i love you

louis meets harry in his favourite cafe and over time he gets stronger feelings for him but then a tragic moment happend when harry lost his memory......

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4. 1 month later

1 month later

1 month later and Sarah and harry have organized their wedding and is going to be tomorrow. The day before the wedding Louis got some mail in his mailbox, he opened it up and it said
dear Louis, you have been invited to harry styles and Sarah wakens wedding. We hope to see your there. The reason why Sarah sent Louis that invitation was to rub it in Louis face and to say that you and harry will never be together. When Louis read that letter he knew that he was going to kill his self the day of the wedding.

The day of the wedding

So there Louis was standing with the gun under his chin and was thinking about all the good times he had with harry.

At the wedding harry is waiting for his beautiful wife to walk down the aisle when he sees the doors open up and Sarah and her father are walking down the aisle. Harry had the world’s biggest smile on and was thinking that we was the worlds luckiest man. so there harry and Sarah, holding hands while the priest was talking and then he said’ Sarah do you take harry to be your husband’ ‘yes, yes I do’ Sarah said. ‘Harry do you take Sarah to be you wife’ just when the priest said that he saw someone in a striped shirt and that was Louis favourite top to wear. When he saw the top the word Louis pop up in Harry’s head. The priest said again ‘harry are you okay, ok let’s say it again. Harry do you take Sarah to be your wife’. ‘No, no I don’t because I don’t love you and you don’t deserve to be standing there Louis should’. So harry bolted out down the aisle ran out the door, jumped in the car and drove to Louis’s apartment. Back at Louis’s apartment Louis was standing there with the gun under his chin  and harry just arrived, he jumped out of the car went through the door and run up the stairs us fast as he could he. He finally got to his door he open it and say harry standing there with the gun, Louis screamed and ran over to him and pulled him into his arms and says ‘ I love you’.

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