A Bleeding Rose

Rose Kennedy lives in Azeroth in the region "Gilneas" Where her best friend Gabriel also lives. Rose's life isn't perfect though, she's lonely, desperately in love with someone who doesn't love her back, and loses pretty much everything to an unknown person. How does she cope?


1. Only one rose in the bush

It was her 10th birthday, the day where she would feast on the most delectable of deer for her birthday dinner. The day where she would finally be old enough to learn to ride a horse, but also this was the day where her family’s blood would shed and so would her tears. Did Rose know that her father would never make it back from the hunt? Never did it cross her mind. Rose was a girl of many aliases, back home she was a fragile delicate flower going to be married off to a man she didn’t love, but outside of her home she was strong-willed, intelligent, beautiful, and of course brave. She has everything money could buy her except for true love or friends. She lived in the harbor of Gilneas in a beautiful manor others could only dream of living in. Her world was like living up in a tower locked away with anything she wanted except for going outside. She was spoiled rotten by her father and her mother. Her mother was a successful artist, a artist of words that is. Her mother, Evaline, was a infamous writer in Gilneas City, while her father was the owner of a extremely successful fishing company. That morning Rose was awoken by the sound of soothing wooden flutes and a calming harp, a Kennedy family tradition. Her father and mother stood noble and proud.
“Good morning Rose our darling.” Her mother approached Rose’s bedside with a breakfast trey.
“Happy Birthday my lovely daughter.” Her father stood few feet away directing the musicians out the door.
“Happy Birthday.” Her mother spoke with her voice of silk and handed Rose a small package.
“Thanks mother and father.” Rose sat up smiling taking the small package into the palms of her hands.
“Yes you may open the box now, before you ask.” Rose’s mother grinned.
“You read me so well.” Rose smiled back gently grabbing side of the wrapping paper pulling it off slowly avoiding tearing it. She worked the wrapping paper off the little box which appeared to be Faberge. Then she opened the decorative box itself to find a beautiful silver heart shaped locket that had white crystals of a sort decorating the face. Upon flipping the locket over there was her initials carved into the back; (R.A.K.) Rose smiled unlatching the back and draping the chain with the locket hanging from it around her neck and latched it carefully in the back.
“Thank you, it’s beautiful.” She grinned.
“You are very welcome our dear, only the best for you.” Her father gestured to the locket around her neck.
“Now tonight’s plans are set, your father and his hunting party are going to find and bring back the most delicious and delectable deer in the land just for you.” Her mother smiled gesturing to her father.
“Now during the day today you may go gather flowers for tonight’s gathering and afterwards you will fitted for your gown.“
“Alright mother, after I dress in a comfortable gown I will go.”
“No need to do that, Maurine will do that for you.” Her mother gestured the housekeeper into the room and handed her the comfortable gown Rose was to be dressed into.
“Maurine will also do your hair for you.”
“My Lady Kennedy, would you like your hair braided or a bun?” Maurine approached taking Rose’s hand and guiding her to the dressing room.
“Braid sounds nice to me.” Rose smiled politely.
“Alright then, I will help you into your gown for you to go out in until later.” Rose stood in front of Maurine as she took out the gown and pulled it down over Rose’s head.
“Now don’t you look beautiful in that dress?” She pointed to the mirror in front of Rose.
“Wow, I do look beautiful in this dress.” Rose spoke as she looked at her gown in the mirror.
“Now take a seat on the stool please and I’ll do your hair.” Maurine gestured to a stool in front of a mirrored vanity. Rose obeyed and sat upon the stool. After about 5 minutes Rose’s hair was up in a graceful braid.
“Alright child go play and bring back your choice of flowers, between you and I here is a few gold to spend on some ice cream or something.” Rose was handed a little satchel of gold. Rose stood up thanking Maurine and walked out the door of the manor. She headed down the hill letting the sun pour down on the beautiful red hair. She had slipped sandals on her feet before she left and took a good look around at the surroundings of the beautiful harbor. All around there were Gilnean children playing various games and Gilnean citizens wandering the streets of the market. Rose smiled at the sight and eagerly headed off to look for some flowers in the meadow. Rose walked on past the Gilnean citizens and children quietly and orderly to the meadow. When she reached the meadow she knelt down and started to tug at flowers by their stems to take home with her. A voice came from behind her, one she recognized as her friend Gabriel. He was her only friend since they were very young.
“Need help with that?” He knelt down by her as she was tugging away at the flowers somewhat struggling.
