"I wish I could tell you."

*~Previously Called I Wish~*
Jessalyn Smith was that one girl in school that no one talked to but everyone picked on. She has one friend Destiny Black. But Destiny won't tell anyone they are friends because Jessalyn wants to protect her. Great life huh.? Nope.. But Jessalyn's life will change forever when her childhood friend Liam Payne moves back to her home town. Not only him but his new foster brothers Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. Will their friendship continue or will he treat her like everyone else. Read and find out. (The boys aren't famous in this.)


5. Things and people change.

*Jessalyn's POV*

"Wow you really don't remember me do you.?"I asked as my heart is breaking."No, no I do.!" He said assuring me. "I just didn't realize it was you. He looked around and back at me. "It's just you've changed.... A lot.." I smiled. "Not really." With that he gave me a cheeky smile.


"What.?"  "

Two things."

"And they are.?"

"1.Maybe you haven't changed that much. Still as stubborn as ever."

I blushed.

"2. I can't believe you still have that locket."

"I never take it off." I admitted.

"I always hoped you would come back."


"Why what.?"

"Why did you want me to come back. You had so many friends.. You didn't need me."

"Yes I did."

He looked at my puzzled and went to speak but I cut him off.

"When you left, they all stopped talking to me. You were the reason i had so many friends."

"Jessalyn. I thought it was the other way around."

"Well Liam, it isn't because no one talks to me to this day. Every morning I put on this locket and hope and pray you would come back. Everyday."

Again. Why did they all stop.?"

"I wish I knew.. But I spent the past 5 years alone. So, it doesn't bother me anymore."

"That's awful. I'm sorry."

"It's not you're fault.

The bell rung and I grabbed my books got up and walked out the door. "Wait.!" Liam yells after me. I stop and turn around. "Yeah.?" "You should co,e hang out with me and my brothers after school. So you can meet them and we can catch up.'  I smiled. "Sounds like a plan." He got a goofy grin on his face. "Awesome.! Meet me out front when the bell rings." He told me. "Alright. See ya then." Yes.! I get to hang out with him after school.! I turned around with a smile on my face and started walking again. As i'm walking i run right into Isabel. All my books fall to the floor and her ice water falls all over both of us. It's just water right.? Not to her. "Oh my gosh Isabel. I'm so s..." "Save it freak." She snapped sticking her hand in front of my face. I push it away and stand up. She finished her sentence. "Just watch where you are going next time. Kay.? Kay." She smirked which pissed me off."Listen Bitch." I snapped. "I didn't mean to. Which you would have known if you wouldn't opened your fat mouth." He mouth hung open in shock as i added. "So grow up and stop bullying people.!" I picked up my books and walked away leaving her motionless in the middle of the hallway.


**Authors note**

Remember I need Zayn's, Harry's, and Louis's girlfriends.! Hope you are liking my story.! This is my frist movella keep that in mind.


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