A Bleeding Rose

Rose Kennedy lives in Azeroth in the region "Gilneas" Where her best friend Gabriel also lives. Rose's life isn't perfect though, she's lonely, desperately in love with someone who doesn't love her back, and loses pretty much everything to an unknown person. How does she cope?


7. The Witch and the Worgan

The next morning she woke up feeling normal, but she was also grieving in her own mind. The same 5 words repeated in her head, why can’t you be mine? Why can’t you be mine? She felt like it was torture for her to not be with Gabriel, like someone tried to saw her hands off by her wrists. Rose sat up against the wall and noticed Gabriel was fast asleep in the arm chair situated by the fire. She also noticed she was in a fresh change of clothes and in a private room, like a very nice room in a tavern. Rose grinned at the atmosphere of the room and waltzed over towards the sleeping Gabriel. She gently tapped his shoulder and woke him.
“Now who’s the sleepy head?” She smirked.
“I guess me this time.” He smirked back at her playfully.
Gabriel jumped to his feet and headed towards his stack of clothing and picked it up into his arms and enthusiastically wandered towards the separated room which she assumed was the bathroom. Gabriel entered the room and shut the door behind him. Around 2 minutes later he emerged with the fresh pair of clothing on and smelling of clean linen.
“How do I look?” He asked.
“Great and I can also tell you how you sound. You sound like a flamboyant gay man.”
They both burst into uncontrollable laughter and grinned at each other.
“Your sense of humor definitely hasn’t changed.” He was still laughing at Rose’s joke.
“And your flamboyant gayness hasn’t changed either.” She smirked.
“Well aren’t you in a good mood.” He smirked back.
Playfully he lifted her in the air and set her back down as Rose giggled, “Stop.”
“Okay are you ready to set off again?” He asked.
“Definitely, It’s always fun when I get to go somewhere with my best friend.”
Rose lifted her bag from the floor and stuck it on her back as Gabriel put his own bag on his own back.
“Let’s roll.” They headed towards the door. As they made it outside they mounted their horses and took off towards Gilneas. The trip didn’t last long It seemed, it was filled with bad puns, hilarious stories, and playful insults. They had finally reached the Greymane Wall. The wall seemed as if it could crumble being blown on. They proceeded through the gate and down a jagged path.
Rose looked around and commented on her surroundings, “This place is a dump.”
Gabriel was also commenting on the surroundings, “Oh Gilneas, what happened to you?”
Ahead they saw the glory of Gilneas City; surprisingly most of it appeared to be intact.
The horses silently trotted along as they noticed the ruins of Forsaken machinery and flags. Rose felt the adrenaline and grievance as she remembered the war that broke out right under her. She remembered all the Gilneans who died and all the Forsaken that got away with murder.
“So many memories here… They haunt me and send chills up my spine… I am not sure if this is fear I am feeling or remorse… All I know is that I want this feeling to end.” Rose gazed down at the ground solemnly.
Gabriel noticed Rose was looking at the ground and peered over at her, “Are you alright?”
“Yeah… I’m fine.” She sighed as they kept getting closer and closer to the monumental city. Eventually they reached the bridge that fed into the city. The wind blew and the city was completely silent except for their horses. Pieces of what looked to be old filthy newspaper flew past their heads.
“Do you remember where I live?” She asked.
Gabriel nodded, “Yeah.” They kept riding as the remorseful feeling grew in their hearts and stomachs. The feeling made them feel tiny and helpless and anger would arise inside them. They passed the intact but deserted buildings as the moonlight began to cast shadows on the ground. The alley ways were dim, the house windows were open and closing in the wind, the reminisce of old dolls and toys laid on the cobble-like ground. The city itself seemed like it was trying to stab them in the back and close in around them, consuming them. The street lamps were surprisingly still on and functioning but still dim. The lamps were the only source of man-made light in the city. The only other light source was the moon which hung in the sky like a giant lamp itself. Then one of the worst things at the moment happened. The sound of glass breaking filled the air as the light bulbs went out and they were consumed in complete utter darkness. Rose screamed in the dark as she was deathly afraid of the dark. Gabriel immediately dug into her bag and pulled out a bulky lantern and matches. He struck the match against the box and lit the lantern and handed it to Rose who was so close to him she was almost touching him.
