New town, new life and new love.

The story of LOVE....


1. the one and only



Taylor’s P.O.V

As the cold wind bites my skin, I slowly scraped my feet on the pavement making it to the front of the airport. I was done with all this, moving to somewhere so I can start new, fresh however you want to call it ,I just wanted to leave Australia, only being just turning 18 having no job to go to, no family, no one, I was lost and confused but somehow I knew I had to leave. My bag rolling on the floor loudly, the moon bright in the dark cloudy sky, I could see my shadow clearly on the ground. The doors open slowly and made a loud noise, I quickly walk to the front desk and ask for one ticket to London, the man at the front took money and gave me a ticket. I sat down and read that my plane would take off in an hour. I take out my phone and went straight on Facebook posting ‘starting my new life in London goodbye Australia… a new town and new life’ I close my eyes for a minute and hear a quite beep to see that someone had commented on my post it was Samantha, I open it up and read ‘thank god, I won’t need to see your ugly face any more YAY!!! :)’ I feel the tears forming up but I hold them back. I rest my head in my hands and fall asleep for half an hour.

I wake up and grab my bags rolling them to the front desk I give in my ticket and follow the young man down the hall, I put my bags up on the thing were they scan you bag to see anything dangerous in them. I take my bags and my plane ticket from the young boy. I look down to see Facebook one last time to see 30 people had already liked what Samantha had to say, still looking down at my phone I bumped into the glass door. My head throbbing in pain I bit down on my bottom lip in embarrassment. I hand my ticket to the elderly lady she clicked it in and I was making my way into the plane.

I sit at the front being only 10 other people in the plane, I’m 5 seats way from a young girl about the same age as me, I close my eyes for a few minutes hopping the plane trip will be quick and that all this works out. I soon hear a brush against the chair next to me. I look up to see the girl in front of me with her hand right in my face, I look at her hand and then look at her face she responded “hi I’m Maria” I shake her hand I replied saying hi and greeted my name. She sat down and smiled, we had a long conversation when all of a sudden she asked if I was staying in London or making my way over somewhere else, I hesitated and told her that I was staying there in London, she sounded disappointed when I answered, then she had taken a deep breath and exhaled in respond that she wasn’t staying in London she was going to Ireland to go live with her family. We soon got over it but deep inside of me I had realised that I was going to lose my new (and only) friend. Maria had fallen asleep quickly while I was still watch the Notebook, when the movie had stopped I was crying I was gathered by the flight attendant’s they were all worried about me when I pointed to the DVD cover and they breathed out heavily in relief. I ate my chocolate mousse and went to sleep hopping the next day would be better.

The sun shone right in my face and the beeping from the seat belt sign was going off. I woke up in a shock to see my breakfast was on the side table. The flight was nearly over and it was the last few hours I would see Maria.  Maria was still sleeping, so I got up to go to the toilet. When I had finished Maria was awake and eating her breakfast, she looked really sad I sat down next to her and started to munch on my toast covered in melted butter. She looked at me and said disappointed “so this is the last time I will see you” I agreed sadly nodding my head and quietly saying yeah, I pulled out a piece of paper from my notebook and a purple pen and wrote down my number, Maria looked at me puzzled I gave her my number when she realised that it was my mobile number she asked if I could have some paper and borrow my pen without hesitation I gave her what she needed. I reserved her number and put into my left jean pocket. We talked for the rest of the hour we talked about everything and anything, I told her about my years at school how I wanted to cement suicide but kept my head above the sand and stood strong with my mum by my side. Maria got upset and nearly started to cry she mumbled under her breath “I’m just glad you didn’t… you didn’t kill you self… cause I would of never meet you, and if they really got to know you they would be happy to say that you are there friend…” with her comment it made me giggle in response I thanked her. To cheer up the mood we watch one of my favourite movies ‘Grease’. We were singing along and dancing to the tunes at one stage we got told of from one of the flight attendant, but when she left we bested out in laughter. When the movie had finished it was time to get off the plane. I grabbed my bags hoping off the plane and went to go find Maria, the weather was great perfect to go swimming, but I didn’t care about that at the moment I just wanted to find her, when I saw her she was crying tears were rolling down her cheeks and falling all over her light blue top. It felt like we knew each other for years and we would never see each other but that’s what would happen we would never see each other again. I hugged her tightly like how I did when I found out that my mum had died. Maria whispered to me “we need to stay in contact” I agreed letting the harm tears roll down my face. We let go of each other hopping that wasn’t the last time we would hug. Maria went to go by her other ticket to Ireland we hugged one last time and she left on to her next flight, before I could think I grabbed out my phone a texted her ‘have I safe flight to Ireland…I miss you already :( ‘I quickly got a text back saying ‘I miss you too :(… bye <3’. Wiping the tears away heading over to the bathroom.

I walk into the bathroom the door opened slowly; no one else was in there which was great. I walked in there was no mirror. I turned the corner to see a mirror my brown hair was out of my side fish tail braid. My brown eyes were now red and puffy from no getting much sleep and crying, I quickly took out some new clothes, I grabbed out a pair of ripped mini shorts and I superman baggy top and a pair of flip-flops. Once I was finished getting dressed I put some make-up on not too much and not too little. When I had finished I put my hair in a messy bun, once I was doing that a young girl about my age came flying in it gave me a shock. She ran into falling onto the ground, I had lost all my hair in my hand, I gasped she quickly got off the ground, she yelped once she stood she had hurt her foot. I helped her up “thank you I’m Anna” she sobbed. I asked her what was wrong after I introduced myself, she replied “I was running away from my boyfriend… well actually now my ex-boyfriend” I soon asked her what happened she responded quickly “he was threatening me, we were going to America together and we missed our plane and he got angry with me so I ran, and if I don’t go he’ll try and hurt me again” I was shock and responded “well you can’t stay here you need to go somewhere an came back later and he will never know where you are” Anna had giggled to what I had to say but she knew I was right in response “yeah thanks I’ll go to Ireland and came back in two weeks” we walked out of the bathroom after I had done my hair and Anna and I went to go get a plane ticket. Once we had the ticket we read that Anna had two hours before here plane actually took off, we went to get a coffee. Anna got a cappuccino and I had gotten a hot chocolate I didn’t really like coffee. When we had revised our drinks I head to the tables near the window, and Anna followed. We talked about our life’s in those two hours and we really got along we had become very close friends. When we finished our drinks the waitress grabbed our cups then Anna had gasped I asked what was wrong and she replied “when I came back where am I supposed to go I live with him and he’ll…” I cut her off and decided “you can stay with me until you find a place on your own. Anna was over whelmed “REALLY?” she shouted “you would do that for me” she loured her voice I admitted “it would be fun and hey that’s what friend are there for” I smiled as I spoke. We stood up and gathered our things, and headed out from the café and went to the waiting area, we sat down Anna‘s plane was going and minuet now. I pulled out my phone and asked for her number she smiled and whispered it so no one else would hear; in return I gave my number to her. Once we had finished Anna’s plane was ready to be loaded with people. We hugged and tears were rolling down my soft cheeks again Anna had gotten on the plane, I was alone again. I walked out of the airport with my head held down.

