i love you

louis meets harry in his favourite cafe and over time he gets stronger feelings for him but then a tragic moment happend when harry lost his memory......

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3. who are you

That morning Louis opened his eyes to see that harry wasn’t bed. So he got up to go find him and he found him in the kitchen cooking breakfast and harry said’ how do you like your eggs’ with a smile on his face. ‘Louis was surprised’ um scrambled please. ‘So do you want to do anything to day’ harry said ‘yeah ok, what do you want to do’ ‘well I was think we could go for a walk and then go to our favourite coffee shop’ harry said. So harry and Louis sat down eating breakfast and then after that they got ready went off for their walk and to get a coffee.

So there was harry and Louis walking when suddenly Louis felt harry put his hand around so Louis gripped on and looked at harry with a smile. While they were walking and holding hands both of them were thinking about how much they love each other and they can’t believe they love each other in such a short time. So Louis thought that he didn’t want to keep this in side of him so while they were crossing the street Louis looked at harry and said ‘harry I have something to tell you, I love you’. Harry froze in the middle of the street and was happy that Louis felt the same. But while that was happening there was a car coming very fast and the person was text and the person didn’t see them. So when Louis said he loved harry, harry looked at Louis with a smile and said ‘I……’ the person in the car didn’t see them and she hit harry. Harry got hit so hard he went over the car and cracked the driver’s window. The drive was stomped on her brakes as fast as she could. Louis was so scared he was shaking like crazy and was crying like there was no tomorrow, Louis ran over to harry and got down on the fall and screamed out his name. ‘HARRY WHY, HE NEVER DID ANYTHING TO DESERVE THIS’. The driver came running over saying’ oh my god I’m so sorry oh my god, I didn’t see you at all’. Louis was too upset to reply to her all her could say to her was’ you bitch’. So Louis grabbed out his phone dialled 000 as fast as he could and said’ please come quickly my boyfriend has just got hit by a car please come quickly’ ‘ok sure please tell me the address of where you are’ the lady said. Louis said quickly’ 23 Elmer Street’ ‘okay sir we have just sent our team to come and get you’s.

5mins later

The Ambulance came they jumped out off they van with a wheel bed and grabbed harry and put harry on it. One of the team members said do you want to come. Louis said yes and jumped into the van with them. The paramedic said’ to Louis I can feel a pulse I think he will be okay’ so Louis grabbed Harry’s hand and held it tightly and said under his breath’ please god let harry be okay.

They got to the hospital, rushed harry to the emergency room and said to Louis that he had to wait in the waiting room.  Louis stayed behind while they operated on harry. Louis sat down and started to ball his eyes out.

So it’s been 4 hours and one of the doctors came to the waiting room and said’ um is Louis Tomlinson here’ when Louis heard his name he stood up has fast as he could and ran over to the doctor and said’ doctor how is he, is he going to be okay’ Louis said while crying. The doctor said ‘he’s fine he just has some broken bones, stitching but he is going to be ok. ‘What room is he’ Louis said. ‘Room 12 but I have something to tell you’ the doctor said. But when Louis heard the number 12 he bolted and didn’t hear the doctor say ‘there’s something I have to tell you’. So Louis found the room and bolted in and ran to harry and saw that he was a-wake. So he said’ harry are you okay, I was really worried. Harry replied saying’ umm do I know you’ it’s me you silly Louis’ ‘um I’m sorry I think you got the wrong person’ harry said confused. When harry said that Louis heart dropped, he felt sick in the stomach and ran over to the doctor that just walked in and said ‘doctor what’s wrong with harry, why can’t he remember me’. The doctor replied saying’ I’m sorry Louis but when he got hit by the car he hit his head really hard on the ground which gave him amnesia’. Louis burst out with tears. The doctor said’ I’m sorry Louis but the good news is that he hasn’t forgotten everything. As soon the doctor said that they both saw a girl with long blonde hair ran through the door and go to harry and say’ aw my poor baby are you okay, its fine Sarah is here’ ‘yes I’m fine baby’ harry replied. When Louis heard them say that he just died. His heart broke and he can’t feel anything, he feels sick and doesn’t know what to do.

So Louis and the doctor walked over to the girl and harry and Louis said’ um excuse me but you are you’ ‘hi I’m Sarah Harry’s ex-girlfriend, harry called me to come get his seeing that no one was here for him, who are you’. ‘Oh ok um I just one of Harry’s friend’ Louis replied. ‘Oh well I guess harry doesn’t remember who so I guess you can just go and I look after harry’ Sarah said with a evil smile on her face. ‘Oh’ Louis replied. When Sarah said that to Louis harry bolted out of the hospital and kept running and running until he couldn’t breathe. Louis feels to the ground with no air, he was just lying there with tears falling from his face, and with a broken heart. So Louis got back up and walked back to his apartment thinking about harry.

Back at the hospital harry was allowed to live so Sarah took him back to her house so she could look after him. Sarah said’ ok harry you can stay here for a while until you get better’ ‘thankyou Sarah for looking after me, you are the only one that was there at the hospital’ ‘it’s my pleasure’ Sarah replied. Back at Louis’s apartment he was in bed crying, cuddling his pillow while looking at the spot where harry had slept the night before. Louis knew that he couldn’t restore harry memory because if Louis wanted to he would have to hang around with harry, but Louis can’t because harry thinks Louis is a stranger.

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