Star Struck

Jenifer Braun is from Washington. She is in her last year of high school and is just about to turn 18 this December. She has a normal life until a curly haired boy runs into her, literally, and knocks her to the ground. Little did she know he would change her life forever. *WARNING* +15


2. That dazzling smile


December 1st, 2012



“Oh! I’m sorry love”

            I looked up to see a pair of green eyes looking back at me. I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing right then and there.

“Are you alright?” The boy said, extending his hand to me. I regained my breath and spoke

“Ummm, yeah. Thanks.” I gave him a smile in which he returned.

            I didn’t notice until that moment that I was standing in front of one of my biggest idols, Harry Styles. It took every nerve in my body to stay calm in that moment. Hopefully I played it right. I mean I was a pretty big star myself, just nowhere near an international star.

“No problem. It’s honestly the least I can do after knocking you to the ground. My bad…” He ran his fingers through his forest brown curls. Are his checks turning red? No, not possible…

“Hey! Wait a secon-“

He came towards me quickly and covered my mouth before I could say anything else. He widened his eyes at me and brought one finger to his mouth. I guess he thought I was going to scream or something, trust me I was long past that. I just giggled with his hand on my mouth. He furrowed his eye brows and made a confused look at me. I slowly took his hand off of my mouth and spoke.

“I was going to ask if that was the tartis on your shirt.” I smile. He slowly relaxed and smiled back

“What, did you think I was going to freak out or something?” He just laughed and shoved his hands into his coat pockets, looking less stressed then he did just a few minutes ago.

“No, no. I just expected something else, that’s all.”

“Like what Mr. Styles?” I winked at him, being a little more relaxed myself. He smirked at me, a smile playing on his face

“So, you do know who I am.” He asked, removing a bit of space between us

“Well of course I know you, but what does it matter if you don’t even know me?”

“Well I would love to get to know you then” His striking green eyes met mine and again I stopped breathing, I regained it back quickly.

“Maybe over lunch or something?” He asked

“Yeah sure” Another brilliant smile came my way

“Great, how about we go grab something then?”

 I looked down, not knowing what to say. I didn’t want to let him down without making it seem I was rejecting him but I had school to go to. I was scared that I would only have one chance with him, but my mum would not be happy to get a call from my school saying I never came back after lunch. He would understand, right?

“Right now? I’m kinda on my way back to school from lunch” I looked down then back up at him again

“What school do you go to?” He smiled at me like he had some sort of secret

“ahhh Lake Washington High School” He thought for a few seconds

“That’s on my way to the hotel I think.” He smiled again. “How about I take you?”

            I must have looked surprised at this because he giggled a bit after asking. Being driven to school is much better then walking, not to mention being driven by one of my biggest idols.

“I mean only if you want me to. I was just offering to be polite. I could just pick you up later for dinner or something…” He looked away from me and scratched the back of his head

“No, no. Of course, I would love a ride to school. Thanks Harry” I smiled, but it was nothing compared to his.

“Yay! Right this way- I’m so rude. I’m sorry, what’s your name love?” He asked with an extended hand to me.

I giggled, putting my hand in his and told him

“Jennifer. Jennifer Braun”

“Well it’s great to meet you Jennifer”

I giggled again as he kissed my hand

“Shall we be on our way then?”

Damn, that dazzling smile

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