I get a taxi to the nearest hotel, I ask for the next mouth to stay, the elderly lady gave me a silver key with the number ‘69’ on it I went up the stairs since the elevator was out of order, but I like taking the stairs more exercise for me. When I went up to my room I pulled my key out of my bag and slipped it into the key hole I turn it clock wise and push the door open. Inside there was a bed at the back and beside it was a closed door was the bathroom on the right was a small kitchen and on the left was a wardrobe. I went straight over to my bed and dumped my bags in front of it, the bed was double and the covers were white with gold lace. I went to sleep straight away.

When I woke up it was 3 in the morning and I was starving so I got up and went to McDonnell’s. I walked over because it was so close, once I got there the doors opened no one was in there but only the workers I walk straight up to the register, and ordered a cheese burger with small fries with an orange juice, once I revived my meal I take a seat near the window. Eating my burger I see a big black bus with three cars behind it, I assumed it was someone famous and continued to eat my burger. Once I had finished I walked back to the hotel, went up to flight of stairs and walked up to my door, pulled out my key opened the door and went straight to the bathroom after closing the door. I brushed my teeth and put on my pyjamas and jumped under the covers of the bed and soon went to sleep again.

Once I woke up to see what the time was I glanced at my phone the bright light hurt my eyes it was 10 o’clock, I put on some fresh clothes, a batman top with black skinny jeans, went down to the café and ordered a blueberry muffin and a hot chocolate. When I had gotten my meal I sat near the window to look outside my eyes were captured by a group of screaming girls. Who were following the same black bus as a saw yesterday night. Then a reminded myself that the band One Direction live here I sighed, in relive that I had never seen them before or heard there music. Once I had ate my muffin I grabbed my hot chocolate to go buy the newspaper. I walked to the front of the newsagency when I pushed the door the little bell at the top at the door frame rang. Suddenly I was greeted my an elderly man he had a beard and it was full of toast crumbs he brushed them out and asked what I would like, I responded quickly and asked for the newspaper. I quickly smiled and he smiled back at me, gave me a copy and asked for the money I grabbed the paper and handed him what he needed.

I walked out of the shop and walked to the nearest bench to sit, once I sat down I went straight went to the job area, when I turned the pages it made a small sound it annoyed me. I was scanning the page when I see something that caches my eyes at the bottom left hand side there was a little box with red writing it read ‘JOB WANTED AT THE DINER’ and another above it a little bigger reading ‘YOU HEY YOU, YEAH YOU NEED A JOB WELL YOU ARE LOOKING IN THE RIGHT PLACE YOU CAN DELIVER NEWSPAPERS AROUND THE WHOLE TOWN SO SIGN UP TODAY!’ I shake my head and with my purple pen a circle The Diner job and walk straight there. I walk in and everyone stair at me I cough awkwardly and everyone go back to their business. I walk straight to the counter and ask about the job, the young girl a few years older maybe 27, she took me to a small office opened the door and in there was a man in a black suit with a blue cheeked tie I walk in and he greets me well. The girl leaves but I get a glimpse of her badge her name was Jessica.

“Please take a seat” I grab the red soft chair and seat down the chair makes a sound and I turn red. “So what is your name?” “I’m Taylor and I would love to work here” “so why would you like to work here” I turn to look out the window and answer him “well I just moved here from Australia and when I was there I worked at a restaurant and I was really good at that and I think I have what it takes” he looked at me I could tell he was thinking *after talking for another hour* “well… I think it would be lovely for you to work here” I smiled when he answered “come back on Monday and you will get your uniform” I thanked him and walked out of the room, I was greeted by Jessica and she hugged me “looks like I will see you lots here” she giggles, I let go of her and agreed then walked out of the restaurant.

Being lunch time I go to the nearest Nando’s, when I walk in there had to be at least 20 other people in the room and about 10 other people in the V.I.P area I walk up to the register and order Classic Chicken Wrap, Grilled Corn on the Cob and a Chocolate Mousse it all comes up to £9.86, I give the man his money and wait for my food to be cooked. While I’m waiting a feel eyes in the back of my head but ignore it and walk to the bathroom to fix my hair and make-up. When I came out I bump into a very attractive boy his hair was blonde and his eyes were blue they were beautiful just like to sky I apologized and kept walking my food was ready I grabbed it and walked to the table in the corner closets to the window, I was thinking about that boy he looked like I had seen him before then it clicked he was in the V.I.P area. Once I had corn I ate my wrap and soon after eating my chocolate mousse. The people in the V.I.P area had left. When walking past the window I had I good look at them.

One had black hair but at the front he had some blonde highlights all spiked up it was a quiff, tanned and gorgeous. His eyes were brown a little lighter than mine his ears pierced with two black circle earing placed on his ears, it looked as if he didn’t shave in a couple of days, he was wearing a black jeans and blue shirt one button done up and a white shirt sleeve under and a woollen jacket over the top and to top it all off with a pair of high top Nike shoes. He was holding a girls hand about a year younger, she had blonde hair and light blue eyes she was really pretty she was wearing a pink dress with flowers on it and a pair of white pumps.

After them were a boy and a girl arm in arm  she had to be older than him by a couple of years the guy had his spiked brown hair, his eyes were a hazel brown. He was wearing a short sleeve light grey top on and dark grey jeans on but all went well together with high top Nike shoes. The girl had to be a dancer she was fit and tanned hair was big and curly she was wearing a tight purple/red dress with black wedges.

Next were another girl and boy they both had brown hair, he was wearing a stipes top with a pair of red jeans and Tommo shoes the top was very tight around the biceps, his eyes were a grey blue. The girl looked as if she was a model her eyes were brown but a different type of brown. She was wearing black v line top with a white skirt that was just above her knees with a light material over the skit that came past her knees and a thin brown belt, with a pair of gold sandals.

The same boy with the blonde hair almost seeing brown (he must be dyeing his hair) he was wearing a tank white top, jeans and a pair of high top Nike shoes, he was a girl this time his arm around her shoulder it was cute to see, she was very pretty she was wearing a maxi dress with different colours on it, she reminded me of Demi Lovato but it couldn’t be she has in America.

Then there was this another boy maybe a couple of months older than me, he has curly brown hair was pushed away in a moss green beanie still seeing curls, he had green eyes but not anything I had seen before, he was wearing a light grey top and on the left hand side there was a red heart that said ‘LOVER’ he was wearing black skinny jeans and a pair of converse, when he looked at me the whole world had stopped and we were the last people to be seen, I think I had fallen in love.

They all walked put not looking at me but the curly hair boy had definite had seen me, when I could not see him any more I just kept playing that moment in my head, something knocked me out of day dreaming I shock the thought out of my head and finished my mousse. I walked out of Nando’s and walked the opposite way as the V.I.P people, I could still see them they were getting into the black bus, and I was shocked seeing that bus again. I was amazed how tall those boys were they had to be a couple years older than me.

I walk over to the nearest movie store, I walk into the store and there hundreds of DVD’s way more than in Australia. I walk straight to the comedy and look at the movies one stands out the most it’s called ‘LOL’ I lighted at the name and grabbed it and then walked over to the Walt Disney  area and see all the tree toy short movies weren’t there so I grab Monster Inc. I walk to the food area and grab popcorn walk up the counter and put movies up and the popcorn. She scans the popcorn and unlocks the DVD’s give were the money and then walk home. When I get home it’s dinner time so I go down to the restaurant get pasta. When I’m finish I go back up stairs and put the movie ‘LOL’ when I was waiting for the credits to end I got the popcorn ready. Once the movie had finish I had tears rolling down my face in laughter its 11’o clock and I super tired so I put the bowl of popcorn on the bedside table and I decide going to sleep and watch the other movie in the morning.

