i love you

louis meets harry in his favourite cafe and over time he gets stronger feelings for him but then a tragic moment happend when harry lost his memory......

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2. date night

9:30 that night

Ring-ring-ring-ring ‘hello who’s this’, ‘it’s me Louis’. ‘Oh hey how are you’ ‘I’m good thanks how was work’ boring like always’ ‘ha-ha’ chuckled Louis. ‘Um I called to see if you weren’t doing anything on Friday night’ Louis said hoping he says no. ‘Um no I’m not actually why do you ask’ ‘I was wondering if you would like to go out with me on Friday night’ ‘I would love to’ harry said with the biggest smile on his face. ‘Great ok ill pick you up at 6’ great see you there, bye’ ‘bye’ Louis replied

5:30pm Friday

Louis is sitting on his couch watching his favourite movie Grease. He loves that movie so much that in grade 10 he did a play. So Louis was just there with his phone in his lap when it buzzed. It was a text from harry saying ‘hey Lou can’t wait till our date soon’. When Louis saw the text message he started freaking out cause he looked like crap and he was not ready at all and he forgot. So he jumped off the couch run to his bedroom looked for his best clothes you owned, put them on and ran to the bathroom to brush his teeth and do his hair. So Louis was all ready to go and had 10 mins to pick up harry.

6:00pm that night

Louis pulled up at Harry’s house and knocked at his door. Knock knock. Harry ran to the door with excitement. When he opened the door there was Louis standing there with red roses (Harry’s favourite). ‘Hello harry’ ‘hello Louis’ harry said with a smile. ‘Are you ready to go’ ‘yeah sure but one question where are we going’ harry said. ‘It’s a surprise’ Louis said. So harry and Louis were walking to the car when Louis ran in front of harry to open the door. ‘Let me’ Louis said. ‘Oh thank you’ harry said going pink with a smile.


Harry and Louis got to the place. And Louis still hasn’t told harry where they’re going. Louis gets out of his car runs to  Harry’s side and opens his door and says close your eyes. So harry close his eye and Louis says hold my hand. So harry has closed his eyes and is holding Louis hand. Louis starts walking. Harry hears a door open and Louis says step in watch your step now because we are going up stair’ Louis said. ‘Ok’ harry said still with his eyes close. So they reach the top and Louis says ‘you can open your eyes now’. Harry opens his eyes with shock, harry has never seen nothing like it. ‘It’s beautiful Louis’ harry says still in shock. They were on top of Louis apartment roof which is a garden. Louis had set up a table and with two chairs. And with dinner on the table. Both of them sat down looking at the amazing view. ‘it’s beautiful’ harry keeps saying to Louis.


Louis and harry just finished there dinner and are talking and they both are loving it. Harry was looking into Louis’s beautiful blue eyes. Louis stands up and takes Harry’s hand and says’ harry will you dance with me’. ‘of course’ harry said, so there they were having the best night they have both ever had when Louis stops dancing and looks into Harry’s eye and goes closer to his face and closer and closer until he feels Harry’s beautiful soft lips touch his. In Harry’s mind he was thinking how this couldn’t get any more perfect, he is with the man of his dreams, had a great dinner, great view and to top it off a kiss from Harry’s perfect man. Harry pulls always and says wow. ‘is there something wrong’ Louis said worrying. ‘No nothing it’s perfect’ harry said going back in for another kiss. So there they both were kissing in front of a beautiful view.

After Louis and Harry’s kiss they both noticed that they both couldn’t drive because they both had drank wine. So Louis said ‘would you like to stay here’. ‘Oh no its fine I can just catch a cab, I’m sure you would like to be alone and to relax for the rest of the night’. ‘No its fine, please stay i would love your company and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to take a cab’. ‘Ok I’ll stay’ harry said. So Louis and harry go back down stairs to Louis apartment and Louis gets some pillows and blankets for harry to sleep on the couch. ‘So will you be fine sleeping on the couch tonight’ Louis said. ‘yeah I’ll be fine, thank you for letting me stay here’ ‘my pleasure’ Louis said. ‘Good night Lou’ harry said ‘good night haz’.

12:00am that night

Louis and harry were both awake and could not go asleep because they couldn’t stop thinking about what an amazing night they had. So harry was got laying there when he got a text from a Louis saying are you still awake. Harry reply’s ‘yes’. Louis texted back saying ‘come to my room’. Harry got the text and suddenly got butterflies in his stomach because he didn’t know what was going to happen. So harry quietly walks to Louis room and gets into to Louis’s bed. ‘Hey’ harry said. Louis did not reply all he did was wrap his arms around harry. Harry was so happy so he did the same

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