“Infact I do this time.”  She nodded sitting upon the earth her grip firm but weak around the stem. He placed his hand on top of hers to help her tug the flower from the earth. Together they were able to pull out the flower and several others. Rose smiled as she held the most beautiful of flowers for her birthday celebration.
“Thanks Gabriel.” She stood up as he smiled back being friendly.
“Do you want to get some ice cream?” She asked gesturing the small satchel of gold.
“Ice cream sounds good to me.” He smiled as they walked to the ice cream stand on the corner of the street.
“What kind do you want?” She asked him after ordering a vanilla cone for herself.
“Chocolate sounds delicious.” He replied.
“And a chocolate cone with the vanilla cone.” She told the ice cream vendor grinning. The ice cream vendor handed them their ice cream cones as she handed the woman a few coins. Together they sat down on crates outside eating ice cream. As they sat Rose peered over at him with a smile saying “It’s a beautiful day today.”
He smiled back at her. “Sure is, happy birthday by the way.”
“Thank you.” Rose looked into Gabriel’s eyes.
“What’s the plan for today?” He asked.
“Well my father is out hunting for deer for the feast tonight, and after we’re done eating our ice cream I have to get fitted into my gown for the ceremony.” Rose leaned back against the wall which was conveniently behind the crate she was sitting on.
“Well it’s been a couple hours since you left home and he doesn’t seem to be back, aren’t you a little concerned?” Gabriel placed his hand on her shoulder as he spoke.
“I’m sure everything is fine Gabriel.” She stood up hearing her name being called by Maurine.
“I have to go, I’ll see you later.” She stood smiling.
She started to dash down the path as she yelled back towards Gabriel. “I enjoyed spending time with you!” Rose tried to concentrate on other things besides what Gabriel said about her father being gone for so long. As she entered the manor she was tugged along by Maurine to the dressing room. As she entered the room she noticed the gown she was going to wear was laying upon the table in the room. The gown was long and elegant and also white, almost like a wedding gown.
Rose gestured to the gown, “Is that mine?”  Maurine nodded at her.
“Sure is. Why? Is there something wrong with it Lady Kennedy?”
“No. I just didn’t know it’d be white.”
“Well your mother requested it be white.”
“Okay I guess.” Rose caressed the dress’s fabric.
“Now stand in front of me and I’ll fit it.”
Rose stood in front of her as she started to fit the dress to Rose’s thin body.
“Where did you learn to stitch and dress hair so well?”
Maurine took the pin she was holding between her lips, “I used to be a seamstress and a hair dresser a long time ago.”
“How long ago was it? And how come you work here now?”
“I lose track of how long ago it was, and I was fired and your parents gave me work.”
Now intrigued Rose asked, “How did you get fired?”
“Let’s just say I was blamed for making the Master of the manor disappear.”
“You didn’t do it did you?” Just then Maurine finished adjusting the gown.
“Already? But you only took five min-“ Rose was interrupted as she noticed Maurine was gone, nowhere in sight. Shrugging Rose wandered down the hall to her bedroom to slip on some shoes. She heard voices coming from her mother’s bedroom.
“I’m sure he’s fine Madam Kennedy.” The familiar voice of Maurine was present from her mother’s room.
“How can he if he isn’t back yet?” Replied her mother.
Rose heard the loud thudding noises of what sounded to be her Mother storming around the room collecting up items and throwing them into a bag.
“I can’t just sit idle, I should of warned him of the Forsaken in the woods.”
“Madam if you go you will surely be killed.”
“It’s better than sitting here doing nothing, and call me Evaline.”
“Evaline don’t go, Edgar is surely fine!”
It was too late, Evaline came bolting through the door right past Rose.
Evaline stormed down the staircase sounding like thunder was booming across the sky, without turning Evaline ordered Maurine,
“Keep Rose in her room until the suitors arrive for the ceremony.”