It’s Sunday morning and I feel think doing nothing so I put on Monster Inc. while watching the movie I see that same black bus once again and the boys were coming out on by one with their girlfriends of course they all go in different cars and head different directions, maybe they were finished what they were doing and going home. I continued watching the movie. When the movie had finished I got up and had a shower. After the shower I got dressed into a tight top with a big yellow star on it and a pair of white skinny jeans, I put my hair into a side plait letting the water drip from the ends of my hair. I grabbed the movies and went back to the DVD store once going in the lady at the front said good afternoon, I greeted her back and gave her the movies “was it funny” holding up the ‘LOL’ movie I chucked and nodded. I waked out of the store 30 minutes later taking to the lady at the front desk. I walk to the supermarket and by basic foods bread, milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables, some chocolate ice-cream and some roasted chicken. When I get back to my room its one thirty I put the chicken in the fridge and make myself a fruit salad with apple, banana, orange, strawberry and peaches. I sit down on the couch and turn the television. I flick through the channels eating some strawberries I stop on channel Cartoon Network and see ben 10 is on it reminds me of my younger cousin Andrew than had died in a car accident. I tear roll down my face and in honour of me. After ben 10 had finished I had a nap. When I wake up its 4 o’clock I get up and walk down stairs and walk to Starbucks to get a hot chocolate and walk over to The Diner.

I open the door slowly and Jessica is the first person to see me she waves at me with a paper pad in her hand, I wave back at sit down were she is “so what brings you here on a Sunday afternoon you don’t have work until tomorrow” she giggled, I laughed “I know but no one told me what time to come at the I came to ask… so here I am” she stops laughing and responds “just came back at nine and we will have you uniform ready, um can I ask what is you size” “sure I’m a size small” “wow I wish I had I body like you” she giggled and I laughed back. I order a chicken burger and some chips on the side. After eating we said our goodbye they were really buzzy. When walking out of The Diner I saw one of those black cars that those famous people went in, the windows were tinted so I could not see inside the car but I could see as if the person in the car was watching me.

When I get home it’s about eight and I go sit on my bed and grab out my 3Ds XL and play one of my favourite games Pokémon. I finish a few level until I find out I left my window open the cold wind gave me shivers down my spine, so I got up to close the window, when I get up I look at the time it’s ten thirty. after closing the window I go into the bathroom when I walk in I see myself in the mirror I looked a mess so I brushed my hair and my teeth and put my pyjamas on, and jumped into bed.

 I wake up the sun shining brightly into my eyes I had forgot to close the blinds the night before, the quietness scared me it would take me a little while to get use tot the fact I live in London and not in the city anymore. When I lived in Melbourne I lived in the city and it was very buzzy you would wake up to the cars on the road or people yelling at the cars foe not letting them cross the road, but here it’s quiet and peaceful, I liked it though new changes in life, and not waking up to the horrible car smell in the morning. It was 9 o’clock so I got up getting ready for the first day of work. I get into the shower the hot water hitting my back it was burning so I turned to cold tap to make it just right. While in the shower I hear someone next door yelling I got scared and quickly finished in the shower letting to soap suds slide down my back.  I get out of the shower wrapping the towel around my body and walking over to my bags. I grab out a white plain v-line top, skinny jeans and a pair of light blue converse shoes. Going back into the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair, I place my hair in a messy bun. When finished I grab my phone and head out the door.

Waking down the stairs I hear nothing it’s quite so I pull out my head phones and connect it to my phone and play my music Little Mix ‘Wings’ was playing. I open the door and walk out to the lobby there lots of people there and I felt like someone was staring at me I looked behind me to see to same guy in the moss green beanie at Nando’s I turned away and walked out so he could not see me any more I didn’t want to have this big crush on him and not be able to talk to him.

Harry’s P.O.V

I found her after seeing her a Nando’s I needed to see her face again, once she turned to look at me I froze dead in my tracks I couldn’t speak. Her brown eyes were beautiful and the way her brown hair sat up nicely in the bun it made me blush. She quickly turned away she that I would not see her any more it made me sad she was walking away and I let her go. I walked after but she was gone I was looking everywhere until I find her she was walking into the diner I had seen her in yesterday. I got into the car and drove over there when I found a car spot I saw her she is the uniform and she looked beautiful I just wanted to kiss her until she fell in love with me. I walked in and nobody knew who I was not even her she blushed it made me smile. The uniform was yellow it looked great against her skin and the small white apron at the front mad it smart and ready to do her job. I see her name tag her name was Taylor, what a beautiful name for a beautiful face.

Taylor P.O.V

When I got to work Jessica had already placed my uniform and the counter at the end, I picked it up and went straight to the staff bathroom to put it on, as soon as I had finished getting changed I walked right over to Jessica she had opened the little door thing so I could be behind the desk she told me that I stay back here and she goes and takes everyone else order, I smiled and nodded at the same time. I had already served two people and I was so excited. The door had opened and the same guy in the moss green beanie was there was he following me or something I blush and he walks straight over to me. He opens his mouth and his begins to talk his husky voice was so erotic “hey can I please have a hot chocolate with some marshmallows” I struggle to get the words out “sure is that all” “um yeah” “okay that comes to £2.50” he gives me the money and our hands just touch his warm skin against mine gave me shivers. When his drink is ready a place it in front of him he thanks and greets his name his name was Harry I point to my badge and say Taylor, he smiles and takes a sip of the hot chocolate. When he’s finished I expected him to leave but he stayed the whole time I had my shift once I was finished he asked me out for dinner I warmly said thanks I’d love too he smiled then I headed back to the staff bathroom so get changed I let out my hair it was wavy from being in the bun, I was opening the door and coming out when I got pushed back in it was Jessica. “oh hay” I simply said “are you kidding me do you know who you were talking to” I was confused and just shock my head side to side she laughed “oh you will find out soon and you will be amazed” I tilt my head to the side and she lets me go of me and runs out, what did she mean amazed? That thought kept running through the mind after realising I was in there for over 5 minutes now and leave the bathroom. I could not see Harry anywhere so I just left walking back to the hotel. Suddenly I hear my name “TAYLOR” I spine around to see Harry standing by his car “are you coming” he yelled, I yell back “coming”. I ran over to him and then stop he holds the door open for me I jump in the car and he walks around and jumps in the car “so where too” he asks “well I have only been here for a couple of days so you choose” he looks at me puzzled “I’ll tell you when we get there” “he smiles and then focuses on the road.

I look out of the car there is an old man walking his dog and a lady going for a jog. I turn to see harry he was the biggest smile on his face I ask why he was smiling, he apologies and puts on a sad face I giggle and tell him you can smile I just wanted to know why I was still laughing while saying my sentence he responds “you have a nice laugh” I turn bright red and just thanked him. When the car stops he simply says where here I get out of the car and look at the sign “La Porchetta’. “Ready” lifting his arm so I could wrap mine in his, and I did. When we enter the restaurant every one stairs but goes back to eating. We sit down near the window were I like it and order our food “so are you going to tell me now?” I looked at him puzzled then I had realized what he was talking about and I started to talk.

