You Belong With Me

Lela has been best friends with Zayn Malik since they were in diapers, but everything changes when Zayn tries out for X Factor and becomes famous, leaving Lela all alone, but then fate brings them together. Things were going good untill Perrie Edwards showed up. Now its a war to win Zayn's heart! Will Lela win or will she leave all love behind?


2. Summer

     I sat on the edge of my seat ready for school to be over. Today was the last day of school and I was ready to go. I watched as the clock was mocking me. Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick. The silence started to ring in my ears. "Come on", I whispered under my breath. BRRRRRRRRIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! The whole class erupted into a frenzy as we all packed up and ran out of the classroom as fast as we could. I ran outside to see my best friends waiting for me. I jumped into Zayn's arms as he twirled me around. Zayn and I have been friends for about 11 years now and it wasn't uncommon for us to do anything like this. As he sat me down on the grass I face planted into the grass as I heard squeals from on top of me. I giggled as I got up wiping grass from my pants as I hugged Nessa and Anna. I looked over to see Zayn, Jake, and Blain laughing at us. We all have been friends since the 3rd grade. I moved to Bradford, England when I was 8 because my Dad got a big job promotion which made us move all the way from our cozy home in California to here.

     I was awoken from my daydream as my friends started to call my name so we could all walk together home. Zayn pushed my shoulder playfully and then wrapped his arm around my shoulder sticking his tongue out at me. I swear he's like a 6 year old on the inside. As we all talked about our plans for the summer I noticed that Zayn was oddly quiet, but I decided not to ask any questions unitl we were alone. Instead I nudged him in the ribs which shook him out of his daydream. He raised both of his eyebrows and bit his lip as he made his eyebrows dance. God why was he so perfect? Wait did I just say that?!? What am I thinking Zayn is my bestfriend, I can't have any feelings for him or it will ruin our friendship.

     Finally, me and Zayn were the only two left to walk home since we lived on the same street. There was an akward silence until I finally cleared my throat and said, "Spill it Zayn." "What are you talking about? Don't play dumb with me, what's on your mind? What makes you think there something on my mind?, Zayn said. Trying to question my authority are you? Well, you were oddly quiet when we were all discussing our plans for the summer." Zayn chuckled as he ran his hand through his hair. I had to slap my arm as I tried to reach up and run it's fingers through Zayn's luscious black hair. Meet me at the gazebo in about an hour. I'll tell you then." Zayn kissed my cheek as he started to walk away to his own house. He turned around and started to walk backwards. "Don't forget", he called as he tripped over his own two feet, but quickly saved himself from crashing into the sidewalk. "I meant to do that", he yelled over his shoulder as he jogged away. I chuckled to myself as I said, "Only Zayn."

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