She took the lantern and they continued traveling, they needed to get through the city and across the bridge to the graveyard and to the docks.
“Why does it hurt me so much to be here?” Rose gripped the lantern in her fingers tightly.
“Well your parents did die in Gilneas and all your friends.”
“That was a rhetorical question.” She rolled her eyes. The reminder felt like someone intentionally thrusted a sword into her heart and left her there to bleed.
“Well let’s change the topic, when we get to the manor we might as well spend the night.”
Rose nodded in agreement, “Yeah… It is about midnight already so that’s a good idea.”
They heard a booming howl from the distance, “We should probably hurry.” Rose suggested. They heard the howling become louder as if it was even closer. Then they heard the sound of sharp claws hitting the ground as they sound approached even more.
“Go!” Gabriel yelled as they urged their horses to move. The horses didn’t budge.
Suddenly they were surrounded by feral Worgens. The Worgens sprang at them like they were launched in the air after a bone.
“Not…this… time!” Rose screamed in rage.
Rose flung the lantern at the ground in the middle of the pit of Worgens, “Go!” Gabriel kicked his horse’s side and Rose’s horse began to gallop in fear from the sudden sound of the lantern breaking on the ground. Flames rose from the broken lantern and burnt several Worgen. The glass from the lantern also pierced the skin of one Worgen. Rose looked back to see one Worgen stand on his hind legs. The Worgen she noticed had a large crescent shaped gash underneath his right eye. Blood oozed from the wound onto its brown fur. Rose was instantly repulsed and looked to Gabriel who was only about 3 feet ahead of her. She smacked the horse’s reign against its skin in order to speed it up.
“We need to go through the Cathedral district and through the other gate to the harbor!” She shouted ahead to Gabriel. Rose briefly looked back again to see the Worgens were in a fast pursuit.
“They’re gaining on us… And quick!” Rose announced as a Worgen took a swing at her horse.
“Here take this!” He threw rose’s large bow back towards her. Once she caught it and was situated he tossed back her quiver that was full to the brim with arrows.
“Where did you even get that?!”
“I found it in my bank.”
“Why the hell was it there?!”
“No idea! It doesn’t matter! We will discuss it later. Right now you need to rid of those damn beasts.”
“Fine!” She quickly attached a rope to the reign and threw the other end to Gabriel, “Attach this to your horse’s reign so your horse pulls mine so I can take out these bastards!” Gabriel took the rope and attached it to his horse’s reign.
“Alright it’s attached!”
“Good.” Rose swung around on her horse so she was facing the Worgens. She lifted her bow and drew an arrow from the quiver and popped into place on her bow. She drew back the string on her bow back to her cheek and closely examined where the arrow would land. She released the string and the arrow soared through the air and directly into the head of one of the Worgens. The arrow was lodged right between the eyes and the arrowhead stuck out through the back of its head. Blood dripped from the arrowhead onto the cobble stone path and left small puddles. Again she pulled back the string, drew and arrow and pushed it into place. She now was launching arrows towards the Worgens at top speed. The arrows sliced through the air and pierced the Worgens in various places. Some of the arrows hit the Worgens in the chest and others hit them in the shoulder blades. She pelted more arrows towards the mosh pit of Worgens. She eventually took them all down except for the alpha male who was the one with the crescent scar. The alpha male stood on his hind legs growling and dropped to all fours and took off in the opposite direction.
“That was… weird.” Rose commented as she swung herself back around and untied the rope. She placed the bow and the quiver on her back and noticed they had made it to a small building near the Cathedral District.
“Damn beasts.”