Harry’s P.O.V

She started to talk I was looking right into her eyes and listened to everything she had to say, I started to get emotional when our food came I thanked the lady but she contained going, she was just so amazing when she grabbed her fork and put some pasta in her mouth it went quite but only in-between us when. When we had finished eating the lady came and grabbed our plates and Taylor asked what I did. I was shocked she really didn’t know who I was “well…” I began but than a girl about 14 years came up to me and asked for my autograph I signed the girl’s book and she walked away. Taylor looked at me shocked “yeah I’m Harry Styles from One Direction” she blushed and gave her a half smile. She apologized for talking up my time and got up and walked away after throwing 30 Australia dollars on the table, I got up paid for our meal and ran after her. She walking away and I grabbed her wrist “you weren’t wasting any of my time, come I’ll drive you home” we both get into the car and it is awkward silence.

Taylor P.O.V

I get into the car know what Jessica meant ‘amazed’, I had fallen in love with Harry Styles from One Direction. It was quite in the car but I liked the silence when we get to the hotel there are police everywhere and my stuff is against other people’s stuff. I run up to the police man grading the stuff and ask what happened he looks at me and tells me that “there was a fire so we had to get everyone’s things out is there anything of yours” I shake my head and go grab my stuff. Harry comes over and comforts me “where am I supposed to go now” I begin to cry and I quickly wrap my arms around him, he hugs me back and responds “you can live with me” I pull back quickly “really?” I question “yeah that’s what friends are for” I smile and hug him tighter “Thank you Harry”. I whip the tears away and grab my bags I roll them to wards Harrys car but then I feel the bags getting lighter it was Harry he was picking up my bags and placing then in the boat of the car “hay” I called he just turns back and smiled. I follow him and get into the car I turn on the radio harry gets into the car and we make our way to his house.

We pull into the drive way his house was big but not maison just big, double story. His house was a cream colour and the roof was brown. I got to the boat of the car and grab my bags I go to the door and Harry gets out his house key and gives it to me I take it and open the door slowly. It was huge inside, my mouth drops open wider than the door Harry then opens the door more and I walk in I close my mouth and drop my bags. I turn to look at Harry and tell him that this is huge, he shakes his head and objected “no way you should see the other boys’ house’s they are double the live” “DOUBLE?” I questioned “yeah” “wow” I picked up my bags and take them of him he looked at me angry and I poke out my tong and he chuckles. “If you follow me I will take you to your room” “my own room cool” “yeah what did you think you were going on sleep on the couch? “Um yeah” I giggled.  And follow him up the stairs he points to a door and tells me that it’s his room and then points to the door next to eat and that’s yours. I look at him and smile I ran up to the door quickly opening it I place my bags in front of the wardrobe and then start jumping on the bed. He walks in “you like” “like I love” I giggle, and then he points to another door that’s you bathroom “my own bathroom” he smile “would you like a de tour of the house” “yeah I don’t want to get lost in here” I laugh and he laughs back. After the tour I jump into the shower. I can hear Harry talking to someone but I ignore it and wash my hair.

Harry P.O.V

  "Lou I think I found her my princesses" I began, "oh mate that's great where is she?" Louis asked, "she in the shower" I answered "oh why" he wondered " um well because the hotel she was staying at got burnt down and she had nowhere else and I invited her to stay with me” I replied “oh okay well does she know that you like her" another question asked “no are you crazy I don't even know if she likes me" I began "when are you going to tell her" he  inquired “well I'm not" I whispered hoping that he didn’t hear me “what? Why?" he questioned “I don't know” I said shrugging my shoulders knowing that he wouldn’t have seen me. “Well what’s her name” “Taylor” I said blushing just thinking about her “what did she say when she saw you?" "Well that's the thing she didn't know that I was from One Direction" "what really" he could tell he was confused "yeah” "well that's different, anyway I got to go talk to you later" "alright then bye" "bye Hazza"

*one week later*

Taylor P.O.V

"So Harry I meet this girl at the airport and she had this fight with her boyfriend and I told her when she gets back that she can stay with me but now that I'm living with you..." "You want to know if she can stay until she finds a place on her own." " yeah is it okay" " of courser" "thanks" and also can I borrow your car to go pick her up like now" " yeah go have fun" I smile and grab the car keys and head out the door. It took me half an hour to get to the airport but when I got there Anna was standing out the front waiting for me, I get out of the car and hug her she hugs me back, she jumps into the car and we take off. When we get back on the main road I ask if she likes one direction and she responds no I love them oh no I was in trouble "well what is I told you that I was living with Harry styles and you were soon going to" she turned my head and screamed she was fan girling "well I would try and find a place quick so you to could have some alone time" she whispers trying to breath at the same time I smiled at her " there is nothing going in between us" she laughs and quickly get into her phone to look for apartments to stay in. When we make it back to the house I grab one bag and she grabs the other we walk up to the door and I open it we walk in and Harry hugs me and then hugs Anna. Harry grabs the bags and tell us to follow him we do and he takes us to another bed room "this were you will be staying when your here" he spoke so charmingly "thanks but I will be only staying for 3days until the apartment opens up down the road" Anna giggled not taking her eye of Harry. Anna and I went inside the room and Harry told us he was ordering pizza for dinner she Spokane at the same time saying okay. Once he had left Anna was screaming "oh my gosh Harry styles knows who I am" she screamed, I laughed then Anna asked me out of the Blue if we could go to the beach I nodded and she cheered. We went down stairs after Harry had called that the pizza was here, once we had finished the pizza I asked Harry if he would like to came to the beach with use tomorrow he just simply nodded his head up and down keeping his eyes glued to the TV, me and Anna get up and start making our was over to her bedroom when we hear Harry call out "can I invite the boys to come too" he and Anna were shocked we both yell out yes next they you hear Harry's phone going off texts from the boys say that they would love to the beach.

When I walk into Anna's room and she's sitting on the bed I ask her what happened did you have fun she told me everything and she told me that one week she was in France and the next in Ireland she told me that she meet a girl there named Maria I smiled when I heard the name she shooed me a picture it was the same Maria on the plane the same best friend my smile grew, Anna looked so confused I told her I meet her on the plain coming here it cleared things up for. Anna had yawned a few times so I let her go to sleep. I quickly text Jessica asking her if she would like to beach with us only a few seconds later I get a text back from her saying 'yeah I would love to'

I went down stairs in my pyjamas Harry was a sleep on the couch so I turned the TV off “hey I was watching that" " no you weren't you were sleeping" "If I'm sleeping them how am I talking to you right now?" "Oh shut up you he got up and hugged him "goodnight Harry" "goodnight Taylor" we let go if each other and I walk away and into my bed.

I get rudely awaken by Anna jumping on saying that we were going to the beach I look at my phone it was 11 so get up to go brush my hair and teeth. I put on my purple bikini and over I put on an avengers top and a pair of white flip flops I grab my bag and put a towel and some undies in the bag. I walk down stairs to see Anna and Harry watching TV "ready?" I ask trying not to laugh, "finally I thought we had never be going" Anna wishes and I just laugh "un we need to pick up one more my friend Jessica "alright" Harry just simply says "let's go the boys will be there soon " okay" Anna and I run out to the car and sit at the back and I quickly call Jessica and ask where she lives she tells me and that she would be witting out the front Harry cams out of the house with his bad on his back I jumps in the front and asks where to I simply say the address and we go pick up Jessica.

