i love you

louis meets harry in his favourite cafe and over time he gets stronger feelings for him but then a tragic moment happend when harry lost his memory......

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1. we just met

‘Hi, may I please have one ice caramel latte’ harry said excitedly. $5.95 please, just wait on the side it’ll be ready in 2 mins. ‘Thank you’. ‘Order 26 the waitress said waving the latte in the air. ‘Over here harry said waving his hand in the sky’. Thank you, he said. As harry was walked to the door the door flew open has a guy run in and bumped into harry and spilled Harry’s latte all over him. ‘oh my god I’m so sorry I’m late for an interview for a new job and I can’t leave without a latte’. Oh it’s okay Harry said while he was thinking how much he loved his ice caramel latte. Here let me buy you a new one seeing that I spilled it all over you. ‘oh no its fine’ as he refused for him to buy him one. No please let me, seeing that I spilled it all over. ‘Okay’. Oh and by the way I’m Louis. I’m Harry nice to meet. You too.

5 mins later Louis bought Harry a new latte and they are having such a great time. ‘So Louis what was the interview you going to’ ‘oh it was for a new job at a clothing store but I just called them to say I couldn’t make it so I rebooked to talk to you ’aw Harry said while blushing. ‘Oh no I’m late’ Harry said worrying. ‘What’s wrong harry’. I was supposed to be home 15 mins ago I’m so sorry I have to go’ harry said. ‘Oh ok bye’ Louis said sadly.

The next day Louis hopes to see harry at the coffee shop again to get his number. So Louis woke up got dressed as fast as he could and threw on any clothes that he could see on the floor. He ran out of his bedroom grabbed his keys and ran out the door, jumped in his car and drove as fast as he could. When Louis got there he saw harry walking into the café so when he saw him he found the closest car park then he parked his car and ran out of his car and then bolted into the door and when he stepped in he screamed out Harry’s name and looked all over the room and saw harry sitting the corner with his favourite latte reading the paper. He run over to him and said loudly ‘hi it’s me Louis from yesterday when I spilled your latte all over you and can I have your number’ Louis said excitedly to see harry. ‘Um okay’ harry replied while being embarrassed and going red. ‘Oh I’m so sorry I just embarrassed you I’m so sorry’ Louis said over and over again. ‘Ha-ha its fine’ chuckled Harry. Louis just stood then still with a red face looking around the room. ‘I find it cute’ harry said proudly. ‘So would you like to join me’ Harry said hoping that he would say yes. ‘I would love to’ Louis said with a smile on his face. ‘Would you like me to get you anything’ harry said. ‘Oh no thankyou I’m fine’. 042547193461 harry said. ‘What’ Louis said confused? ‘My number you silly’ ‘oh ha-ha’ while Louis realized. ‘Thankyou’ Louis said happily. ‘So how has your day been’ ‘well it was ok until I saw you’ replied Louis. ‘Oh’ harry said sadly. ‘Oh not in a bad way, in a great way I mean’ Louis said. ‘oh’ harry replied with a smile on his face. I’m sorry but I have to go, my lunch break is over but you can call me tonight’ harry said. ‘Oh yeah sure I’d love that, but where do you work’ Louis said wondering. ‘Here you silly why do you think I’m here all the time’ ‘oh ok sorry I better get going then bye’ ‘bye talk to you tonight’ harry said replied happily.

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