Star Struck

Jenifer Braun is from Washington. She is in her last year of high school and is just about to turn 18 this December. She has a normal life until a curly haired boy runs into her, literally, and knocks her to the ground. Little did she know he would change her life forever. *WARNING* +15


9. Getting to know each other

Jennifer's POV:

"Oh my god!! You have to be kidding me?" Harry couldn't help but laugh at my explanation and I couldn't blame him. It was a pretty ridiculous reason to lose my licence. A pretty stupid reason too. I had a few drinks one night at a Junior, Senior party and was helping Hannah play a trick on our friend Ali. I was going to act like a chauffeur for the party, one of those people who drive the drunken party animals back and forth from home while someone else would act like a cop pretending to drive up behind us and pull us over. Ali's boyfriend and her were supposed to freak out and then we would pull the plug and have a good laugh. Ali is always getting drunk so seeing her reaction would be golden. The only problem was that I had 1 too many drinks which is why it probably sounded like a good idea at the time but it became a problem. Instead of one of Hannah's friends coming up behind us, the real cops showed up because I was drunk and driving, something that I know too well does not mix. He asked me to get out of the car and made me take all of the tests along with Ali and her boyfriend, but to make matters worse, I still thought things were a joke. Being the flirty drunk that I am, I asked the cop 'Why not give us a strip tease while you're at it?'. I will admit I thought the cop was one of Hannah's hot guy friends I hadn't met yet so why not get something more out of this joke? Bad mistake. I got a minor under the influence and a DUI. Ali and her boyfriend only got a minor under the influence but apparently I'm a good enough liar when I'm drunk so I told the cops we were only at my house drinking. They believed me and no more questions about a party were asked.

"Nope. I'm not kidding. That's exactly what happened. Although I think I made things worse by asking for the strip tease" He just laughed even harder. I honestly didn't mind since I thought his laugh was super cute

"You could have done with out it! What were you thinking? You obviously didn't know the cop!" Another roar of laughter

"Like I said before, I was drunk and stupid" I just laughed a long with him for a minute or so before we pulled up to my townhouse. His laughing slowly came to a stop and he took a deep breath

"Well here we are." He said looking at me. He turned to his driver

"I'll call you when I need to be picked up again Jack, thanks." I saw the driver nod a bit through the small opening in the window. Harry then turned back to me

"Are you coming or not?" I asked with a smile "Hannah will be here around 5:30 and it's only" I looked down to my phone and saw the time

"3:31" He smiled cheekily

"Show me the way" I unbuckled and opened the door to get out. I was followed by Harry who grabbed my bag from the bottom of the car. He followed me to my door and waved back to Jack. I put my little mini mouse key into the door and unlocked it. Hannah got me the key when we first got the place. We walked in and I set my keys down on the table inside the door

"Make yourself at home. Sorry that it's a little messy" I said as I closed the door. I heard him shuffle behind me

"Do you want anyt-" I turned around and ran right into Harry's arms. He had taken off his layers  of jackets and his sunglasses exposing his blue green eyes entirely to me. He stood there looking into my eyes and holding me.

"You could say I want something in particular" He whispered in a seductive, husky voice. My heart was beating out off my chest but that didn't stop me from leaning in closer to tease him.

"What's that?" I matched his tone of voice and slid my hands from his back, down his arms then back to his neck where I intertwined my fingers

"You of course" He said leaning into me, his nose touching mine slightly. My heart skipped a beat then went back to beating uncontrollably but I kept playing the game. I couldn't lose now.

"But you've only just met me. You've only had one taste"

"That's all I need to know what I want" He pushed against my hips, making me crash into the wall with him on top of me, pushing further and further until there was no space between us.

"Then what's stopping you?" I whispered. I couldn't keep my hands off of him much longer and  neither could he obviously since his hands were under my sweat shirt again, moving slowly up my back.

"Absolutely nothing" He finally touched  his lips to mine softly but when he pulled away, I didn't get enough. I pushed my lips onto his hungrily and kissed him much deeper than before. His hands took this as a free for all and explored all over my back, leaving fire where they touch. He pulled away and I gave him a pouty face. He chuckled

"I just want to know your boundaries honey" He said while drawing circles around my lower back. 

"As long as you know what you're doing" I winked at him and heard a noise come from his throat. He dived right in for another kiss but began moving them lower down to my chin, then my jawline, then my...

I heard a noise come from my mouth. Was that me? Oh no. He went for one of my weaknesses  neck kissing. It drives me insane when guys kiss my neck, right by my ear to be specific, but did I really? I made another sound just like the last one. Yep, I just heard myself moan silently. I felt Harry chuckle against my neck

"I'm doing something right" He murmured while moving lower down my neck

"You're doing much more" I said in a breathy voice. He started sucking in some places, leaving marks while kissing all over. He moved his hands and arms down my back to my bum and picked me up, one hand on my back, the other underneath me. He moved his mouth back to mine and started snogging me. I intertwined my fingers into his gorgeous curls and got a low grumble in return. He found his way up stairs and stopped kissing me to whisper in my ear

"Which one?" He asked in his low voice

"First door" I mumbled. He crashed through my half open door and practically threw me on the bed. He then crawled on top of me and continued to kiss me passionately as his hands crept up my shirt again to start where they left off. I felt him tug at the bottom of it and I helped by taking my hands off his back, over my head. I don't wear any shirts under my crew neck sweatshirts so I was now laying on my bed, Harry laying above me, with no shirt on. He looked at me and bit his bottom lip. I heard one word escape his mouth


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