Star Struck

Jenifer Braun is from Washington. She is in her last year of high school and is just about to turn 18 this December. She has a normal life until a curly haired boy runs into her, literally, and knocks her to the ground. Little did she know he would change her life forever. *WARNING* +15


11. Simple Dreams

Jennifer's POV:

Hannah had just gotten back from dance class and was out of the shower getting ready. It was about 7:00pm and I was in my bathroom finishing up my hair and adding touch ups to my makeup. I really didn't put on a lot of makeup, only enough to look presentable. I didn't want to show up like I just rolled out of bed...or just got done with a make out session. Either way, minimal makeup is best. I was sitting at my vanity in my room when I noticed I was tapping my foot. I always find myself with some song stuck in my head on repeat almost as if I have a record playing at all times. I can't help but sing every time that happens, hence why Hannah said 'She sings a lot' because well I do. I started singing 

"I would find lots of things, clothes shoes diamond rings, stuff that's driving me insane. You could be preoccupied, different date every night..."

"You just gotta say the word" Pretty sure that's not my voice. I turned to see Harry standing in my door way up against the frame with his hands in his pockets. He looked great in his black blazer, white v-neck and jeans. I started blushing due to the fact that he walked in on me singing. Not to mention that is just had to be his solo stuck in my head. He walked towards me slowly and pulled me off of my seat into a hug. He kissed me softly while holding me. 

"So when you said you sing, you didn't think to mention that you sing beautifully?" he said after pulling away. I blushed even harder and looked down until I felt him pull my chin up to face him. He looked me right in the eyes

"You really are. And don't look down like that, I can't see your beautiful face" He smiled and kissed me again while holding my chin.

"And do you think we should keep us a tad quite for awhile? I don't want anything going too fast with us only just meeting today" He looked at me with his eyebrows raised

"Yeah of course. I was actually wanting to ask you the same. I don't really want the boys to know about our little experiment earlier either" I wrapped my hands closely around his neck and smirked at him

"Who wouldn't want to know about that?" He pulled me closer and put his lips to my neck kissing softly. Not enough to leave a mark but I was wearing a pink high low skirt with a black halter, leaving a lot of my skin bare. I giggled softly

"Save it for tonight Harry, won't you?" he pulled away swiftly

"What's tonight?" He asked confused

"Well, I was thinking that since Hannah and I can't go to clubs or anything, we could come back here after dinner and hang out" He went from confused to excited

"That sounds great! I'll call the lads and Paul real quick. They would love a break from the hotel." He kissed me quickly and ran out of the room like a little puppy. I laughed to myself and walked to Hannah's bathroom. She had the music blasting from her iPhone. I'm surprised I couldn't hear it from my room. She was wearing a navy and white stripped dress that fit her body snug. Her hair was in little perfect curls unlike my natural wave that I wake up and wear everyday. She looked better than me as usual

"Nice work" I said behind her back.She didn't hear me but saw me come up behind her and was startled by my figure appearing in her mirror. She paused her music and turned to face me with a hand on her hip. I took a piece of hair that remained uncurled and showed it to her. She surprisingly smiled and turned back around to curl it. 

"Why are you so happy?" I ask walking so I was next to her

"I'm meeting Niall, why the hell wouldn't I be fucking happy?" her smiled still remained on her face. She doesn't usually swear...well in front of people besides me that is. I just laughed

"That was a stupid question" she shook her head and laughed

"Heck yeah it was" That's more like it

"Well hurry up because Harry is here. I wouldn't want him to leave without you now would I?" she laughed then looked at me serious

"He better not" I just shook my head laughing and went to find Harry. He was downstairs in our living room talking on the phone to someone.

"Don't worry! Tell Paul we'll be in good hands...No!....Put Paul on the phone would you Zayn? Thanks....Paul trust me we will be fine. Just a little break from the hotel that's all...Of course not...No I understand...Really?....Yes! Thanks Paul! This is great! See you at the restaurant...okay I will...Bye" I came up behind him once he hung up and put my arms around his waist and stood on my tip toes to kiss his cheek.

"So, am I keeping you tonight or does Daddy get you back?" He whipped around and grabbed my waist pulling me into him

"Even better. You get to keep me all night" I let my mouth fall open. Damn straight that's better

"Really? What did Paul say?"

"He didn't want any paps coming and hanging out until I left if he couldn't be there with me so he suggested I stay the night to wait them out. Wait, it gets better" Better? Better than him staying the night with me? What's better than that?

"You get all 5 of us" A huge smile crawled on to his face as his words set it

"5 boys and 2 girls in one 4 bedroom house?! That's going to be insane!" He giggled

"Told you it was even better" he said. I smiled.

"The more the merrier." His face lit up with excitement as he leaned down and kissed me

"Umm did I miss something?" Hannah was standing in the stairway staring at us. Harry and I jumped away from each other and I swear I saw Harry's face turn a light pink

"No no" I said to Hannah. I brushed my fingers through my hair and looked down being shy. Well this was awkward "Guess what Hannah?" I said skipping to the door. I was trying to change the subject

"What?" She asked intently. I smiled

"I don't know" She glared at me "I'll tell you later" Harry came up next to me and took my coat, helping me put it on. "Should we be on our way?" He asked. I looked to Hannah and nodded. She nodded back and grabbed the keys. We walked outside into the crisp air and walked to the car where Jack was waiting patiently. Harry opened the door for Hannah and I then got into the other side himself. I was sat in between Harry and Hannah. Hannah tapped me on the shoulder and whispered into my ear

"Catch me if I faint again" I smiled

"I will"

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