16 year old Kate is in a relationship with the Harry Styles. She's so happy until she finds out she's pregnant.... And Harry's not the father. Harry still wants to be with her and raise the baby, but she falls for someone else... Someone unexpected... Can you fix the unfixable?


9. The Anwser

Niall helped clean me up. I apologized at least a billion times.
"I'm srry Niall."
"It's okay, Kate."
"Now about this proposal.." I said sighing, "I would love to marry you and raises this baby as ours but Harry has legal rights to this baby.."
"I know he does and he could be as involved with the baby as he wants. So what do you say?"
".....yes! I will marry you Niall!" I jumped into his arms.
We started planning right away. We wanted to be married and situtated in our new home before the baby arrived. We planned Talia as my maid of honor and Gemma, Lottie, and Ruth as my bridesmaids. Niall wanted to have the boys as the groomsmen but how were we to ask Harry? He didn't wanted our relationship to end but I had. I haven't talk to him in weeks, now for the first words I was to utter to him was asking him to be in my wedding, but he wasn't going to be my groom and I wasn't his bride. Niall would be wearing a gray suite and and the boys would be in black suits with long ties except Harry he would have a bowtie... If he even agreed. I was going to wear a mermaid dress from Vera Wangs collection and heels was out of the questions. My feet were swollen and I could barley fit the white ballet flats I had picked out. This was going to be one interesting wedding.
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