Star Struck

Jenifer Braun is from Washington. She is in her last year of high school and is just about to turn 18 this December. She has a normal life until a curly haired boy runs into her, literally, and knocks her to the ground. Little did she know he would change her life forever. *WARNING* +15


10. Taking Control (Small Warning)

*This is where young ones should stop reading;)*

Harry's POV

"Wow" That's all I could say. As soon as we walked through that door, there was nothing to hold me back from Jenn. I couldn't keep myself away from her and I could tell she felt the same way. To say the least, it was getting personal. I couldn't tell if we were taking things to fast or not. I asked her what she was okay with and she sounded okay with anything. That puts a lot of pressure on my next move. The only thing I knew is that I wanted her, even more than I did a few minutes ago. I went back down to her neck and left kisses everywhere while moving lower and lower. I could tell she liked it which motivated me even more.

Jennifer's POV

His kisses kept moving lower and lower. I couldn't help but think that I was letting things go too fast. If I was, could he be thinking the same thing? I honestly couldn't think about this right now. He kept moving down my abdomen until he stopped at my pants and looked back up to me. He came up and kissed me deeply while asking me

"Tell me what you want" His husky voice sounded so sexy. I answered with an irrelevant answer

"You of course" He groaned in my ear and went in for another kiss before whispering into my ear again, his voice even sexier this time around

"You know what I mean" He met my eyes and that's when I noticed the bulge in his pants. I became clear to me exactly what he wanted. I couldn't help but bite my lip and look down. It took a lot for me to not just go all the way with him but I know that's not my style. It was much too soon.

"Let's just play around a little" I said while reaching my hands down to the bottom of his shirt. He brought his arms over his head to let me pull his shirt above his head. I let my hand hover over his abdomen and slipped my fingers over the top of his dark blue jeans

"Sound o-k to you?" I asked. I looked into his eyes and he muffled a deep moan

"I'll take that as a yes" I whispered. I rolled over on top of him but kept my hands right at the top of his jeans. I undid them and slipped them down his thighs while he kicked them the rest of the way off. He was looking up at me, waiting for my next move and that's when I knew I had  him right where I wanted him. I started kissing him again while letting my hands make their way down his chest, over his toned abs and stopped at his boxer briefs. I reached down his boxers and grabbed his hard-on. He squealed a bit and I just giggled

"Colds hands" he said against my lips. I kept kissing him while starting off slow. I teased him a tad before I started going faster. He moaned into my mouth the faster and faster I went. He lasted a long time

Harry's POV

If we were going any further, it would be taking it too fast. I was expecting to mostly make out, talk a lot and actually, you know, do stuff that girls do. I was not expecting anything like this. This was all her idea and I liked it. She took control which was hotter than anything I've seen but that makes it all that much better when I take it back. As soon as my pants were off, I gave her all control and waited for her next move. She took it gladly along with my dick. I couldn't help but squeal because of her cold hands but she just giggled and started off. I loved how hot that giggle of hers was. She went super slow at first which was no where near fast enough for me. I could tell she liked teasing me and wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted

"Faster baby" I whispered between our lips

Our lips met again and when she finally started speeding up, I couldn't help but moan for her. I was grinding my hips against hers with the faster she jacked me off. It made it hard to keep going while I had a shirtless girl on top of me. I lasted as long as I could though before I finished in my boxers with a jolt. She giggled and pulled her hand out of her pants. She kissed me once more softly before sitting up and straddling me

"Damn baby" She said while rustling her bangs

I was still panting and she just waited while I came down from my high. Once I finally did I spoke

"I would say the same for you" She blushed a light pink and smiled

"Well what time is it?" I asked her. She checked her clock next to her bed and looked back to me

"It's about 4:05. We have a few hours until Hannah gets home" I nodded

"But" she started "I really should shower before she comes home. She likes to take 2 hour showers after practice and runs out all the water. You can help yourself to TV or something. We have a ton of movies" She smiled

"Okay. I'll be here" I began putting back on my pants while she went to her closet to get clothes then walked to her bathroom but turned back around

"You don't have to put those back on you know" She had a small, sly smile playing on her lips

"You just want me to wait out here, with nothing but my boxer shorts on?" She shrugged her shoulders