When get to her house Jessica was standing out the front playing on her phone. She jumps in the car and we say our HI’s, and then make our way to the beach.

When we get to the beach the boys are already there I can see Anna’s face lighting up she trying not to jump out of her seat or start to scream. I’m just watched her, her face turned bright red when they saw her. When the car had come to a fall stop I feel Anna climbing on top of me her smooth legs brushed against my leg, I’m still laughing I grab my bag placing it over my back, I get out of the car. When I hit the ground I can feel the grass brush up against bare toes. Jessica gets out of the car and runs down the beach with Anna going to meet the boys. The heat hit my right in the face, I can feel it through my whole body I get tingles down my spine and lose my balance, I was just about to fall on the ground but then I feel I pair of strong arms wrap me. He had just caught me a turn to see Harry standing there with the biggest smile on his face I turn bright red and simply thank him. I shout the car door and start walked down the beach. The warm sun was hitting my feet as I kick it up Harry walks up behind me “are you going in the water?” I hear Harry ask “um yeah that why I wanted to go to the beach, why else would I come” I question him back giggling “well you could go get a tan” he pointed out “well I’ll do that and then go into the water” I claimed still laughing and he laughs back.

When we get over to the others they all get up to hug me they were all not wearing a t-shirt they looked amazing. First the one with brown hair and blue eyes got up “hey I’m Louis” he chirped giving me a hug “hi I’m Taylor nice to meet you”. Next was the blonde he kid came next up to me “hello I’m Niall” he happily began after giving me a hug “hi, I’m Taylor” “hey didn’t I see you at Nando’s?” he grinned “wait you saw her at Nando’s?” Harry questioned “yeah that’s me” I agreed and smiled.  Next was the guy with black hair “hey I’m Zayn how are you?” he quoted hugging me, “hey Zayn I’m Taylor and I’m great what about you?” I asked him back “good thanks”. Next was the other boy with brown hair he had his arms open “hey Taylor I’m Liam” he revealed, I pulled from the hug “hey Liam”.

After saying out his I went to go sit down with the girls not too far from boys I lay down my towel and take off my cloths showing my bathers and curves. I grab my bag and pick out the sun screen, when I open the bottle I can smell the sun screen and I begin to put sun screen all over my body


Harry’s P.O.V
I can see Taylor se is putting sunscreen on and laughing with the other girls “she’s really pretty mate” I get mocked out of my day dreaming by Niall speaking to me “yeah” I simply just say “oh Harry was day dreaming about her” Zayn began “oh shut up Zayn” I blabbered “I can’t believe our young Harry found someone” Liam announced “and hopefully he gips this one” Louis bragged “you shut up guys” I claimed but they all just laughed. I went back to watching Taylor, she had gotten Anna to rub the sun screen on her back, oh how I wish that was me rubbing it onto her back.

Taylor’s P.O.V

I got Anna to rub the sun screen on my back but I hoped it was Harry, I could feel eyes watching me I turned to see Harry quickly moving his head the other direction it was cut to see him do that. I looked back to see Jessica laying on her towel soaking up the sun me and her were really close and I like she really connected with me when something caught my eye on her left hand finger. “wow” I acknowledged after Anna had finished putting the sun screen on my back “what” Jessica questioned, I ponied at her finger she blushed “oh yeah I meant to tell you but we were having lots of fun” she winked “and I just wanted to tell you that it’s in two weeks times and that your my” she gave out a long pause “you what” I asked “MY BRIDSMAID” she had yelled “oh my gosh” we both jumped up screaming and jumping up and down on the spot. We were soon gathered by the boys with all their stuff, “what’s wrong?” Zayn feared “I’m Jessica’s bridesmaid for her weeding” I scream but not so loud that everyone to hear, “oh you scared me” he said refiled and sat down next to Anna after all the boys sat down forming a bigger circle.

I had laid down and Jessica come down right down next to me we faced each other and we talked about the Weeding dress, shoes, make-up, food, flowers and then we started talking about boys at the weeding “oh no” I began “what’s wrong?” she questioned “I don’t have any one to take with” I announced, then Harry butted in “I’ll do with you” he blushed when we just realised what he said, did he really just say that. “Well never mind I now have Harry” I say quickly smiling at Harry and all the boys just turn to him I wonder why. I get up brushing the sand off me and ask if anyone wanted to join me going into the water, everyone had said no so I run over to the water.

Harry’s P.O.V

Taylor goes into the water and Anna and Jessica start talking about Taylor and then look back at my they were whispering so I couldn’t hear anything. Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn are now looking at me “what?” I ask “what’s wrong with you go in the water with her” Louis began, Jessica turns around and tells me to get into the water then Liam faces me “listen to the women” he babbled “why are you still sitting here, go and get into the water” Zayn carried on like a little baby “fine I’m going” I get up dusting the sand off my legs, “YES” Louis cheered high fiving Anna and I roll my eyes talking off my top and shoes.

When I walk up to the water I see Taylor swimming around I get into the water swimming over to her, her hair was wet it looked really sexy , hey I call and she spoke quietly “hi” I swam closer to her and we both floating in the water we were talking about everything and anything. We soon got scary movies and we talked that when we finish here he would go borrow one from the store. We were in the water for an hour and when we finally got out of the water everyone was backing up to leave. I grabbed my bag and took out my towel and wrapped it around my body to see Taylor doing the same thing. We all say our good byes and the boys leave in their cars and we drop Jessica off home then we go into the DVD store. Me and Taylor go straight over to the horror area and pick up the scariest movie; we go to the register and give her the money. We go back to the car and see Anna falling asleep in the car we jump in the car and drive home.

When driving back to the house Anna started to snore it was really funny, when we got the drive way Taylor get out of the car and goes to wake up Anna gets angry and walk straight over to her bedroom after I open the door. Taylor tells me that she well go take a quick shower came back down soon I node when she shuts the door I quickly ran around the laugh trying to get everything done. When I relive that I need to have a shower too so when I'm finish running around the house like an idiot and ran upstairs hoping into the shower.

Taylor's P.O.V

When I'm finished in the shower I put my pyjamas on, I only have a silk small night dress so I put that on. I feel embarrassed of wearing this nighty when I get out of my room I hear Harry in the shower so I go down stairs and sit on the 5 seater couch and sit right in the middle of the couch picking up the popcorn on the rectangle table and start eating. I get comfy on the couch, then Harry walk in the room he was wearing a pair of blue pants and that's it you could see his abs and biceps so clearly he looked so hot and his curls looked very bouncy from been blow dried. He sat down right next to me I felt special and he started the movie.

