to me crossing her arms looking pissed off... Great. I guessed this must've been Niki.

             "What do you think you're doing?" She said tempermentally.

             "parking my car, in a parking lot, in a parking space." i said emphasizing parking to get my point across. "Isn't that what you do?" i said putting her in her place, knowing what girls like her were like.

           Her eyes narrowed.

             Her voice all the sudden sounded sweet, "listen, you may not know me, i'm Niki, and this is my spot. It has been for the past three years. I didn't reply. She took a step closer to me and her voice was rude again, "so move your damn car."

              I didn't want to give in, but i had to be practical, i didn't want to get kicked out of this school too for rearanging her face. It was a record for me, not even in the building and someone already hated my guts.

               I opened the door back up and got in. I started the ignition and Niki moved back allowing me to leave. I seriously considered smashing into her, but somehow i managed to keep my cool. I looked in my side mirrors and saw her stepping into her white BMW.

                I found a parking spot that was close to Steven's. I should have just parked next to him to begin with. I would have avoided that little collision i had back there. Stepping out, once again, and started walking down. As i walked I passed a large van, and Steven came into view. He was talking to Niki.

               He didn't notice me, but Niki sure did. She just smiled at me and kissed Steven. He kissed her back for sure. was Steven dating her? I was shocked, no wonder he had been so serious when he told me to move from her spot. He knew her well enough to know that she was a fierce monster... almost as bad as the worms.

              I just walked closer and cleared my throat letting Steven know that i was currently present. He stopped his little 'session' and looked at me.

            "Hey Dylan, Niki i believe you have something you'd like to tell her." She stepped towards me and looked me in the eyes.

             "Hi, Dylan, i'm really sorry i jumped on you earlier." she said stretching out sorry. "It's just that i wasnt aware that you were new and didn't know that this was my spot." That was a big bunch of baloney. " I hope you can forgive me?" She was a really good actress, because Steven seemed to think that apology was real, i didn't.

             I just stood there and looked at her, pursing my lips and raising my eyebrows, "really?" i said, clearly showing that i thought she was full of it.

          "Ya, I truly am sorry. Since you're new, if you want, I could help you find your way around, maybe we have some of the same classes?" I really just wanted her to shutup.

            "I think i'll manage." I said.

             "oh, okay." she said as if i had actually hurt her feeling. "it was nice to meet you Dylan, i'll see you around school sometime, k?" she said as she started to walk away.


              I looked over to Steven and he sheepishly smile at me. I just sccowled in a way that said 'you're kidding right?' he got the hint and said something before i did

             "I could tell she was trying!." He said trying to convince me. Right, like i would be that stupid

               "Ya, sure. you're dating her aren't you?" i said that last part and wished i would take it back, what if he got the wrong impression. What i said was nothing at all what i wanted it to sound like. He just played it off.

               "umm, ya, we hungout over the summer. Believe me when i say she is a sweet kind hearted person deep down."

                i quickly changed the subject to end the breif moment of silence. awkward.

                "Do you mind telling me where Dr. Liyal's class is? He's my homeroom and i dont want to be late for my first day and make a bad impression." He just smiled at me again. Why? why did he have to put me under a trance with his big perfect smile? it was so unfair.

                 He looked as if he were thinking. He put his hand on his chin and looked slightly up at the sky, a funny attempt at the thinking face. He looked back down at me.

                 "If i do recall." He said formally. "That may just happen to be my homeroom." at least i'd know someone and not look like a loser like all the other new kids in the world. He told me to follow him, so i stood by his side as we walked into the school.

             I got stares from other people like i did earlier. Although, this time they weren't "who is she" looks, they were more "WTF does she think she's doing walking down the hall with Niki's boyfriend" looks. I quivered as i thought about Steven being Niki's. He deserved a girl way better than that little floozy.

              I asked Steven to tell me the rest of the way there, so i could stop at the office to get my locker number and any extra things i needed to be aware about. He said okay and we parted ways.



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