Lost In Fate

The new girl, Dylan, is forced to go to yet another school she knew she would get kicked out of like all the rest. She meets people who hate her guts, but no matter what she does she is constantly the enemy. She finds herself making unexpected friends and falling for one special guy, but what limits will she go to to get him...? ~comment and tell me what you think!!<3~


4. If only...

      The day went by alot faster than i had expected. All my teachers were okay, besides one of my teachers, Mrs. Carter, who i thought was probably a lesbian by the way she stared at me. The classes were pretty drab, Nothing to exciting, just a white board, projecter, and books, a TON of books. Yes. A mountain load of books.

     Steven was in three out of my eight periods, he made me feel welcome. Gladly Ryan was actually in one, he was really sweet to me. Niki on the other hand, she was a handful.

    I was in her english class and the second she had seen me she cruely smiled and whispered something to her nearby friend. Who had stared at me in disgust. I didnt want to know what she had said.

     The day was know over though and i was on my way home. I just wished i could find my house, i'd probably end up on the other side of the continent. Somehow i managed to backtrack my way through the windey roads passing Steven's little bait shop. His car was parked out front, and i barely got a glimpce of him at the front counter as i passed by. He had a 'thinking' face on. cute.

    I thoguht about stopping by, but decided i'd look a little to desperate. The last thing i wanted was for him to think that i was making a move on him. Scratch that, the last thing i wanted was for Niki to think i was making a move on him. That would be a complete nightmare!

   It seemed like the roads just got twistier as i drove on. I wondered if i had made a wrong turn somewhere but realized i wad going the right way as i apprached my three story mansion of a house my father had bought me. It sat on 15 acres of rolling hills. I had to say it was truely beautiful, but deep down i knew my dad only got thins for me to make up for his neglection.

   My mother was probably off doing drugs and getting paid for the unmentionables. i hadn't seen her since i was nine, before she left me and my dad. The last i've heard of her, she was in jail for drunk driving, following alot of battery charges, and she had expected me to bail her out. glad i was useful for something, even if it was paying fines. I try nbot to think about her too terribly much.

   I pulled down my long driveway and parked in the front, not bothering to go to go to the garage. I walked in to the house and took a deep breath. This was the fourth house i've lived in by myself. I havent seen my dad in a while, only talked to him on the phone. He never found the time to stop by or tell me where he is at for me to visit him, so i see him very seldom.

   The grand stair case was overdramatic with the big red carpet going up it and angels carved into the sides of the railings. A big shandelier hung overhead with little twinkling lights. The were many original portraits of family members on the wall i had always managed to keep up with.

   I walked into the kitchen and set my bag and keys down. Since i had gotten here last night i hadnt really seen the house mid day like this. It was really roomy and airy.

    I walked into the den and sat down. I didnt know what to think of all this. It was alot to take in. Thinking of it, just thins time yesterday i was packing up and saying good bye to all my friends i had to leave behind.

   My phone buzzed in my back pocket. I pulled it out and read the text that appeared on my screen. It read,

Meet me at the bait shop


    I had litterally just sat down and he wanted me to get up and come meet him, joy. I got up grunting slightly adn grabbed my purse and keys and was on my was, yet again.

    It only took me five minutes to peer apon the shop. I stepped out and there was Steven, standing in front of his truck smiling, and looking at me with big blue eyes.




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