When the movie had finished I had my head buried on Harry's chest I was so scared, but Harry was to buzzy laughing at me that me that he didn't get to watch most of the movie. “Would you like to sleep in my bed tonight?” he asked I looked up at him a simply nodded still having my head on his chest we got up turned the TV off I was holding Harry's hand the whole time, when we walked up the stairs I held his hand tighter we got to his room and he opens the door, it was huge in there bigger than the kitchen “wow” was the only words could say. We walk over to his bed and I got under the covers the bed was cold and sent shivers down my spine, Harry shortly joins me in the bed after brushing his teeth I had already brushed mine after the shower so I was okay. Once he had gotten under the blankets and turned to face the opposite direction he said good night and I said goodnight back I was just about to close my eyes my body just turned around and hugged Harry from the behind “thank you Harry” I whispered “it's okay” he whispered back, I had turned around and went to sleep happy that Harry was right next to me.

In the morning the warm breeze brushed on my face when I had opened my eyes I realised that I was not in my room I quickly jumped up and then saw Harry, he was sleeping he looked like an angel his beautiful face was so peaceful. I get back under the covers to cherish this moment, actually there lying in bed with Harry.  It was 10 o’clock so I get up to get in the shower, when I get up I hear a moan from Harry waking up so I quickly ran out before he can see me.

Harry’s P.O.V

I wake up and the bed is empty I signed and get out of the bed, when I walk out of the room I hear the shower on in Taylor’s bathroom I walk down to the kitchen to see everything still how it was last night, I remind myself what happens and I smile. I grab an apple and bit down on it I turn to see Anna standing near the door placing the bags at the door. “Hey” I shouted she jumped and it made me laugh “oh hey” she sobbed letting the tears fall down her face. “What’s wrong?” I asked, “well I going to my own apartment today” she mumbled I was touched and wrapped my arms around her and she sopped into my shoulder, I let go of her and told her to get some breakfast she nodded whipping the tears away  she walked into the kitchen and I walk up stairs.

As soon as I get up the stairs I hear the water being turned off, in Taylor’s bathroom. So I go into my room and get into the shower. When finished washing myself, I get out of the shower and go straight to the walk in wardrobe, I picked out a pair of green skinny jeans but not skin tight, a black v-line top and a pair of high top Nike shoes. When finish getting changed I opened the door to see Taylor with only a towel wrapped around her body letting me see her upper thigh and shoulders clearly “on my gosh I’m so sorry” I quickly gasp taking my hand and putting over my eyes, I could see nothing just black next thing I know is I hear a laugh “Harry it's okay you did see me in a bikini” she comforted taking my hand into hers and taking it of my eyes, I could see her again her beautiful face. She walked off into her room and I walked down stairs.

I see Anna sitting on the couch holding a spoon and a bowl of cereal on her lap she was watching TV, I walk into the kitchen turn the kettle on making myself a cup of tea “yes please” I hear someone speak to me I turn to see Taylor in a light blue dress with a brown belt around her waist she looked beautiful she was holding a pair of silver sandals in her left hand she placed them on the floor. She walked out of the kitchen area and went go sit next to Anna on the couch. So now I was making two cup of teas “how would you like you tea Taylor?” I ask shouting into the other room next thing I can hear is footsteps coming close to the kitchen, and there Taylor stood in the door way “two sugars, white, please” she explained, she was so cute when she was concentrating. She walks out and back to the lounge. With two cups in both of my hands, I walk up to Taylor and give here the cup in my left hand “how do you know which is which?” she pointed out “well because we like our tea the same” she smiled and held the tea in her hand being way too hot to drink, and I place mine on table.

We all watch TV for another hour until Anna says sadly “well I think I should go now” Taylor turns to her an hugs her still sitting on the couch, after hugging they both get up and start walking over to the front door, “aren't you coming” Taylor asked and I responded “yeah coming”, I stand up and go get the car keys get the bags and jump in the car. Anna and Taylor were coming out of the house and the looked very sad, with the spare key that I gave Taylor she locked the house and jumped in the car next to Anna, “already” I assumed and they both simply said yeah at the same time. When driving to Anna's next home, I had to get directions where to go; it was a short drive only 10 to 15 minutes. I grab her stuff but Taylor tries and takes it so she can hold it but I protested that I was going to hold the bags and she wasn't very happy but in a playful way.

When we make it up the stairs Anna open the door and inside was beautiful just like a house but only a little smaller.

Taylor's P.O.V

I walked into the flat it was wonderful so open and fresh “WOW” is the only thing I could say I looked back at Harry and his mouth made a perfect ‘O’ shape. There was this giant couch in the middle with a big television in front of it, on the left was a closed door being the bedroom and next to the bathroom. The bathroom door was open so I could see inside; there was another door in the bathroom that leads to the bedroom. On the right was the kitchen and next was the laundry. We stayed for a couple of hours but when we had to go Anna and myself were crying “come and visit me” saying letting the tears roll down her face “of course and you have to come visit too” I sobbed back “wouldn’t miss it for the world” she giggled and I giggled back, we hugged one last time, I let go and walked out of the flat with Harry soon joining me after hugging Anna.

When we got to the car my tummy growled I was hungry “of to McDonald then” Harry chuckled and I laughed back. When we got to drive though the girl on the other side of the speaker was screaming that it was Harry Styles, when got around to the window she was happily smiling, and handed the food. When we got our food I opened the bag I stared to eat chips at the bottom of the page was a piece of paper it read ‘hey hot stuff call me’ and of the bottom having her number at the end and signed her name ‘Bianca’, I laughed and Harry turned to be what’s wrong I handed him the note and he chuckled at the little love hearts around the paper. When we got back home we sat and the 5 seater couch we sat together it was really quite but a good quite I got up to go to the bin. Harry followed; out of nowhere I turned and hugged Harry “Thank you Harry for everything” I chirped “it's okay” “I promise I will be leaving soon”, I really didn’t want to go but knowing that Harry doesn’t love me the way I love him not being able to kiss him or let alone hug him more than a friendly hug to wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him, but I know that because we are only friends and he is Harry Styles from a famous boy band, anyways who would like me no one that’s why I left Australia. I walk away and going straight to my bed.

Harry’s P.O.V

I didn’t want her to go I love her I want her to stay forever.

Taylor’s P.O.V

In the morning my pillow was covered in dried tears, you could see the stains. I get up to have a shower placing new clothes on the end of my bed, when getting in the shower I hear Harry singing down stairs it made me smile. When finished the shower I get dressed and jump on my laptop and look for an apartment. I was on the internet for an hour and I had finally found one I was disappointed and happy at the same time. I walk down stairs holding my laptop in my right hand “I found one” I yelled hoping that Harry wouldn’t hear, “found on what?” Harry questioned “an apartment” I explained “oh” I hear Harry sigh quietly so I wouldn’t hear but I did. I walk over to Harry and tell him I moving in a week two days before the Weeding, I grab an apple and munched on it.

