A Bleeding Rose

Rose Kennedy lives in Azeroth in the region "Gilneas" Where her best friend Gabriel also lives. Rose's life isn't perfect though, she's lonely, desperately in love with someone who doesn't love her back, and loses pretty much everything to an unknown person. How does she cope?


5. One bike to travel them all.

Rose woke up the next morning somewhat eased knowing that she was going to be able to get to Stormwind but seriously doubted Balin would be able to deliver her safely considering she noticed how much of a drunkard he really is. Nevertheless, she climbed out the bed she was sleeping in and pulled on her gown that was conveniently cleaned and was placed by her bedside in a neat folded pile. As she pulled the gown over her head she noticed how god awful she looked in the mirror nearby. She had looked like she hasn’t been groomed in weeks or maybe years. Rose approached the mirror and reached for a brush that was placed on the vanity. The brush appeared to be made of a type of Elven wood, possibly from the world tree, with letters engraved into the handle in a language that seemed to be either Thalassian or Darnassian. She couldn’t understand what the words said but she loved how beautiful the text appeared. Rose only spoke common, forsaken, and a little draconic. She was taught Forsaken and the little draconic she knew by Maurine, before she became enraged at Rose that is. She simply ran the beautiful brush through her hair. Rose’s hair was blackened from her inner sadness and pain. Her hair tended to change color with the mood or status her life was in. Rose yawned as she finished brushing her hair and placed the brush back down on the vanity. She gathered up all her items and placed them in her bag and threw it on her shoulder. She grabbed the door handle and twisted it and pulled it open and began to head down stairs. It didn’t take long for Rose to be able to hear Balin’s voice whining and complaining about his head.

“My head…” He whined as the innkeeper replied,

“I told you, don’t drink so much at night; you are going through a hangover.”

“Aye lady, I drink when I want and none of ye are goin’ to change me mind.”

“She’s right you know.” Rose budged in standing on the bottom of the staircase.

“Ah malady I thought you’d never be up. Are ye ready for the trip?”

“Sure am, but I could use some breakfast and something to drink.”

“Alright I’ll have Mary here serve you some eggs, bacon, hash browns, and some ale.”

“Ale?” Both Rose and the innkeeper asked.

“Are you insane!?” Rose shouted.

“Possibly.” He shrugged.

“I will get you some orange juice and some water for the road. I will also make you some breakfast.” Mary the Innkeeper spoke and wandered off to the kitchen. Moments later she returned with a breakfast platter and some orange juice, she had also a few canteens of water for their trip. Rose swiftly took a seat at the bar and gobbled up her food as she felt extremely faint from her low blood sugar.

“Wow ye really were hungry.” Balin watched and took a seat at the bar next to Rose.

“Ye don’t happen to have any elixirs for me head?” He glanced at Mary the Innkeeper.

“Actually, I do. It’s called don’t drink so much.” She teased but actually handed him a healing elixir in a vial.

“Thanks for the advice.” He rolled his eyes pulling out the cork and pouring the elixir down his throat.

“Let’s go.” He gathered the canteens of water and placed them in a large backpack he threw on his back. He tossed some gold coins on the bar counter and headed to the door.

“If you ever need anything Rose, you are welcome to come on back.” Mary smiled and nodded. Rose thanked her and headed out the door with her bag after Balin.

“How do you plan on getting us there exactly?”

“Well we are in Hillsbrad foothills right now. So we will have to go through Arathi Highlands and such.”

“The last time I was in Arathi Highlands.” Rose stopped and shivered.

“You can tell the story on the way there If you’d like.” Balin nodded seating his plump self on the bike’s seat. He also pulled out the sidecar patting the seat for Rose to sit in.

“You have to be kidding me. The side car?”

“Hop in, it don’t bite.” She sighed climbing into the sidecar; surprisingly she fit in the seat perfectly.

“I just hope we won’t run into any trouble along the way.” Her eyes drifted down the wheels of the bike, examining the mechanics.

“I don’t think we will, but if we do, I will make sure you will make it away safely.”

“Alright, if you insist.” She buckled her seatbelt and reached across to put on the gnomish radio.

“I am going to sleep, wake me when we get there.” She leaned back comfortably and closed her eyes.

“Alright, I shall do that malady.” What felt like hours to her but was minutes to Balin passed by, Balin suddenly reached over and woke up Rose.

“There’s Forsaken here, I will distract them and you can run past.” Balin looked to the guards in distance, climbing out of the bike and approaching them taunting them.

“Ey! You no brains! Why don’t ye come meet ye maker!?” He stepped forward and stuck his tongue out.

