Lost In Fate

The new girl, Dylan, is forced to go to yet another school she knew she would get kicked out of like all the rest. She meets people who hate her guts, but no matter what she does she is constantly the enemy. She finds herself making unexpected friends and falling for one special guy, but what limits will she go to to get him...? ~comment and tell me what you think!!<3~


1. Dylan

                I crossed my fingers as a got into my bright red mustang convertible. I adjusted my mirrors and looked behind me. Just to be safe I checked my reflection in the front mirror. perfect. i smiled knowing, by past experiences, being the new kid in school would be somewhat like a rollar coaster ride.  there were always some stuckup snobs, and rude jocks that would get in your way. They truely didn't bother me, it was the teachers who wouldn't get off my back about assignments, tests, and other useless crap i didn't bother worrying about.

               I pulled out of my driveway and followed the way of my GPS, to my new school BrideWaters high. I had the roof of my car down and got a few honks from random guys here and there, the usual. I just pursed my lips and slightly smiled. My Marc Jacobs sunglasses were pulled over my eyes and my gold earrings dangled in a flimsy but fashionable way. I looked at my freshly painted red nails, no chips, which i was happy about. At a red light i pulled out my lip stick and applied it on. To top them off i used a gloss that gave my lips the perfect shine that i wanted. Everyone had always told me how perfect and naturally pouty my lips were, and I could see it.

              I pulled up to building, that was obviously not the school. I read the sign and it said 'BrideWater Tackle Shop.' I looked at my GPS, confused. The top of the screen clearly said BridgeWaters high school. I just scowled and thought about how crappy modern day technology was. I checked my phone and, as always, no calls, no texts, and no emails. I was lost, I had no idea where i could go. I didnt have anyone to call, and i couldnt call 911 for directions to school, i'm pretty sure i'd get arrested for that. I decided to head into the tackle shop and ask for directions. I stepped out of the car in my stiletto heels and headed into the small shop.

                  It reiked of fish and smoke. I didn't see anyone as i looked around me, so i just stood there awkwardly for a minute. There were posters on the walls of wrinkly old men in boats holding fish. The boats they used were nothing like the boats i was used to. Theirs were probably about five feet long at most, compared to mine theirs were like a piece of dust on a football field. i walked over to a shelf and saw little yellow boxes with a bunch of words on the front that i didn't bother reading. I picked up one and peeked inside. I shrieked and dropped the container on the floor letting all the little monsters loose. i jumped back and looked in horror.

               A boy, about my age, came running into the shop from a back office or something. He looked up at me and down at the mess i had made. I felt bad.

              "What happened?" he asked picking up the creatures and put them back in the container. I looked in disgust. Who could touch those 'things.' He looked at my expression and laughed, it must have been pretty bad cause he just laughed harder.

              "What, have you never seen a worm before?" he said picking one up and shaking it in front of me still smiling. I jumped back.

              "Get that thing away from me! It might have like, rabies or something!" I probably sounded like a snob, but i was dead serious. The only animals i even had the slightest desire to be around were dogs, cats and horses. Not worms, never in a million years.

             "Rabies?" He looked at me in the eyes as if i had said big foot was outside right now buying a hotdog. "They're harmless, calm down." he finally got all the worms back in the container and used hand sanitizer, i was relieved. He went behind the desk and did something on the computor. He looked at me

             "What can i get you?" he asked. I didn't say anything at first. "you don't seem like the regular customers we get here, most are usually..." i cut him off.

              "Like that?" i smiled pointing to the men i had saw earlier on the wall.

               "exactly like that."

             "Actually, I was heading to school and my GPS brought me here." He smiled at me. "I just came in to ask for directions." His smile was very cheerful and made me want to melt. He had dimples and his cheekbones were perfectly aligned. He had bright blue eyes and messy but cute chocolate brown hair.

            "what school?"


            "Really? I was actually just about to head there, Are you new? I haven't ever seen you before, I thought i knew everyone." He flashed his pealy white teeth at me.

           "bragging much?" i joked.

            "It's a small town, everyone knows everyone. Word spreads fast about newcomers, i havent heard about anyone recently though." He grabbed his black Jansport bookbag from under the table. "Can i get your name?"

             "Dylan," i said in a said in a purposly shy yet sweet manner.

             "Well, Dylan, I'm Steven. I'm about to head off, you can follow my car, speaking you clearly have no clue where your at." he started walking out of the door, i followed him. He got into a big black 4x4 truck as i got into my car. Before he pulled out he rolled down his window. "Is that yours?" he asked shocked at my ride.

              "Ya, got it just this summer, sweet huh?" I said. If there is any way to get a guy to notice you, it's by a cool ride.

             "Thats awesome."He backed up off of the gravel parking spaces and started heading down the road

             I followed him as he drove. Like most guys he drove probably about ten miles over the speed limit. The road opened up into two lanes. I looked around checking for cops, gladly there weren't any in view.

             I pressed down on the gas and switched to the opposite lane as Steven. Very qickly I was right beside him. I looked over and smiled. I faced forward again and sped up faster. He got my challange and floored it. His heavy truck was no match for my sports car. i got up to probably ninety miles and slowed down letting him catch up. i didn't want him to make a turn and me not see it because i was so far ahead.

             He passed me and also slowed down. i got back behind his car and had a peaceful ride the rest of the way.







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