"I wish I could tell you."

*~Previously Called I Wish~*
Jessalyn Smith was that one girl in school that no one talked to but everyone picked on. She has one friend Destiny Black. But Destiny won't tell anyone they are friends because Jessalyn wants to protect her. Great life huh.? Nope.. But Jessalyn's life will change forever when her childhood friend Liam Payne moves back to her home town. Not only him but his new foster brothers Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. Will their friendship continue or will he treat her like everyone else. Read and find out. (The boys aren't famous in this.)


3. Don't you remember?

*Liam's POV*

I heard a gasp from the back of the room when the teacher said my name. I look up and see a girl looking at me. She looks very familiar. My thoughts got interrupted by the teacher. "Mr. Horan you can sit there." She told Niall pointing at a sit near a group of what looked like baseball players. "Mr. Styles and Mr. Tomlinson. Over there." They nodded and took their sits. "Mr. Malik back there." Then she turned to me. "And Mr. Payne." She looked around. "Ahh, you can sit by Miss. Smith." Smith-Smith.? "I'm sorry who.?" I ask looking at the teacher. "Jessalyn, please rasie your hand." The girl who had been staring at me before raised her hand. Jessalyn, now that sounded really familiar.. As I walk to my sit, some girl stops me.  "I feel sooo sorry for you." She said with a fake smile. "Why.?" "Because." She smirked. "You have to sit by her." "Rude much.?" I say. "Whatever ." She glared at me as I walked back and sat down. I smiled as I sat and she turned around. "Hi, i'm Liam." I told the girl I sat next to. She hesitated. "I-I know." She looked at me with happiness in her eyes but dissapointment on her face. I pretended not to notice. "Oh, yeah duh." I thimped my forehead. "The teacher intorduced me." She went to say something but she seemed to have a lost of words. "Well," she finally spoke. "Not only that.." She said. I just stared at her with a confused expression on my face. She shook her head. "What.?" I asked. "You really don't rememeber do you.?" She asked her facial expression was hurt. I thought and there is something very familiar about that brown hair and those blue-green eyes. "You do look very familiar." I told her and her she kinda smiled but didn't say anything. She reached for the necklace she was wearing. She showed me this beautiful locket and opend it. "Starting to ring any bells.?" She asked. Inside there were two pictures. One of this adorable little girl about age 12. The other was a picture of 12 year old me. Then I realize the little girl was my childhood best friend... Jessalyn... And sitting right in front of me was 16 year old Jessalyn. How could I be so blind... I was shocked and I couldn't believe she kept that locket all these years...

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