“Yeah let’s keep going.” Rose had slowed her horse to a trot and pushed the door open. She then continued inside. She was walking holding the horse’s reign and tugging it along. Gabriel did the same as they went down some stairs into a chamber tunnel that was like a sewer.
“It reeks like kodos down here but this is where I used to hide when we played hide and go seek.”
“No wonder I could never find you.” He shook his head in disbelief. He took a torch from the wall and lit it with a match and handed it to her.
“We should emerge in the graveyard.” Rose lead the way down the tunnel as it went in a straight line. Piles of old bones lined the walls and an occasional rat would scurry across.
“At least we’re nearly there.” Gabriel peered ahead noticing a small ray of light.
Rose picked up her pace a little in order to reach the exit faster.
“Yeah.” Rose nodded. Gabriel picked up his own pace until they reached the stairs ahead of them. Rose took the first steps up the stairs carefully and stopped to listen for Worgen activity.
“We’re clear.” She spoke. Gabriel followed after her into the musty shed that was positioned on the graveyard’s grounds. They emerged from the shed pushing the door open and stepping out into the moonlight.
“Such a beautiful night out here.” Rose looked to Gabriel.
“Definitely.” He replied.
“It’s a pity we can’t just stay out here.”
“Mhm.” They continued walking. They walked across the graveyard slowly and cautiously trying not to trip over anything. They could see the dock about 100 feet ahead and the Kennedy Manor. Rose broke into a run towards the front door as adrenaline filled her body.
“Be careful!” Gabriel called to her.
“I will!” She tripped over an old bottle and fell on her face.
Gabriel sprinted to her, “How is that being careful!?” When he reached her he helped her up.
“Are you alright?” He asked thoughtfully.
“Yeah I am.” She stood and noticed her knee was scraped pretty well and was bleeding.
Gabriel sighed and gestured for her to sit, “I got this.” She sat down on the ground as he kneeled pulling out his first aid kit. First of all he poured some antiseptic on her wound.
“Ow! That stung!” Rose cried out.
“Sorry, we couldn’t let it get infected.” He pulled out a cloth and a bandage roll. He dabbed her wound to dry it so he could wrap it. He gently and carefully wrapped the bandages around her knee.
“Better?” He asked.
“Much.” She smiled up at him. He held out his hand and hoisted her to her feet.
“Okay, this time, walk.” He smirked.
“Will do.” She walked smirking back at him. They reached the front door of Kennedy Manor. Rose reached out and pushed open the door. It swung open with ease. The dark was everywhere in the manor. She pulled out a box of matches from her bag. She struck matches against the box and lit the torches in the manor. After lighting them all she headed up to her bedroom. Gabriel had agreed to search the kitchen. She gently pushed open her bedroom door. Again it swung open eerily. She screamed in horror at what she saw before her,
“Gabriel!!!!” Gabriel came running from downstairs and into the room.
“What’s wrong!?” He asked. She pointed to the corpse of Austin lying on the bed.
Rose burst into tears and looked to Gabriel.
“I’m… sorry… Rose… I really am.” He wrapped his arms around her as she cried on his shirt.
“We need to bury him. Well I will bury him, you went through enough pain.” He looked solemn as he spoke. He gently rubbed Rose’s shoulder and moved to pick up Austin’s corpse.
“You can stay inside if you want.” He carried the corpse down the stairs and out the front door. Rose moved to the window as she saw him place down the corpse and pick up a shovel. He dug a neat hole and placed the lifeless body down in it and covered it with dirt. Rose stood watching as her hair turned black. Her hair was the color of onyx and she shed a single tear. The tear rolled down her face gracefully. She began to sing silently to herself Amazing grace. When she was finished she began to sob uncontrollably. Gabriel had set down the shovel and it began to rain. He appeared to be cussing up a storm and stomping his foot against the moist earth. He collected his things and headed inside. He walked to Rose who was stationed by the window and embraced her from behind.
“I can’t believe he’s gone.”
“Me neither. He was a good man. I never met him but I know somewhere inside that he was.” He sighed.
