A Bleeding Rose

Rose Kennedy lives in Azeroth in the region "Gilneas" Where her best friend Gabriel also lives. Rose's life isn't perfect though, she's lonely, desperately in love with someone who doesn't love her back, and loses pretty much everything to an unknown person. How does she cope?


4. The sweet taste of poison

About 7 years later, around the time of Rose’s 17th birthday and long years of Maurine’s vigorous training, she had become engaged, not to Gabriel though, she never did see him again since that night. She was engaged to a Gilnean man named Austin, he was almost everything she could want in a man. Except for the fact he wasn’t Gabriel. She missed Gabriel with every inch of her being, each night she would cry and hope for him to come back so she could tell him how she feels about him. Maurine didn’t know about this Austin yet. Maurine was becoming suspicious about the fact Rose wasn’t showing up for practice or she was late. Until a few days later that is, when Maurine mysteriously intruded into Rose’s bedroom where she had Austin sitting upon her bed.
“Austin?” Maurine looked like she saw a ghost.
“Maurine? I thought you were dead.”
“No, I’ve been here in the Kennedy Manor for 17 years.” Her form suddenly shifted as she looked like she was in her young twenties. Austin watched as Maurine approached him.
“I’ve missed you dear.” She purred.
“Maurine, I am engaged to Rose now, there is no us anymore.” Austin blinked.
“What?” Maurine’s expression reminded Rose of a dyeing woman as she blinked tears out of her eyes.
“Maurine, I am sorry, it wouldn’t have worked anyways.”
“Why not?”
“Well you are in fact 906 years old, and I am only 324.”
“It’s 907, and you do realize Rose is only 17, right?”
“Yes, that’s why I gave up my immortality for her.”
“Why Austin couldn’t you have stayed immortal with me forever?”
Austin flinched and wrapped her arms around Rose comfortingly, “Because I am in love with Rose.”
Angry and hurt Maurine turned and stormed out of the room like a hurricane, books flew off the shelves and even Rose’s music box. She quickly sprinted to it before it hit the ground and caught it in the palms of her hands in relief.
“Rose let’s just go to sleep, I am not in the mood to deal with Hurricane Maurine.” He chuckled a little.
“Alright I guess.” She nestled up to Austin climbing into bed next to him looking up at him grinning. Eventually the two fell asleep in harmony under the covers. It wasn’t long till Maurine snuck into their bedroom that night with a knife she had sheathed. She approached the sleeping couple attempting not to wake them, but that failed, she stepped on a little string hooked up to a bell that woke Austin.
“Rose wake up and run!” He shook Rose awake and grabbed her protectively and set her on the floor away from Maurine who now had a knife drawn.
“No! I won’t leave you!” Maurine started to run at Rose.
“Go! I’ll be fine!”
Rose instinctively darted for the balcony, tearing the doors open and locking them behind her. She quickly climbed onto the railing and onto the ledge on the side of the house climbing along the side swiftly. She was afraid as she nearly slipped and kept going until she was near the ocean where she could jump into. She then heard Maurine’s voice, “Rose! You will die eventually by my hands!” Rose no longer hesitated as she sailed off the ledge into the ice cold ocean below. Rose couldn’t swim very well and it showed as she struggled to keep surface. Finally her legs gave out as she slipped underwater, she was too weak to move as she started to drown, on the way down underwater she saw visions of Gabriel around her; instinctively she reached out to touch them but missed as they were just illusions. She heard his calming voice in her head telling her not to give up and to get to Stormwind where she’d be safe. She struggled but managed to pull herself up to the surface and onto shore as she felt the tremors of the cataclysm itself and the Forsaken across the river in Gilneas City invading. Rose found that all this happened the same time ironically. Not letting it bother her she made a dart for the dock where a man sat in his small rowboat with his hat draped over his eyes and sleeping. She shook the man violently awake and nearly shouted over all the destruction around,
“I will pay you 1000 gold to get me out of Gilneas and as close as Stormwind as you can get me!” The man’s eyes became huge at the offer saying,
“Hop in; I’ll take you as close as I can get you.” She climbed in with her bag she kept on her constantly, the bag was enchanted to hold a lot more than the standard bag and this bag appeared to be the size of a penny pouch. She sat down in the row boat as the man started to row out to sea.
“Wow I had no clue I was sleeping through the apocalypse.” He looked around and saw Forsaken invading Gilneas city and felt the quakes of the cataclysm.
“Yeah, neither did I, and a woman is after me trying to kill me.”
“Gilnean women are very crazy now of days.” He chuckled.
Rose smiled, but her head was a mess, she was worried about Austin but at the same time missing Gabriel.
“By the way, what is your name young lady?” He asked.
Rose smiled and replied with, “Rose Kennedy.’
“Lady Kennedy of Kennedy manor!?” He exclaimed.
“Sure am.” She nodded.
“In that case this ride is on the house.”
“Thank you.”
“By the way if you become tired you may nap in here if you can, I’ll wake you when we arrive.” He smiled.
“Sounds good to me, I didn’t get much sleep last night.” She made herself comfortable and closed her eyes drifting to sleep.
She saw Gabriel, she sprinted to him as fast as she could while calling his name, and as much as she ran she couldn’t get any closer. She tried to get to him but no matter what she did she couldn’t like there was an invisible wall between them. She cried out and he just stood there smiling. She was suddenly awaked by the man rowing the boat.
