Star Struck

Jenifer Braun is from Washington. She is in her last year of high school and is just about to turn 18 this December. She has a normal life until a curly haired boy runs into her, literally, and knocks her to the ground. Little did she know he would change her life forever. *WARNING* +15


12. Sing-a-long

Jennifer's POV

  "So how did you two meet anyways?" Liam asked us    "Well" Harry started out    "I sort of ran into her-"   "Not on purpose of course" I pitched in   "Actually..." I looked at Harry in shock    "I did run into you on purpose" he turned away a little embarrassed    "What do you mean on purpose?" I asked him    "I didn't mean to knock you down if that's what you're asking" I just blinked    "I saw you and thought you were beautiful and the only way I could think of getting your attention was by kinda...running into you" I just sat there and stared at him. Louis decided to break the silence.    "This story just got a whole more interesting" he leaned across the table, trying to urge us to continue our story.    " I really didn't mean to push you to the ground. I'm really sorry about it. I'm hoping you forgive me." I have him half a smile    "Well I'm pretty sure I forgave you. I'm here aren't I?" He smiled and turned his attention to the rest of the people at the table.    "After he knocked me to the ground" I sneaked a look at him    "He offered me a ride to school and I accepted. We bonded a tad on the way" Harry nodded, agreeing with the word 'bonded'.    "Once we got to school, we went to find this little lady" Harry gestured towards Hannah and she blushed.    "I fainted" she blushed even harder    "Actually, Hannah you fainted twice" she gave me a look that was not very pleasant.    "Give her a break. She was a little surprised" Harry chimed in along the laughter.    "Anyways. Hannah fainted so I brought her somewhere that Harry could put her without a mob of people. The only place I could think of was my choir room" Louis jumped at this, once again interrupting    "So you sing?" He was burning me with his eyes   "Sing for us, won't you?" Zayn asked shyly. He looked like he was warming up a bit    "I don't know. We're in a public restaurant" I felt Harry grab my hand and squeeze it under the table, making my eyes meet his.    "You're a great singer. No need to be shy" I guess there really was no reason. I trusted Harry's opinion.    "Sing for us!!" Louis yelled jokingly. A few people turned in their chairs around the restaurant. I slowly took a deep breath in and out    "Okay fine. What should I sing?"  Liam suddenly started singing a familiar song    "My hearts a stereo, It beats for you so listen close, hear my heart in every note oooh" Liam looked at me as if I was supposed to top his amazing singing. I started singing the second part of the chorus. Although it was a little awkward to be singing while the boys and Hannah were watching. Once I sang thought the chorus I stopped. Zayn spoke up again   "Well don't stop. That was wonderful" he smiled at me and I smiled back. I love his smile.    "I would love to but I don't know the whole song" suddenly Niall started rapping the first verse. I joined in with him along with Harry rapping when I didn't know the parts. Louis started harmonizing the chorus with me and eventually we all started singing together. Even Hannah joined in. At the end we all laughed    "Harry wasn't exaggerating Jennifer, your a gorgeous singer" Liam complimented me.    "I agree" Niall nodded    "I think it was nice that Hannah joined in as well" he went off into his own thought after that    "It's a unique voice. I haven't heard one like it" Zayn smiled    "I thought it was quite lovely!" Louis patted me on the back   " I told you so" Harry said softly. I felt another small squeeze from his hand that made me smile. I looked to him then to everyone else.    "Thank you guys. It really means a lot to me " Harry had a smile playing on his lips as I felt a piece of paper slip on to my lap. I didn't read it but instead slipped it into my pocket. The boys were still talking when suddenly Louis screamed out    "She should get a label!!!" Louis was awfully noisy today compared to me who is usually quite noisy. I decided to try and be social again.    "Who should get a label?" I looked questionably at Louis. All of them looked like a deer in head lights. Zayn gave Louis a look and Liam spoke.    "We'll this one girl on xfactor is a beautiful singer and Louis got a little too excited about him wanting her to win" Liam gave Louis a look as well. Zayn just nodded. Louis shrugged    "Sorry about that love." He went back to smiling    " I've been wanting to get out of the hotel for awhile now and" he drifted off and looked behind Harry.    "Where are Niall and Hannah?"    "I think they went for a walk" Zayn suggested    "Oooooh" I said under my breath   "What's that?" Harry asked. He heard my knowing 'oh'. I giggled a bit. I knew exactly how Hannah felt about Niall. You could tell there was a spark between them   "Can't I know the secret?" Harry leaned in closer to my ear, now at a whisper. His hand that was holding mine was now closer to my thigh than before. Suddenly my high low was a bad choice. He smirked at me, knowing he was getting what he wanted.   "Hannah sort of has feelings for uhh Niall" I whispered back    "Oh really?"
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