You Belong With Me

Lela has been best friends with Zayn Malik since they were in diapers, but everything changes when Zayn tries out for X Factor and becomes famous, leaving Lela all alone, but then fate brings them together. Things were going good untill Perrie Edwards showed up. Now its a war to win Zayn's heart! Will Lela win or will she leave all love behind?


5. Auntie Mel

It's been two weeks since Britt left for Guam and I'm SOOOOOOO LONLEY! I'm like...dying. The most excting thing that I have done so far for summer vacation is spill burning hot coffee on my arm...if that even counts. Then a call comes in. I picked up the phone.

"Hey Auntie Mel!" "Hey sweetie. Your mother told me about you being lonley on summer vacation and I felt a little sorry for you so guess what, her voice rising with excitement. "What?", I asked nervously. " and your mother came to a deiscion can come spend the summer with me in Australia!" Just then my computer ringed letting me know someone wanted to Skype. I opened my laptop to see my smiling brother and mother.

"Did she tell you?, my brother asked. All I could do was nodd because I was still shocked about what my Aunt had just told me. "Is this really happening or am I being punk'd?" "No, it's happening and you're really going to Australia, said my Aunt. I screamed and danced around my room until I had no energy left in my body. "Now said my mom sternly, we have all the tickets and plane situation arranged all you have to do is get your pretty self packed and ready and meet your Aunt at the terminal after your flight to Australia." I nodded. "Look we have to go, but I"ll talk to you soon, said my mother. "Love you guys and THANK YOU SOOOOO SOOOO SOOO SOOOO MUCH!" "I have too go to sweetie, but I"ll see you in a week, said my Aunt Mel.

I sat in my computer chair and spun around. Maybe this summer is looking up after all. Or so I thought.

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