"Whatever makes you comfortable" She then winked, turned and kept walking to the bathroom. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Damn she drove me insane 

Jennifer's POV

I thought it was incredibly hot how he just let go right in his boxer briefs. I almost lost it in his eyes again too. And damn was he huge. I had to god shower though because for one, Hannah takes long cold showers whenever she gets home so I didn't have much time and two I have a date with Harry tonight along with the boys. It would be nice to have clean hair, not to mention the dirty things that just happened with my hand. I jumped into the shower and started washing my hair. By the time I was about half way done conditioning my mane of hair, I heard the door to my bathroom open. Then I heard Harry's voice along with his head popping in the door

"Can I come in for a second?" I yelled back to him

"Yeah go ahead!" He came and stood by the frosted glass door

"I just got a call from Liam and he said that Paul wanted to know when and where we are going to dinner.  So do you want me to come pick you girls up at 7:30?" He was still wearing only boxer shorts

"Umm yeah that sounds good. You probably have to go get ready too huh?" He chuckled

"Yes but I'll likely be done before you will." I just threw him a look but remembered quickly that he couldn't see me. Good thing too since I promised myself I wouldn't go all the way until we were together

"It's Hannah who is going to take forever. I'm going to be done within the next few minutes actually" He just laughed again

"Yeah after taking a half an hour!"

"Whatever" I laughed

"Alright well I'll be out watching the telly waiting" He began walking out of the bathroom

"Okay!" I yelled back "Be out soon"

I finished up washing out my hair and rinsed off fast before I got out and dried off. I grabbed my hairbrush and brushed through my wavy hair before I got some clothes on and walked out of the door in my hot shorts and a t-shirt. Harry was laying on my light pink duvet with one of his arms behind his head, the other on his stomach while watching one of my old Friends

DVDs. I walked towards him and sat next to him on the bed.

"You like Friends huh?" I asked him. He nodded

"One of my favorites. I'm surprised you have the whole box set" I shrugged

"My mom got me into it honestly" He took his gaze off of the TV and set his eyes on me

"How long have you been watching it?" I thought about it for a second

"Since I was in 1st grade I think. Ever since my mom has" He smiled

"That's amazing" I nodded and smiled back

"But a tad inappropriate for a 6 year old don't you think?" I laughed

"Yes, I didn't understand a lot of it until I was older" He laughed with me

"I wouldn't expect you to." He turned his body more to mine and I saw a look in his eye

"You know" He looked over to my bed side clock then back to me, scooting closer as he did so

"We didn't really finish what we started" He made his fingers trace my arm closest to him, leaving a trail of fire

"I told Jack to be here at 5:20" He stopped tracing my arms and kept his hand where my hand met my thigh.

"It's only 5:00" He slipped his hand down to my bum and pulled me closer to his body. He pushed his body to mine and gently let our lips touch, letting them start to move together with increasing speed. He suddenly rolled over on top of me, his hands moving to my hips and slipped his tongue into my mouth. I let my hands go to his back and pull him into me as our lips kept moving. I didn't want to ruin this moment but Hannah was going to be back soon and I still had to clean up my bed before she got here. I pulled my lips away from Harry's

"Although that sounds very" I looked up and he almost looked like he was about to maul me."Temping" I smiled

"Hannah is going to be home sooner than you think. And I still have to get ready." He smirked and jumped up off of me. He went and slipped on his pants and buttoned them, then pulled his shirt over his head. He shook out his curls and looked to me. I hope he didn't notice me watching again but I can't help loving those curls. I walked him downstairs and he put on his sweatshirt and coat, waiting for me by the door. He leaned against the door and put his sunglasses on.

"So. I'll see you around 7:30?" He asked while pulling me into him

"Sound like a plan" He nodded then smiled and was about to walk out the door before I stopped him

"What no 'goodbye' kiss?" I asked jokingly. He turned back around and smiled. He ran to me, picked me up, and kissed me deeply. I giggled as he set me back down at my door

"You were saying?" He asked while still holding me. I was still giggling

"Never mind. Now get out of here before I do something crazy" He laughed and gave me one more peck on the nose before walking out my door to Jack waiting for him. What the hell just happened? I don't really know, but I liked it. 

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