A Bleeding Rose

Rose Kennedy lives in Azeroth in the region "Gilneas" Where her best friend Gabriel also lives. Rose's life isn't perfect though, she's lonely, desperately in love with someone who doesn't love her back, and loses pretty much everything to an unknown person. How does she cope?


3. The power of the mind

When Rose awoke the next morning she sat up yawning and peered at the floor. As she peered at the floor she noticed a long thin wire running across the floor barely visible to her eyes. She stood up and was careful to avoid stepping on the wire and headed to the door trying to yank it open by the door knob. The door wouldn’t budge so she looked around the room and saw the balcony doors; she rushed to them going around the wire carefully. She then tried to open the balcony doors to discover those were locked also.
Rose suddenly had an idea to pick the lock; she followed the wire to its origin and followed it to find that it was hooked up to a bell. She grabbed a stool and stood on top of it to reach the bell on the ceiling and disabled it so it wouldn’t ring. She then climbed down and carefully undid the wire from the trigger. Next she dug through her chest that sat at the end of her bed and found wire cutters. She then used the wire cutters to cut a segment of the wire off and used it to pick the lock on her door. When she opened her door Maurine stood in front of her impressed.
“Impressive, you used resources in the room to pick the lock, without ringing the bell, on the first try. You have passed the logic test.”
“Now we will begin with the melee training.” She directed Rose to the artillery room where she gathered several training blades and some dummies and then pressed a small button on the wall that triggered a bookshelf to scoot out of the way and she led Rose into a training room that looked to be a dojo.
“Now this is where you will be training, these dummies will be your enemies, and these training blades will be your allies.” Rose was handed a few training blades to use one at a time, in case one broke.
“Now hold the sword by the hilt and strike at the dummy.” Rose looked at the dummy and sliced at the dummy missing by a few feet.
“Concentrate.” Maurine spoke calm and composed.
Rose tried to slice at the dummy again but missed horribly.
“Rose you really must concentrate, treat it like it was Sylvanas and she was trying to kill you now.”
“I am concentrating!” Rose shouted angrily.
“Then you need to put effort into it, otherwise your mother had died in vain.”
At those words Rose became angered and hit the dummy at full force and sliced it clean down the middle. The dummy fell to the ground in pieces.
“See? Now you have the skill of melee, I told you that all you needed to do was put effort into it.”
“Now to move onto ranged weaponry.” She smiled taking the blades away and came back with a training bow and a quiver full of arrows.
“Here you are, now I am going to set up a fresh dummy.” She walked over and set up a dummy that that wasn’t sliced to bits.
“Now to string the bow you must go slow and bend the bow a small amount at a time and attach the string.” This took Rose quite a while to master but by the end of the day she had passed all 3 tests and learned to use all the essential weapons proficiently.
“You are dismissed to your sleeping quarters.” Maurine gestured to the door.
Rose glared at her saying, “I have to be dismissed to my bedroom? Who’s the lady of the house here?”
“Well I am your guardian so I tell you when you can sleep and when you cannot.”
“God, you sound just like my mother.”
“Good that’s the approach I was going for.”
“Lovely.” Rose rolled her eyes sarcastically.
Maurine took this too hard and grabbed Rose’s arm, “Do you want training or not!?” Ross was startled by Maurine’s shouting.
“Now I’m not quite sure if you’re going to be like this.”
“Just go.” Maurine shoved Rose out the door and locked it behind her. Rose just rolled her eyes and walked down the hall to the front door, she wasn’t ready to sleep just yet tonight. She pulled open the door violently letting in the cold night air; it was cold enough to make her soul shiver. Slowly she stepped outside onto the gravel path and shut the door behind her. Rose knew where she needed to go as she headed down the hill in the dark. She reached into her bag and pulled out a flashlight as she continued parading down the path. In the distance she could hear the howling of wolves and angry cats. She did not let this stop her as she approached closer and closer to Gabriel’s front door. When she was at the door she knocked slowly on the door. No answer. Again she knocked. No answer still. She moved to the window and peeked in, in horror she saw that all the furniture was gone and so was the family. In pain she was, she leaned against the wall sliding down onto her bottom and cried lots and lots of heavy tears. She slowly stood in heartbreak and clutched her chest sobbing.

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