“I am going to take a nap.” She sulked to her bed.
“Oh. Alright. I will be downstairs on the couch if you need me.” She nodded.
“I…” She nearly said it again. “I am glad you’re here with me.”
He nodded and headed down the stairs shutting the door behind him gently.
She climbed into bed placing a pillow sideways next to her like it was a person. She curled up into a comfortable position and fell asleep. She woke up a few hours later and realized that she was in a fresh change of clothes and she wasn’t the one that changed them. Immediately she dashed down the stairs to the living room. She nearly punched Gabriel but instead shook him and woke him up.
“You perv! Why did you change my clothes?”
“I did what now?” He rolled over looking up at her tiredly.
“You changed my clothes.” She scowled.
“No I didn’t.” Gabriel spoke truthfully.
“Then who did?”
“I really don’t know.” Gabriel shook his head. Rose was wearing a low cut gown and felt very uncomfortable. She had a large scratch across her breast. The scratch was scabbed over but still there.
“And something scratched you too.” Gabriel commented.
“Apparently. Look for clues?”
“I’m on it.” Gabriel popped up and walked outside, “I will check outside.” Rose nodded and walked around the manor looking for clues. Rose finally found a clue when she saw a patch of what looked to be Worgen fur by a window with a massive hole in it.
“Gabriel!” She dashed outside.
“Shh. Get down. There are Worgens around.” Gabriel was kneeling by the fence gate which was open with his sniper rifle.
“Well isn’t that just dandy.” She spoke sarcastically.
“Shh.” He put a finger to her lips. She kneeled down next to him finally feeling the fear inside.
They saw a large Worgen ahead of them. Gabriel steadied his rifle as the Worgen looked to Rose.
“Rose.” It spoke with a familiar voice. Gabriel didn’t hear it speak in time; he fired a shot at the Worgen. Rose screamed and shoved the rifle and the bullet missed the Worgen.
“Don’t!” She had screamed and then sighed in relief as the bullet missed and ricocheted off a building and down to the earth.
“What are you doing Rose?!” He looked her in the eyes sternly.
“That was Austin!”
“It was him Gabriel. I speak the truth.” She crossed her heart. Gabriel rose from the ground wiping the dirt off his knees and walked to the grave site. He stared into the empty whole in confusion and scratched his head.
“I don’t understand…” He looked to Rose
“Well only logical explanation was that he wasn’t dead but unconscious and that he had become a Worgen when I escaped.”
“But… He had no pulse… How is this even logical?” Gabriel looked baffled and remained speechless for a few minutes.
When he collected himself he looked to her, “After all that I don’t really think it’s too safe to be staying in your house. I think we should stay in Gilneas in a while and figure this out.” He looked down at Rose.
“Yeah. I agree with that. We could stay in the club house?” She gestured off into the distance at their special club house.
“That’s not a bad idea actually.” He started walking towards the club house.
“I just hope there won’t be any… erm… distractions.”
“Like what?” Gabriel stopped her briefly and looked into her eyes.
“Like, Forsaken invading the place or Worgens.”
“Nothing would want to even step foot into that old shack Rose.” He muttered.
“True but I am just scared.”
“Don’t be. You’ll be fine.” He soothed her.
“Alright, if you insist.” She shrugged and followed him down the path towards the shack. It was raining profusely outside, almost like they were taking a shower. The dirt on the ground quickly began to become moist and almost mud like. The rain became even heavier and heavier as it felt like the sky was trying to punish them. They suddenly broke into a run to get away from the rain until Rose slipped and fell face forward into a fresh mud puddle. Gabriel heard her fall and dashed back sliding and falling into the mud himself right smack beside her.
“Are you alright Rose?”
“Yeah I’m fine.” She looked up at him who was also covered in mud, “Are you alright?”
“I’m good. Just had to make sure you were okay.” Rose smiled and quickly scooped up a bit of mud and stuck it on his nose playfully.
