16 year old Kate is in a relationship with the Harry Styles. She's so happy until she finds out she's pregnant.... And Harry's not the father. Harry still wants to be with her and raise the baby, but she falls for someone else... Someone unexpected... Can you fix the unfixable?


11. The Baby

When we arrived at the hospital they rushed me to my room. They took my vitals and checked the heart beat of the baby, which happeened to be dropping. After 18 hours of intense pain the said I wouldn't be able to deliver the baby naturally because they baby's heartbeat was dropping rapidly,I would have to have a C-section. They prepped me for the operation. Niall was allowed to stand by me and hold my hand. We were both nervous and scared. I was only 5 months, but they said the baby would die if I didn't have it tonight. They said the baby may have some problems but nothing that couldn't be helped. But we were excited to find out the sex, we had wanted it to be a surprise. This was the most exciting yet scary moment fo my life. i wanted my baby to be safe but i wanted to hold him or her and never let them go. A few minutes later and our son, William Michael, was born. The doctor looked surprised and Niall asked what's wrong. The doctor said "Nothing.. Just this baby is full term." That was a little odd but I didn't care he was healthy and that's all that mattered. He was beautiful. But he looked nothing like me or Harry... He had beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair...
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