One week later

I was moving to my new home it would be different not having Harry there. I wanted to tell how much I meant to me, but I couldn’t if he knew and didn’t feel the same it would be embarrassing. My bags were all packed and I had them being loaded into my new car that Harry got me. He walked by the car and placing the fourth bag in the car, when I was all packed I hugged Harry “bye Harry, you still coming to the Weeding right?” I sobbed “of course I'm coming to the weeding, then who would go with you” he asked “alright then see you in two days” I giggled “bye Taylor I’ll miss you” Harry whispered and then soon left. I was on the road driving it took me 10 to 15 minutes to get over to my new home, when I go into the elevator my bags took up all of the room. When the elevator had stopped I struggled to grab all if my bags. Getting out the small key from my pocket I opened the door, inside was small you had the kitchen on the left and the bedroom on the right along with the bathroom and laundry. I walked into the bedroom dumping my bags on the grey floor I put in my pyjamas that were pink and at the front in red writing it said ‘Sleep, who needs sleep when you have me’. I went out to the couch to watch TV when I hear a knock on the door “who is it?” I called out “the pizza man” the stranger shouted through the door “but I didn't order any pizza” I explained “can you just open the door please” the stranger asked I went over to the door and opened it leaving the chain still on, “hello” I questioned “hey Taylor” how did he know my name? I looked at the man it was Harry “oh hi Harry you scared me hang on” I confessed closing the door and re-opening it quickly. Harry was holding two boxes of pizza in his hand “I bright lunch slash dinner” he chuckled passing me a box; we went over to the couch. After eating we talked for a little while and then watched TV. It was 11 o’ clock and Harry said that he should go it was getting pretty late and didn't want to catch the late hour traffic I quickly jumped up “NO” I turned bright red after relieving what I just said “I mean you can stay the night” I said after sitting back down Harry smiled “alright”.

It was about midnight and I told Harry I was going to bed, “so where am I sleeping?” he asked “um in the bedroom with me” I explained with a huge smile on my face “okay then” Harry mumbled and I walked out of the room. About 5 minutes later Harry walks in the room and it was dead silence I heard him un buckle his pants taking them off along with his t-shirt he was only in under wear, “goodnight Harry” I whispered “good night Taylor” he hugged me from the back when he got into the bed before I knew it I was asleep.

I wake up in Harry's arms I could stay there forever and I did until he woke up, he thought I was still sleeping so he got up and made breakfast. When I walk out of the bedroom 5 minutes later breakfast was ready, Harry was just in his boxers, once we had finished our food Harry went into my room put his clothes back on he came over to me we hugged and we both said bye he left and I went on with my day.

The night of the Weeding

I drive over to Jessica's house the sun set in my eyes making me squint. When I pull into the drive way I get nerves, thinking what I was wearing because Jessica wanted it be a surprise and how Harry was going to make it or even show up. I walk down the path that leads to the door, I hear Jessica yelling but I didn’t know what she was saying, I knock on the door and soon hear Jessica running over to the door I could hear her footstep’s. “Okay now that we are all here let's get ready” Jessica screamed but not too loud. She pulled out black bags where out dresses were and then I bigger on with hers in, we got Jessica ready first she looked beautiful. Then I had my make-up done, I had light blue eyeshadow on and light pink lipstick with a little shine, a small amount of foundation, pink blush and mascara making my eyelashes twice as long, I looked almost natural. Once we had finished getting make-up done hair was next, my hair was curled and let down. When it was time to get dressed Jessica handed the black bag to me and pointed to the bathroom. I walk out of the room and into the bathroom, it was wonderful light blue with a silver diamonded belt I put it on it came just above my knees and the belt framed my curves nicely it was puffy at the bottom and at the top smooth, it had thick spaghetti straps and a v-top . I walked at of the bathroom to everyone else was waiting for me, I walked over to Jessica she already knew what I was going to say “don't worry the other boys have got him to follow in his car so he will be there” Jessica giggled and I laughed back with a smile “thanks” putting my silver heels on.

We get into the limo and went to the church, when we got there I could see Harry car a breathed out deeply in relief getting butterfly's all in my tummy. The groom was already waiting at the aisle and the bridesmaids boys were waiting for us. The man at the front opened the door for us and the flowers were on the table, I could see Harry he was wearing a suit with a black bow tie. His dimples were showing when we saw me, “hello” he chuckled “what?” I asked “nothing” he protested “it’s that you look beautiful” he responded I blushed “thanks Harry” I giggles hugging him. We were now arm in arm walking down the aisle.

After the reception we drove to the restaurant, Jessica had rented out the whole place for this one night. When we open the door a young girl about 26 years old come up to us “hi I’m Kushini and I will be your care taker this evening” she announced “hi Kushini I’m Jessica and I ordered this place” Jessica approved shaking her hand. The place was beautiful the room was just filled with happiness; there were lots of windows it was so big and opened. On the left was the kitchen there was a giant dancing floor in the middle of the room and tables all around the room and a big table at the back were we sat.

Harry and I were in arm and arm when we got to the table, we got to sit next to each other while eating our food we drink lots of alcohol and it was such a big blur. I remember that we were dancing and we had lots of fun, and I remember when we walked outside to talk because it was so loud inside “Taylor I need to tell you something” he began “yeah Harry?” I asked “I think I love you” he added he was looking at the floor “oh Harry” I started, he just kept looking at the ground “I know you want fall for me but I just want to tell you because it killing me in—I cut him off kissing him passionate it felt like hour that they were kissing but really a few minutes I broke the kiss “I love you too Harry” kissing him again. After kissing we hugged and walked back into the restaurant holding hands.

When almost everyone was gone I had realised that I didn’t have a ride home, I was about to call for a taxi but Harry had stopped me and said that he would take me back to his place. I smiled and nodded I walked over to Jessica and wished her a fantastic honeymoon, hugged her and husband and left with Harry. We get to the car and we open’s it when we get into the car we both burster out in laughing and then kissed again. We drove to his place hoping the cops would not see us driving. When we pull in the drive way we kiss once again, we get into the house and say that I need to go have a shower. I hope in washing the make-up of and alcohol. When I finished in the shower I put my underwear on realising that I had no pyjamas, I walk out into Harry’s room hoping he was in there he laughed when we saw me “what are you doing?” he asked “well I have no clothes to wear and I’m not wearing the dress to bed” I answered he smiled and went into his wardrobe giving me a white top that was way too big for me “thanks” I say putting it on and then taking of my bra. I get into the bed “I love you Harry” I whispered “I love you too” he answered back spooning with me.

 I wake up in Harry's arms thinking about that's night; suddenly I get this throbbing pain in my head it was the hangover. I get up and run down to the toilet about to through up and I did, holding my hair back away from my face. I soon feel someone hand rubbing on my back in comfort “morning beautiful” Harry whispered kissing my shoulder “hey” I mumble after thronging up again. I stand up turn around and hug Harry he hugs me back. We walk down stairs I was still in Harry's clothes, when I walked into the lounge I was surprised to see all the boys sitting on the couch watching TV “morning” I yelled out so they could hear me one by one they all say hi. I grab a banana and sit and the couch next to Louis “so what are you guys doing here” I asked Liam answered “Harry told us that he had good news and to came by” “and what new is that” I ask back “why don't you ask him” Niall pointed to Harry as he spoke. I looked over to Harry and got off the couch to go put the banana skin in the bin, “so what is the news then” I asked Harry knowing that he follower me into the kitchen “that I finally asked you out” he smirked at the words fell out of his mouth I laughed when he answered and walked over to him with no space between us “you never did ask him out I only kissed you” I playfully said dragging out the ‘I’ and  kiss him “well then would you go out with me?” he asked already knowing the answer, I obviously said yes and we kissed for a few minutes after being interrupted  by Niall who came in the kitchen wanting food. Harry and I separated. I went over to our room to go put on my dress.