“Oh... It’s on.” He playfully tackled her and pinned her to the ground smirking and putting mud on her nose. Rose didn’t find it amusing and instinctively let out a loud, “Eww!” She gently shoved him off her and darted to the shack.
“Rose! I was just playing!” Ignoring him she slammed the door behind her. Gabriel easily pried open the door and walked inside after her.
"Doesn't matter if you're playing! You know me well enough to know that I really hate mud."
"But you did it first." Gabriel rolled his eyes out of frustration.
"Well still, you're not supposed to do it back." She continued on her way towards the fireplace in the large and well constructed warehouse.
"Rose... Please forgive me." He walked up behind her and placed a hand firmly on her shoulder.
"F...fine.." She was now sniffling a little as she had been crying. She turned to face him looking up at him, "I can't stay mad at you... How could I have been so foolish to let such a small act nearly break our friendship. You are my best friend and I plan to keep it that way." With every word she spoke Gabriel seemed to be more and more at ease, but with Rose, every word was like she was falling deeper and deeper into a dark pit with no escape. Each word felt like a cruel unforgiving knife. She was madly in love with him and he had no interest in her, she could just tell.
"No hard feelings?" Gabriel looked down at her after wrapping his arms around her in a friendly manner.
Rose choked on tears, "No hard feelings." She now shook him off and walked to the bed situated in the corner.
She took a seat on the bed carefully and looked around, “Remember when we used to stay the night here in order to escape our parents?”
“Yeah?” Gabriel stood across from her.
“It’s like the good old days… Except now we are escaping our lives and all.”
“Well technically…” Gabriel paused, “We aren’t exactly here for vacation, and we’re here to find Austin, which we did… And it turns out he is alive and a feral Worgen.”
“Well what to do now then?” She crossed her legs and arms sitting on the quilt that was lazily stretched across the bed.
“Well we can’t stay here forever, we have to go home soon and get back to our daily life.”
"Why not?" Rose looked around asorbing the atmosphere. "Is it me?"
Gabriel sighed and took a seat by her, "No it's not you, it's just reality."
"Why cant our lives just be abnormal? I mean cmon." She leaned back comfortably.
"That's a good point, we will stay till we absolutely have to go."
Gabriel noticed Rose appeared to be half asleep from pure exhaustion and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Go ahead and go to sleep alright?"
"Why? I really don't want too."
"Just do it, for me. You look exhausted."
"Fine." She rolled over and found a comfortable position wearily. Her eyelids slowly caved under the weight as she drifted into sleep. She remained asleep for quite a while as Gabriel had positioned himself on the bed next to her. He was sitting up and waiting for her to wake up later. Rose visibly was having a nightmare and began to scream and cry in her sleep. Soothingly he began to run his fingers through her darkened red hair to calm her down. It seemed to work as she stopped screaming and crying and had a steady heart rate. Gabriel made himself comfortable by resting his back against the head board and kept close to Rose in order to comfort her. After a while he had drifted to sleep also. About an hour later he awoke to screaming and what sounded to be someone punching the floor awkwardly. He immediately rose from the bed and looked around. To his horror, Rose was kneeling on the floor screaming and punching the pain yelling,
“Make the voice stop!” She howled at the top of her lungs. Meanwhile Gabriel couldn’t hear anything other than her screaming.
“What voice?” He would ask trying to raise his voice over hers.
“Knock me out or something!” She was now screaming twice as loud. So he had no choice, he socked her right in the head and knocked her unconscious. He gently lifted her unconscious body into his arms and set her down on the bed with care.
Rose after a few hours, opened her violet eyes slowly, blinking ever so slightly. Her head hurt and she was in searing pain. She slowly moved her head to the right and noticed Gabriel comfortably lounging next to her.
“You feel better now?” He noticed the fact she was awake.
She nodded wearily and propped herself up against the plush pillow behind her,
“Much. That voice wouldn’t stop. Did you hear it too?”
“I didn’t hear anything but you screaming. What did this voice say?”