“Wait no!” Rose was grabbed by the wrist and taken to her bedroom. Before Maurine shut the door she peeked in at Rose apologizing,
“I’m so sorry Lady Kennedy, I must follow your mother’s orders.” The door was shut and locked as Maurine followed after Evaline shouting. The sound of the front door being shut and locked was heard from upstairs. Rose paced the room until she realized the balcony doors were unlocked. She yanked the doors opened and stepped out onto the balcony while slipping some of her best boots on under her dress. Rose now noticed the sun was setting and she could see the moon vaguely. She peered over the balcony to see Rose bushes planted under the windows below. Rose walked back inside her room and gathered up pillows and threw them onto the ground below to break her fall. She had now climbed up onto the balcony railing and carefully sailed off the balcony onto the plush pillows below. She stood and noticed the dirt road in front of her with the footprints of her father and his hunting party. With the training her father gave her as a little girl she followed the tracks into the woods. Cold unforgiving wind blew through the trees and she could hear the sound of ravens and crows in the distance. It was very dark outside especially in the forest now. She decided to make a torch to help her through the dark. She had then kneeled down in the dirt and picked up a stick that she decided would be the perfect specimen. She then reached into her boot and pulled out a box of matches. She pulled one of the wooden match sticks out of the box and struck it against the box igniting it, she then ripped part of the bottom of her dress clean off and dipped it in the river which was only a few feet away. Carefully she wrapped it around the soon to be torch and lit the top of the torch with the match. She advanced forward carrying her torch and box of matches. She stuffed the box of matches back into her boot as she stopped for a moment. She then heard the sound of an owl in a tree glancing down at her. She looked up at the owl to see that it was a pure white snowy owl. She moved on down the path following the tracks left by her father and his hunting party. Further she went until she knelt down to more closely examine a different set of tracks. Suddenly out of nowhere Gabriel sprinted at her tackling her out of the way of an oncoming bullet.
“Run Rose! There is forsaken here!” He had helped her up taking her hand and lead her deep into the woods. They were running as fast their legs could carry them but it still wasn’t enough. The Forsaken troops’ bullets glanced trees around them as she heard them yelling in Common,
“Come out, come out, and play children!” At the sound of their voices they just picked up their speed even more as they stumbled around roots in the ground and small holes. Rose’s ankle was suddenly caught in a root that had moved and curled around it like magic.
She screamed to Gabriel, “Help!” Gabriel turned around and dashed back to her pulling out a small knife while slicing the root in half releasing her ankle and helped her up.
“We have to keep moving!” He grabbed her hand again and ran them along. They kept running until they reached a dead end, not hearing the Forsaken near yet they dived into a bush to hide.
Rose looked into Gabriel’s eyes speaking, “You saved my life. How can I ever repay you?”
Gabriel looked back into her eyes replying, “No need for that Rose.” He was on the lookout for the Forsaken.
“How did you even get here Gabriel?”
“Well, I saw you jump out your balcony and followed you, why are you even here Rose?”
“Well my mother left in search of my father and locked me in my room talking about suitors going to show up for the ceremony tonight.” She peered down at the ground as she spoke.
“Suitors? They were trying to marry you off already?” He asked.
“Apparently, I don’t understand I just turned ten today.” She was looking at Gabriel who was still on the lookout for Forsaken. Few moments later they could see some undead soldiers and Lady Sylvanas standing a few feet away. Rose and Gabriel were peeking through the small gaps in the bush between branches.
“Did you kill her yet?” Sylvanas hissed at the soldiers.
“No, some troops found her earlier but lost her.”
“Then find her!”
“Well if it makes you feel better we found her father and her father’s hunting party and killed them.”
Rose’s eyes started to water as she kept listening and watching trying to remain silent.
“Get her mother and she will come out and fight.”
“Alright, where do you think she will be?” One of the soldiers asked.
“I’m right here.” Evaline approached the soldiers and Sylvanas.
“And I won’t go down without a fight.” Evaline hissed.
Rose turned and whispered to Gabriel from the cover of the bush. “No. She can’t.”
“Good, because I won’t either.” One of the soldiers charged at Evaline with a blade until Evaline threw a fireball at both soldiers killing them both. Sylvanas’ expression didn’t change as she now spoke, “They were my least favorites anyways, now come fight me if you dare.” Evaline just smirked as she started to throw fireballs and frost balls at Sylvanas. The two of them fought for a while until Sylvanas whistled calling fourth her death charger. The death charger galloped towards her as it distracted Evaline. Using this distraction she forced a single blade into Evaline’s chest watching her fall to the ground.
“You will never kill Rose.” Evaline coughed blood as the life left her eyes.
Meanwhile in the bush Rose burst into silent tears again as Gabriel now had to cover her mouth to keep her quiet. They watched as Sylvanas mounted her death charger and rode off. When Rose saw her mother die it was like something inside her broke, like someone dropped a fragile china plate upon the floor and didn’t bother to clean up the shards, and then people came along and received cuts from the sharp edges of the shards. She looked to Gabriel with tears in her eyes and he embraced her tightly comforting her.

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