Harry's P.O.V

I walked back onto the lounge next to Louis “so have you told management?” Zayn asked still looking at the TV “oh crap I forgot” I mumbled under my breath hoping no one would hear “WHAT” Louis asked looking away from the TV and now looking at me “well they will never let you to be together cause you haven't told them” Niall whispered “oh no” I quickly gasped “I better go now then” I said picking myself of the couch and going into the shower.

Taylor's P.O.V

I walk down stairs to hear Harry's shower on the boys were still watching TV Zayn had the first to see me first when I interred the lounge  “wow” he gasped I looked over to him and everyone looks at me, making me the centre of attention. I blushed, and sat down next to Niall to watch TV. Half an hour later Harry comes down the stairs I get up and walk over to him, “can we go over to my house so I can something else to wear” I ask Harry “yeah sure babe” he confirmed shaking his head keeping his eyes glued to my body. “Let’s go” I giggled I went over to the boys and said bye hopping that I would see them again. When driving to my house Harry looked really worried “what’s wrong” I asked “I'll tell you when we get to your place” he said sadly, I was now worried.

As soon as I opened the door I locked it, then I turned around to see Harry watching me. I run up to him and jump on him, wrapping my legs around his waist he holds me up and I begin to kiss him. “I thought you had to get changed” Harry mumbled still having his lips locked on to mine, “I didn't say straight away” I mumbled back.

I get dressed and so does Harry and he tells me why he was upset I gasped and told him that we had to go right now, we get into the car making our way over to see management.

Harry's P.O.V

We were holding hands and walk over to the front desk and ask if we can see Mr Aiden the man who runs One Direction, the lady at the front asks for us to take a seat. Taylor and I sit there nervously “Harry he will see you now” I get up and pat Taylor's leg and walk into the room.

I was shattered he said that he would think about it but until now I was not allowed to see her, my life was so empty without her I had to stay with her for ever. I walk out of the room with my head held down Taylor already knew what I was going to say “no… no” she sobbed letting the tears roll down her face then she got up and ran, she couldn't see where she was going and ran out after her. The all of a sudden there was a car going too fast and knocked her out making her fall to the ground. I ran as fast as I could to her the driver had gotten out if the car “on my gosh I'm so sorry” he begged for forgiveness but I didn't give it to him, he pulled out his phone call the ambulance, Mr Aiden came running out “ is she okay?” he asked I felt like slapping him “she got hit by a car because of you” I snapped “I'm so sorry it she recovers then you can be together forever I promise” he began, “really you had to wait for her to be almost dying for us to be together” I hissed “ I'm really sorry Harry” he whispered “save it for someone who cares” I snapped once again.

When the ambulance came Aiden had left, as I got into the car impudently texted Liam knowing that everyone was with him. We went straight to the hospital I was sent to the waiting room. I was crying then I heard Louis's voice I looked up they could see how much I was hurt and ran over to him and hugged him tightly. I told them what happened they were all shocked.

I was in the waiting room for two hours one of the doctors came out to tell me the news “well she is in a coma and we don't know when she waking up and there is a height chance of her to have amnesia” he told it to me straight “oh god no” I sopped louder not caring what other people thought if me.

2 months later

I didn’t leave the hospital bed afraid that she would wake up when I was not there; the boys came to visit every day to see me. Today I was talking to Taylor I think I was going crazy staying in there I was holding Taylor’s hand rubbing it with my thumb. ‘beep… beep… beep’ I could hear Taylor’s heart rate going up “help” I called so the doctors could hear doctors and nurses came flying in on nurse pushes me out of the room. I was stuck in the waiting room once again, I called Liam to say something happened to Taylor and Liam told me that he would bring the boys and that they are on their way.

When the boys came in the waiting room they sat around me “she’s going to be alright” Liam whispered when he sat down next to me. In the waiting room for now half an hour it was nerve racking. Then a nurses comes in “she wake” she began “what really?” I was shocked “but” she started there was always a but, “she doesn’t remember you Harry” she finished “oh no” Louis gasped I just clasped onto the ground crying “you can see her if you want” I got up of the ground and walked into the room where Taylor was lying on the bed her eyes were closed, she looked so beautiful. “Hello?” I mumbled she opened her eyes “hello” she whispered “how are you feeling?” I asked “good, um not to be mean but who are you?” she asked I was crushed “I’m Harry” I put out my hand for her to shake it, but she didn’t she got out of the bed and hugged me, I felt so loved. “Hey harry so how do you know me?” she asked “I’m just a really good friend of yours” I answered “so I do have friends” she chuckled “yeah but I not the only one, you have four more friends in the waiting room and one in Ireland named Maria and one working at The Diner named Jessica but she just got married she’s on her Honeymoon and one you meet on the airplane named Anna” I told her “um okay let’s see these boys in the waiting room then?” she said giving a half smile “yeah I’ll go get them” I said walking out the room. I get the boys “hey Taylor” Liam yells “hey Taylor I was just talking to the doctors you can leave today” Zayn called. “This is Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis” I say pointing to each of the boys.

We tell Taylor all about her life but nothing about her and me being together. I had to make her fall in love with my again.

Taylor’s P.O.V

I had trouble remembering but Harry was really nice to me, he invited to me lots of things like the movies and out for dinner, I have started to like him but being from a famous boy band I could never have him. When I was at his house we were cuddling, with him next to him on the couch I felt safe. When it was lunch time we went to Nando’s he laughed about this place I didn’t know why it was so funny I asked and he told me that this was the first time he ever saw me, I smiled at his answer and ate our meal.

After lunch we went to the park, we were sitting on the bench near the lake I was watching the ducks eat and I could feel Harrys watching me, “what’s wrong?” I ask keeping my eyes onto the ducks “nothing” he whispers “there is something wrong because I can see you staring at me” I giggle “oh” he chuckle’s “it’s alright” I say punching his arm playfully. I get up from the chair and go over to the swing and Harry follows. I sit down and slowly push myself Harry come’s up and sits on the swing next to me. “We should make our way home; do you want me to drop you of?” he sadly said but I didn’t think anything of it “sure let’s go” I lied because I didn’t want to go.

When I got home Harry came in for a cup of tea and left, after he was gone I went into the shower. I got dressed and went onto the couch to watch a movie. I had gotten ‘50 first dates’ I loved this movie it was sad, it reminded me of me how I had amnesia after the movie had finished. ~I woke up I was at I tall building and harry came out of the door and tears were rolling down his face he walked up to me and he said sorry they said no we can’t be together but we will try and then I run at of the building and get hit by a car. ~ I sat up it was a dream but it felt so real, it was one of my memories I had remembered everything. I started to cry I got up it was midnight and I went straight over to Harry’s house.

When I get there I get second thoughts what if he was sleeping or he didn’t love me anymore. I got out of the car and went over to his front door I didn’t realise there were other cars around after I had nicked on the door the boys were here too. The door opened slowly and there stood Harry in a pair of night pants and a blue beanie “Taylor what are you doing here” he asked I didn’t say anything I could hear the boys talking in the lounge and without think I kissed Harry on the lips passionately I wrap my arm around Harry’s neck and Harrys arm goes around my waist. I smile after pulling away from Harry “sorry” I begin letting go of Harry and going back to my car. Suddenly I’m pulled back and into Harry’s arms “I love you” he whispers “I love you too” I say reaching in for another kiss. 

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