“Balin! No!” Rose yelled, the Forsaken couldn’t hear or see her. It felt like time had stopped as she watched as a bullet flew straight into the temple of Balin; it tore through his skull and out the back of his head, tearing bits of brain and flesh with it. At the sight of this, Rose broke out into a run as the cannibalism began, she ran as fast as her legs could possibly carry her, she had crossed into the Wetlands and kept running, the bike was still on the ground behind her, engine still running. Earlier she had noticed that Balin had his initials engraved to a certain spot near the rim, it clearly read, B.A.R.; Rose had no clue what the A stood for and she knew that she wouldn’t find out. She kept running and running. Closer she was to the nearest tavern and further from the city of Gilneas. Rose didn’t even bother to look back, she knew exactly what she could see, a cannibalized Dwarven corpse, a bike, and armed Forsaken soldiers advancing rapidly.

She stumbled along, in fear, her heart pounding in her chest. The soldiers called after her trying to lure her to them. She wasn’t going to fall for that though now was she? So she kept going. Every step she took the more afraid she became.

“Noth ver eynes wos odes uden se vohl daegil!” One shouted at her. She was easily able to decipher what they said as she was easily able to speak Forsaken or what is also referred to as Gutterspeak. The forsaken had shouted; Stop and share the same fate as your friend. She could see Dun Modr ahead, bullets flew past her head and she finally crossed into the town of Dun Modr the guards took charge and emptied their ammo on the forsaken which instantly retreated. Her heart pounded as she keeled over onto her knees coughing onto the ground. A dwarf kneeled down beside her and asked with his Dwarven accent, “Aye lady I saw ye were bein’ chased by some Forsaken, are ye alright?” She nodded looking up at the white bearded dwarf, who was holding a rather large rifle,

“Yes, I barely escaped, my friend was killed trying to distract them and I am trying to get to Stormwind.”

“Well ye can always take a flight path to Iron Forge and take the Deeprun tram.” The Dwarf pointed to the Gryphon Master nodding.

“Is it safe?”

“Of course, a lot safer than walking.” He laughed. Rose approached the Gryphon master handing him a few gold coins for the flight and a tip and mounted a Gryphon. She had pulled out a rope from her bag and tied herself to the Gryphon so she wouldn’t plummet to her death. The Gryphon spread its wings and dove upward and soared into the air. The wind slightly caressed her face and her hair trailed in the wind. She held on for dear life and then the Gryphon leveled out and soared through the air and occasionally flapped it’s earthy brown wings.

“The view from up her is astonishing.” Rose thought as she looked back to see Gilneas City far off in the distance, seeing the smoke rise from the tall structures. The magnificent beast glided through the air gracefully as she watched as they crossed the border into Dun Morogh and the beast flew over the snowy mountains and swan dived down to the Gryphon Master and docking station. She climbed off the Gryphon feeling very disoriented and stumbling all over the place as it landed. She headed inside Iron Forge ignoring everyone around her. Rose made her way to the Deeprun tram and took a seat on a bench waiting for the tram to arrive. She finally realized that she wasn’t alone, she peeked from the corner of her eye to see a hooded figure with a sheathed blade that was partially visible. Her eyes instantly drifted towards the tram noticing it has arrived and already was about to leave. The figured began to unsheathe their blade silently, but Rose still could hear it. She quickly jumped to her feet and threw the bench at the figure and dashed to the tram. She climbed aboard just as it began to leave. She sat on the bottom of the tram and hugged her knees watching the figure still on the platform. Rose started to cry heavily and was shaking. Alone on the tram she was. The tram traveled down the underground rail past large glass walls, a large underwater scene was visible from the tram. She looked up and watched as a large squid swam in the tank above her.

She remained seated for what seemed like minutes until a loud thud came from the back of her tram. She stood and looked to see the hooded figure now inside the tram and hopping cars like there was no tomorrow. The figure advanced quickly with their blade out and directed towards her. Rose moved to the front of the car she was in, which was the first car. She was frightened and gripped onto the front railing as the figure was now in her car with blade pointed towards her. The fear was inevitable as she shook rapidly and easily showed fear on her face.

“What? Are you afraid of blades?” A sly grin was visible under the hood. The voice was male and familiar. The eyes she noticed were red as blood and glowed in the dim lighting.

Rose’s eyes widened, “Austin. How? Why?”

“Does it matter Rose? I am Maurine’s now.”

“Did she hypnotize you or something?”

“Hypnotism? Please. It’s called mind control.”

“Well at least give me a hug before you kill me.”

“Certainly.” His arms wrapped around her firmly as she grabbed his hands from behind her and threw him over her back and in front of the tram. The tram was near the end of the track and Austin was holding onto the front rail obviously unaware he was close to being crushed. Rose waved at him as the tram crushed him against the wall, sound of bones cracking and shattering, the body falling to the gap under the tram, still and unmoving. Rose felt her heart break as she saw him like that, she didn’t want that to happen but she had to stop him, and she had to stop Maurine. The tram had pulled to a full stop as she exited the tram carrying her bag. She whistled a tune and set off to the nearest inn, where she would remain for another year.

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