“This is the far as I can go.” He tied the row boat to a small dock in what appeared to be Hillsbrad foothills.
“Thank you.”
He smiled and somewhat bowed, “It was an honor to be able to assist Rose Kennedy of Kennedy manor.” She climbed out of the boat onto the grass carrying her bag.
She watched at the man rowed away in the row boat waving back at her. She waved back and turned and heading towards the nearest town. She had no idea what this town was called but she walked into the inn. Inside the inn the innkeeper sat in a wooden chair, at the sound of Rose entering she was excited to have a visitor.
“Welcome!” The innkeeper greeted her.
“Oh dear you are drenched in water and in your night gown! What happened?” She inquired to Rose. Rose sat upon a wooden chair and told the entire story to the woman.
“Poor girl, I will get you some clothing and run you a warm bath.”
Rose smiled, “How much? I have gold on me.”
“No dear, it’s fine, it’s on the house.”
She led Rose to a room with a bath and a bed, the bath was separated from the bath by a folding decorative wall. Rose smiled as she sat upon the edge of the bath.
“This room is beautiful.” Rose commented.
“Thank you, it’s my personal favorite.” She smiled and started to fill the bath with warm water. Rose watched as the water filled to the brim of the bath and bubbles coated the surface delicately.
“Let me know if you need anything, I’ll be downstairs.” The innkeeper smiled and placed some dry clothes on the counter and a towel for Rose and headed out the door to give her privacy. Rose then undressed and climbed into the tub. She sunk down into the warm cozy water in bliss. She dazed off into though about Gabriel as she bathed. She imagined his arms around her and just being near her, she missed him more and more she thought about him. After a while she climbed out of the tub drying her own self and dressed herself in a gown that laid on the counter, it was lante at night now and she was starving.
Before she could starve to death she made her way down stairs to the kitchen of the tavern. As she traveled down the wooden staircase she heard a ruckus and the sound of cups being thrown by what sounded to be an intoxicated dwarf. Rose became curious and reached the bottom step of the stairs peering over the rail to see a dwarf sitting on one of the bar stools being waited on by the inn keeper. The dwarf seemed to be male from what she could tell and had a long red beard and red hair in an untidy braid, the dwarf was swaying about in his bar stool and burping every once in a while as he kept drinking from a mug of ale.
The dwarf tossed his mug upon the floor as he spoke, “Aye lady! Another!” He tossed a cold coin onto the table.
“Sir I think you have had enough.” The innkeeper replied cleaning up the mug shards off the floor.
“That’s nonsense! I drink till I pass out! Do I look like I am passed out yet?” He hiccupped.
“If I say yes will you stop drinking?”
“Might, might not, you don’t know with me now do ye?”
“Say, where are you heading to tomorrow?”
“Ironforge actually, it’s not far from Stormwind and has an underground tram there so it works for the perfect getaway ye know?”
Rose approached and sat down by the dwarf at the bar.
“Oh ho ho! Who is this pretty lady here?”
“My name is Rose Kennedy, I am from Gilneas and I am traveling to Stormwind for safety.” Rose placed her hands on the table in front of her and linked her hands together.
“How do you plan on getting there dearie? Ye look like you could break by the slightest touch.”  He inquired looking Rose up and down.
“That’s what I was trying to think, I was thinking maybe walk to Ironforge and take Tram into Stormwind.”
“Walk? That’s crazy talk! Those beasts out there will eat ye up alive!”
“How else would I be able to get there?”
“Well I could give ye a ride tomorrow to Ironforge on my chopper, it has a sidecar ye can ride in.”
“You would be willing to do that? How much do you want me to pay you?”
“Of course I would and for ye pretty lady it be free.”
“Thank you so much.” She enthused.
“No problem, and by the way my name is Balin Redbeard.
“Hey dear here is some blankets if you get cold tonight.” The innkeeper handed her some blankets.
“Thanks, I think I am going to hit the hay.” Rose yawned heading up the stairs.
“Alright, goodnight.” The innkeeper spoke.
“Night.” Rose carried herself up the stairs tiresomely drowning out the sound of Balin shouting and drinking his heart’s content. When Rose reached the top of the stairs she became more and more tired. She wandered to the room the innkeeper gave her to stay in and plopped down in the bed exhausted from it all. She pulled the blankets up to her chin and nestled down in her bed drifting off into la la land. She saw Gabriel again in her dreams, the same dream as before, she reached out to him screaming and yelling for him but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t reach him. She wanted to get to him very badly. She then realized that this dream was symbolic, the dream was telling her she wouldn’t see Gabriel again. She cried in her dream and kept trying to get towards him but still same result as before. She cried and cried and no one seemed to hear her. After a while she gave up in her dream and collapsed onto her knees sobbing, she was blaming herself for him disappearing. She wished for him to randomly show up and rescue her from this hell she was going through. She continued to whine his name in her dream. Gabriel stood off in the distance in her dream land just smiling at her and then he spoke.
“Rose.” The only word he spoke.

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