"I wish I could tell you."

*~Previously Called I Wish~*
Jessalyn Smith was that one girl in school that no one talked to but everyone picked on. She has one friend Destiny Black. But Destiny won't tell anyone they are friends because Jessalyn wants to protect her. Great life huh.? Nope.. But Jessalyn's life will change forever when her childhood friend Liam Payne moves back to her home town. Not only him but his new foster brothers Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. Will their friendship continue or will he treat her like everyone else. Read and find out. (The boys aren't famous in this.)


9. After School.

*Jessalyn's POV*

I'm still upset as I walk towards the front entrance of the school. I mean how would you feel if the person you loved defended someone you couldn't stand? Pretty crappy huh? At the door Liam was waiting for me. I smiled and my phone goes off. It's my secret best friend Destiny.

Destiny: Hey Girl wanna hang out after school.?

I told Destiny to pretend she doesn't know me. Why, you might ask? Well, I didn't want her to get treated the same way as me. Liam on the other hand didn't seem to care if he did or not. But, I mean who could hate him? I know I can't stay mad at him. 

Jessalyn: Sorry, hanging out with Liam today. Tomorrow?

I reach the door and Liam smiles. "Ready to go?" He asks. "Yupp! Where's your car? So I can follow you to your house?" "Well, my brothers and I kind of car pull. And they took the car home. I was hoping to ride home with you." I look at him for a second. "No sorry. You have to walk." "W-what?" He asks. "Okay, I'll just have one of my-." "I'm only kidding. Do you really I would make YOU walk home?" I playfully punch his arm and my phone beeps again. It was Destiny.

Destiny: Liam. As in Liam Payne?

Jessalyn: Yes. He is the one who gave me the locket when I was 12.

I laugh and click send. I told Destiny all about Liam. I look at Liam and he is looking at me like I'm crazy. "Yes?" I ask. He snaps out of it and blushes. "Nothing." "Okay then. My car is this way." I tell him and start walking toward my car. He follows and my phone beeps again. I unlock my car as I open the message.

Destiny: No! That's the guy Isabelle has her eye on! That's all she talked about in my last class. She gave him her number and everything!

My heart sank and my eyes filled with tears. No! No! She can't steal him! I loved him first, I was just waiting for the right time to tell him. I have no chance now! That bitch always gets what she wants. "Jess, what's wrong?" Liam asks me looking worried. I didn't answer him. "This can't be happening."  I whispers tears roll down my cheek. I thought my life had finally fallen into place.


A/N The girl friends will be in the next chapter. And do I need to make the chapters longer? Let me know! Thanks for reading! Love ya.! :D P.S Have you heard "We are who we are" By Little mix! New Favorite song! Anyway. Byee! xoxo


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