Lost In Fate

The new girl, Dylan, is forced to go to yet another school she knew she would get kicked out of like all the rest. She meets people who hate her guts, but no matter what she does she is constantly the enemy. She finds herself making unexpected friends and falling for one special guy, but what limits will she go to to get him...? ~comment and tell me what you think!!<3~


5. car ride

       "Hey!" He said walking up to me. He put his hands in his pockets.

      "Hey Steven," I said dully, not really knowing what to say. I leaned against my car slightly and shyly smiled back to him.

      "This is your first full day here and i decided to take you out to have some fun." Was this his way of asking me out? It couldnt be. He was dating Niki. He wouldn't cheat on her, would he? He's only known me for litteraly less than a day, i didnt think he meant it in a dating manner.

     "Umm, Steven," i started to say, "This is really sweet of you, but you're dating Niki and i just met you and..."

      "I'm not asking you out. I was just being friendly to make you feel better about being the new girl." He chuckled. I wish i could take back everything i had just said. Of course he was just being friendly! Why did i always have to jusp to conclusions like that?

   "Oh, sorry." I was tounge tied. "So, let's pretend like that last minute never happend. What did you have in mind about tonight exactly?" He walked over to his car and opened up the passenger seat. He didnt answer my question. I walked over and stepped in. He shut the door behind me.

    He ran around the car and got in on his side, cranked the car, and blasted the radio.

    He finally answered me, "you'll just have to find out once we get there." I should have known. He expected me to sit in his car and have no idea where he's taking me. I was itching to find out.

   "Is it a restuarant, or..." I started to try to get it out of him.

   "Dyl, I'm not going to tell you, it's meant to be a surprise." He commented.

   "I'll still be a surprise, i'll just know what it is." I said convincingly, batting my eyelashes with my hands squeezing together in a pleading manner.

    "It won't be much of a surprise if i tell you, know will it?" He said sarcasticly. He gripped the stearing wheel and focused on the road.

      "Okay..." We sat in silence for about thirty seconds. "Is it mini golf?" i said quietly yet hopeflly.

      "Dylan! i'm not going to tell you!" I huffed and slouched down in my seat purposly pouting.

     soon enough, we pulled up to a grill and bar restuarnt. It looked like the place sports crazy guys would come to get drunk with friends. He must've been kidding me.

      "What is this?" I asked not sounding pleased.

       "Where my friends and I come every Friday for fun, and the last i remeber, it's friday." I laughed demeaningly.

      "Usually people our age go to the mall or something." I commented mockingly.

      "Our mall here stinks, and it's fun to come and eat with friends. And dont worry, there are other girls here too, you're not the only one."

      "uh-huh" I said not pleased.

    "Come on, you'll have fun, i garuntee it." I wasn't to sure. Eating dinner with a bunch of strangers seemed unsettling. I could see it being awkward. We walked in and the first thing Steven did was high fived this guy i had seen a school earlier. We walked towards the back and sat at the biggest table in the resturaunt. I sat besides Steven while he introduced me to three others that had already arrived.

    Gladly Ryan came and sat beside me.

     "Hey! how was you're first day?" He asked sweetly. I was glad he was actually talking to me. Steven was almost ignoring me, too involed in his bro talk.

    "It was as good as i think first days can get." I said greatfully

     "That's good. I didn't think you were coming tonight, I would have invited you myself but i failed to get your number earlier." I smiled sweetly at him and picked his phone up off the table. I quickly put my number in and gave it back.

   "There ya go!" I said

    "thanks." I ate my overly sized Enchilada as we made small talk for the rest of the night. Before i knew it people were standing up to leave. I didnt even realize how late it had gotten. It was now past 11 and we had left at 7.

    "Hey i think its getting late." i whispered over to Steven. He looked over at me and weirdly smiled.

    "Chill baby." The smell of beer hit me. He was wasted. He slurred his words and rambled. Who was going to drive me home? Glad to know he was drinking under age.

    "Steven, how am i going to get home? You cant drive." I said angrily.

    "I drive, greatly, perfectly, i be like wizard on road." He jangled his keys in my face.

   "You cant drive, not with me at least." I was pissed.

    "Hey Dylan, I can drive you home. It's no problem at all." Ryan offered.

    "Are you sure?" I asked

    "Positive, you live past Bridgewater bait, correct?" he asked

   "Ya, actually my car is at the bait shop." I said

    "Okay, that's fine, its on the way to my house." We got up and headed out the door.



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