A Bleeding Rose

Rose Kennedy lives in Azeroth in the region "Gilneas" Where her best friend Gabriel also lives. Rose's life isn't perfect though, she's lonely, desperately in love with someone who doesn't love her back, and loses pretty much everything to an unknown person. How does she cope?


2. The mad world

Devastation is what Rose felt the next morning, pure devastation. Infact devastation wasn’t even a strong enough word to describe how she felt. She had woke up that morning in her own bed back in Kennedy Manor. Last night Gabriel had taken her back to her house when she fell asleep crying in the bush. Rose sat up slowly and solemnly as she had no idea what was going to even happen to the Manor or her in that case. She flung her legs over the side of the bed and sat upon the plush monstrosity that was her bed. She looked around the room deep in thought for a while until she finally stood and threw a robe over her night gown and headed towards the door. She placed her hand upon the door knob and twisted it pulling open the door and heading down the steps. As she reached the bottom of the steps she heard the voice of Maurine.
“Lady Kennedy, I’m sorry. I tried to stop your mother, but she didn’t listen to me.”
Rose put one hand up towards Maurine, “It’s all my fault, those forsaken were after me and I let her die.” Maurine strode over to Rose and patted her shoulder soothingly.
“Lady Ke-“ Rose interrupted and spoke, “Call me Rose please.”
“Rose, It’s not your fault, even if you had tried to fight the forsaken both you and your mother would die.” Maurine stroked her hair trying to calm her down.
“But I could of tried and died fighting.”
“Rose, you sound like your mother, but you weren’t meant to die tonight, it wasn’t your time.”
“Yeah, but now I have the feeling inside me craving revenge.”
“Rose, I know you’re a intelligent young lady, with one of the highest I.Q. scores in Gilneas, but the thoughts I know that are going through your mind are stupid. Killing Sylvanas is just going to anger other Horde leaders and they will rise up against you and you will be killed. And you don’t know how to even wield a blade or to string a bow, and you haven’t the slightest clue how to control your emotions, once you master all these weapons you can consider revenge, but until them you’re just going to be patient, a good listener, and of course practice.”
“I can too string a bow, wield a blade, and control my emotions.” Rose picked up a compound bow off the artillery room’s table and attempted to string it, after a few moments she gained a red mark across her face as the bow slapped her across the face.
Maurine sighed and spoke calmly,
“Child, you have a lot to learn.”
“And you would know anything about weapons and self-control from where exactly?”
“Rose, there is a lot you don’t know about me, come with me and we will talk in my room over a cup of tea.”
“Lovely.” Rose followed Maurine as she lead the way to her quarters.
“You see Rose, I am not just a housekeeper,” Maurine paused opening the door in front of her and beaconed Rose inside.
“Your parents hired me to look after you, as a sort of guardian.” Maurine pulled out a chair away from a small table for Rose to sit upon and walked over to the stove to fetch a tea kettle. She took the tea kettle over to the table and sat it down next to two tea cups.
“And, I am not the old weak elderly woman I appear to be.”
Maurine firmly held the tea kettle in the palm of her hands and continued to speak,
“You see, I am what many people refer to a witch.” She grinned and waited for Rose to respond.
“So you’re a witch? Did you bump your head? Maybe I should call the doctor and have him take a look at you.”
“I am not mental and I wasn’t stricken upon the head.”
“If you’re telling the truth will you prove it to me?”
Maurine smiled as flames rose from her hands and the tea kettle began to boil and howl.
“How do you want me to do that?” She grinned pouring hot water into the tea cups and placing tea bags in them to brew.  
“How did you do that!?” Rose shouted in shock.
“I told you, I am a witch silly.”
“So what if you’re a witch, you can only do party tricks, my mother was a mage, I saw her powers for myself.”
“Still a witch over here and mages can’t do this can they?” Maurine was floating as if she was in a lounging chair above the table.
“Not sure, never asked one.”
“Rose, you have extraordinary abilities, you just need to learn to use them, but that won’t be for a long time, first you must learn to use the essential weapons, melee weapons, ranged weapons, and the weapon of the mind.” Maurine sat upon the chair across the table and removed the tea bags and squeezed them above the cups.
“Here you are dear.” She handed Rose the tea cup.
“Where is Gabriel by the way?”
“Not sure, he brought you here in the middle of the night, walked right in the door carrying you and you were fast asleep. Then he turned and left and didn’t come back.”
“Do you know if he is still Gilneas?” Rose was now concerned and the concerned feeling showed very well on her face.
“Oh wait; he gave me this to give to you.” She handed her a small package which was wrapped very orderly. Rose sieged the package and ripped the wrapping off as fast yet cleanly as she could, she opened it to find a small music box that played a beautiful tune, one she recognized very well. Whenever Rose was scared and Gabriel was there he would hum that tune as he couldn’t sing to calm her down. Gabriel called it the Rose song.
“He didn’t leave a message or a note with it did he?” She asked curiously.
“Nope, but rose believe me, you have extraordinary powers, unfortunately you’ll have to learn to use them yourself, but I will teach you to fight with the 3 essential weapons. Training will begin tomorrow, you look tired. Why don’t you take a nap or rest in your room for a while or something?” Maurine inquired.
“Alright I will take a nap, I am quite tired.”
“By the way Rose, I think you should take a look in the mirror when you get to your room.”
“Just do it alright?”
“Okay.” Rose stood thanking her for the tea and headed for her room, once she reached her room she peeked in the mirror to see her hair had changed colors a little, instead of red it was more of an auburn color.
“That’s strange.” Rose felt extremely confused as she looked closer at her hair.
“I’m sure I am just tired or something.” Rose rubbed her eyes and removed her robe climbing into bed setting her music box next to her and wound the little key up and listened to the lullaby called The Rose song. He eyes drooped as eventually she passed out in her bed from exhaustion.

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