Lost In Fate

The new girl, Dylan, is forced to go to yet another school she knew she would get kicked out of like all the rest. She meets people who hate her guts, but no matter what she does she is constantly the enemy. She finds herself making unexpected friends and falling for one special guy, but what limits will she go to to get him...? ~comment and tell me what you think!!<3~


3. Homeroom

           I recieved books and a locker number, 328, from the lady at the front desk. I made my way to the locker and failed at my attempts to open it. I was getting rather frustrated. I had probably tried the combination tenty times. I just slammed my fist against the door and turned around, deciding to take the big heavy stack of books with me.

         It startled me as i turned around to see a tall blue eyed brunnette guys standing in front of me. I knew i was short at only 5'2 but even when i had my five inch heels on i felt tiny next to him. I jumped but didn't drop my books, like what usually happens in all the movies. He chuckled at me, not that I could blame him. What was up with this school? it seems that all the guys have perfect big white smiles.

        "Hey, im Ryan." I stood there waiting for him to say something else. "i couldn't help but notice you having trouble with your locker."

       "ya, im Dylan." I said handing him my locker combination for him to help me open it. He took it and looked at the numbers. He quickly started turning the dial and of course he got it on his first try. I was kind of embarrased.

       " Thanks! You must just have the magic touch." I started putting books in my locker. "It would have really stunk if i were to of had to carry around my books all day." I said

         "No problem." Ryan said, "so, where are you heading?"

           "I looked at my schedual, forgetting what my homeroom teachers name was. "Mrs. Liyal, how about you?"

          "Mr. Bullok, Mrs. Liyal's classroom is on the way to mine, i could walk you if you'd like." He suggested. I had a feeling he was almost flirting but i wasn't really interested. He was cute in a boyish way, but not exactly the kind of guy that i would prefer. His hair was shaggy and messily brushed. He wore cago shorts, sperrys, and an orange holister shirt, the average look. He seemed nice though.

            "Ya, sure." I implied. I shut my locker and pulled my pink aeropostal bookbag over my shoulder letting one of the straps hang down. I followed him down the hall.

              He stopped in front of room #127.

               "This would be you're stop." He said putting his hand out towards the class motioning me in. I smiled and thanked him again. I looked back and he was walking further on to his class.

              I saw Steven with a group of guys talking and laughing about who knows what. He saw me and waved me over to the table. He pulled his jansport bookbag out of the chair and told me to sit down.

             "Hey, did you find your way okay?" He asked.

             "ya, this guy named Ryan helped me." I said.

              "Ryan, the real tall dude?" He asked, i wondered why though. What did it matter?

              "ya, you know him?" I questioned.

               "Ya, we go way back. He's been my best bud since second grade." Steven commented

            "That's cool, I wish i could say i had a best friend. I get moved around so much that it seems when i make a good group of friends i have to leave. I hope to stay here a while though, i dont know where i'll be sent if..." I started to say but didn't really want to tell him about me being kicked out of school so many times. I didn't know what he would think. He might start ignoring me like alot of people do when they think i'm trouble.   

             He noticed me stopping in the middle of my sentence but probably didn't want to question it. I was glad.

             The bell rang and a short, pudgy, middle aged woman came walking into the room just as the bell rang. She reminded me of a witch. She had a really long nose with a wart on the side of it. Not the really big ones with hair all over it, but the concept of a witch still rang.

            "Everyone take your seats as we welcome our new student who will be joining us today, Ms. Dylan Dyer." Great. She was one of those teachers. I stood up waving to nothing in particular then took my seat once again. I was sure that my face was as red as my hair.           

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