“Well.” She paused. “It was a very familiar voice first of all.”
“Right. Go on.”
“It had said the words ‘Austin is mine’ and ‘you will die Rose.’ Weird huh?”
“Yeah, extremely, almost unbelievable.” He reached over and placed the palm of his warm well treated hands on her forehead.
“Well you are not feverish, and I don’t think you’d make something like this up so I have no choice but to believe you Rose.” He shrugged and retracted his hand.
They both stood up and head to the table to take a seat at instinct when out of the blue the voice was heard again, it was familiar to Rose, but not to Gabriel, and this time it was heard by both of them.
“He is mine. You will die. Don’t worry it will be long and painful.” The voice echoed through the house very loudly, and felt like a giant wind knocking them about.
“Hmm… Who is this with you Rose? Already found a lover or is this Gabriel?” It hissed.
“Shut up!” Rose screeched and threw her foot down on floor angrily and looked to the wooden structure of the ceiling.
“Poor Rose. Poor Rose. Gabriel hasn’t the slightest clue now does he? Aren’t you the slightest worried about what he’d think of you if he found out?”
“Leave Rose alone!” Gabriel stood next to Rose, very close-like.
“Oh so now he speaks.” The voice growled.
“Such a hero. Bravo.” They now heard applauding after the voice.
“Now. Rose. Be a good girl and die now? Don’t worry I will tell Gabriel everything.” Hooded men now entered the house and snatched her by each of her arms. The men were completely covered head to toe with satin black cloaks.
Rose was dragged across the floor and now had a cloth tied around her mouth.
“Rose, no!” He couldn’t do anything as she was already out the door and the door slammed and locked behind her.
“Who are you and why are you trying to kill her!?” Gabriel was visibly furious, his brown shoulder length hair seemed to flatten with no body with his rage, and his green eyes had a certain glow to them and looked a little red. He was in somewhat of a fighting stance as he stood looking to the ceiling.
“That’s none of your business mortal. What’s your business though is the fact that Rose is madly in love with you and you haven’t had the slightest idea.”
“That’s nonsense! She sees me as a best friend or a brother.” He argued.
“You don’t believe me? See for yourself.” Rose’s diary appeared from thin air in some sort of iridescent orb and floated down into Gabriel’s hands. The orb vanished just as fast as the diary appeared. Gabriel firmly grasped it in his hands and slowly opened it to the newest entry. He looked at Rose’s curly and elegant hand writing sprawled across the yellowing pages. He looked to the corner and noticed his name mentioned many times in the text and the words ‘Why must I be in love with him. I must never tell him this though.’ Was noticeably larger and in bold. He flipped to beginning of the diary and noticed it was a lot less neat and dated so far back that it must have been when Rose was only 8 years old. Even back then he could tell by the writing that she had strong feelings for him. He looked up when he finished reading.
“Please. Spare her. She has done nothing to hurt you.” Something inside of him made his voice crack and his palms sweat.
“Lies. She did hurt me. She stole the one I loved and I am determined to kill her for it.”
“Well didn’t you get him back?”
“Yeah.” The voice paused. “But he still loves her and always will.”
“Find it in your heart, let her live.” He spoke soothingly.
The voice sighed and began to fade, “You mortals are very stupid you know. One day, her blood must spill. But due to the fact you don’t love her back, I would like to see this through to the end.” The voice stopped and all was quiet. Rose was still missing though. He adjusted his firearm now and walked outside. He quietly followed the dirt path to behind the mansion; he could feel her presence nearly. He walked further and further until he finally saw the silhouette of Rose lying neatly on the ground, she was so beautiful he thought, but she was unconscious, no wounds. Just unconscious. He sighed kneeling down by her and gently shook her.
“Ga-ga-gabriel?” She stuttered.
He kneeled even more closely to her, “Yeah?”
“I…I….” She stopped.
“I know who the voice is now.” She changed the topic.
“Who?” He would ask gently.
“It was Maurine.”

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