"I wish I could tell you."

*~Previously Called I Wish~*
Jessalyn Smith was that one girl in school that no one talked to but everyone picked on. She has one friend Destiny Black. But Destiny won't tell anyone they are friends because Jessalyn wants to protect her. Great life huh.? Nope.. But Jessalyn's life will change forever when her childhood friend Liam Payne moves back to her home town. Not only him but his new foster brothers Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. Will their friendship continue or will he treat her like everyone else. Read and find out. (The boys aren't famous in this.)


2. Welcome to my world.

I get dressed and head downstairs. "Mom.?" I call out. No answer. Then I look at the counter. Theres a note marked

"Jessalyn" on it. "Good Morning sweetie. I got called into work early. Have fun at school.! Love, mom. Xoxo"

Oh yea my mom doesn't know that I'm a loser. She thinks I have a ton of friends. Let's keep it that way. After I read the note I crumpled it up and threw it away. I checked my phone. "Shit. 7:30 I better get going." I grab an apple and my keys and I sprint out the door. I drive to school and park in my spot. Which lucky me is by Isabelle. "The most popular girl in school" more like the richist and sluttist. I walk in the direction of the front door. "Look the loser finally showed up.." little miss priss said as I walked past. I kept walking while her little slut friends giggled. Carlee and Hannah, Isabelle's little followers. "Bitches" I mumbled under my breath.I go to my locker and go to homeroom. I have English first but I don't mind. I love to write and drawing too. The bell rings and everyone sits down. Mrs. Thorne stands up and says "Class we have five new students. Make them feel as welcome as possible. "Great more people to pick on and make fun of me." I think to myself. I see the first one walk in, I just roll my eyes and open my book. "This is Niall Horan, Zayn Malik" Mrs. Throne continued. "Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson." When will she shut up.? "And Liam Payne." I froze for a second then looked up from my book. I gasp as I see those dark brown eyes I haven't seen since the last week of summer 2007.

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