Friends With Benefits


1. Friends with Benefits

*Destiny POV*
-"Hey humm Zayn I've got a question." Liam says walking into the room. "Oh god gosh!" He says seeing Zayn and I under the white sheet. "I'm deeply sorry." He mutters quickly before shuting the door.
-"Zayn I'm starting to think we should not be doing this here." I say.
-"Maybe. Maybe we should juste head over to your house." He winks. 

Ok ok wait! Stop! Let me explain first because this makes no sense right now. So Zayn and I met at a club one night. I ended bringing him back home and giving him my number.  Since then we have been meeting up from time to time. We talked about it many times and we always said. 'We are just friend...who hook up once in a while...'

*Liam's POV*
-"Oh god." I say walking back into the kitchen.
-"She here again?" Louis says.
-"Yep. God what is up with them." I say siting down.
-"This is kind of getting crazy." Harry says catching on to the conversation.
-"Yeah. I'm tired of walking up on them like I did today." I say.
-"We need to talk to him about this." Louis says.
-"I can't believe how she plays along with this!" I say
-"What a s-" Harry starts.
-"Oh hey Destiny!" I say in a sort of fake joyful way.
-"What a what?" She says confused. She was wearing one of Zayn's sweaters with no pants on. Her hair was a mess but still looked nice.
-"What a slippy for." Harry says catching his words.
-"What?" She asks confused.
-"Yeah Harry almosted triped on it because it was slippery." I say catching on to his lie.
-"You guys are wierd." She says grabing a glass a juice then leaving the room.
-"Nice catch." Louis says laughing a bit.
-"Thanks" Harry says winking and bowing.

*Destiny's POV*
-"Hey humm Zayn? " I say as he comes up behind me grabbing my waist and kissing my neck.
-"Yeah." He says looking at me trew the mirror.
-"We are just friends with benefits right?"
-"Yeah babe." He says. "Why?"
-"Well is it ok if we cancel for tonight?"
-"Yeah sure...but why?'' He asks turning me around so I can face him.
-"Well I have a date with this guy." I say unwraping myself from his arms to grab my clothes.
-"Wait? What's his name?" 
-"Marcus." I say puting my jeans on.
-"How do you know him?" 
-"I met him in a caffe." I reply putting my shirt on.
-"Where is he taking you?"
-"Why all these questions!" I pout fixing my hair up and putting my shoes and jacket on.
-"I-I." I stutters.
-"Look I've got to go. I need to go shopping then I have to get ready. Anyways see ya soon." I say walking up and kissing him on the cheeck then head for the door.

*Zayn's POV*
-"Where did Destiny go?" Niall asks with his mouth full. "We just saw her run out the door."
-"She has a date with this guy she met. So she is going shopping."
-"And this does not bother you?" Liam asks.
-"Nope. We are just friends." I say trying to hide my little bit of pain.
-"Yeah friends with A LOT of benefits!" Louis almost shouts.
-"There is no feelings betwen us." I say lying again.
-"Whatever. So you're free tonight?" Harry asks.
-"Yeah why?"
-"We got invited to a party at Simon's house" Liam explains.
-"Well of course I'm comming." I say happly.

*Destiny's POV*
-"What? You're canceling on me AGAIN?!" Zayn says lifting his voice trew the phone.
-"Yeah I have a date tonight..." I reply softly.
-"What this is like your fourth date with him!?"
-"Fine..." He groans. "Where is he bringing you?"
-"He is bringing me to this fancy restaurant. Anyways I have to go." I say and hang up. It was about 7:30 and Marcus should be here any moment. 
*Ding Dong*
I hear the door bell ring and get up. I stand in front of my mirror wearing a short pink fluffy dress, some silver heels and my hair curled down.

-"Wow." Marcus says breathless.
-"Thanks." I say blushing. "You don't look so bad either."
-"Yeap." I say walking out the flat then locking my door.
We arrive at this restaurant that looked very expencive and felt kind of guilty that he was paying for this. 

*Half way trew the meal*
-"I'm guessing it's faith that made me spill your coffe that day." Marcus says.
-"I  don't know because if it was really meant to be I would of met you anyways."
-"You are just so adorable." Marcus says.
-"I can't take this anymore." Zayn half shouts out of breath running into the restaurant and stopping in front of my table. "Look Marcus you seem like a very nice guy but you don't deserve her. I do." He starts.
-"What are you doing Zayn!" I say embaresed.
-"Look I never realized how much I actually liked you until you told me that you had met a boy. I know we told each other we were only friends that when we would hook up it meant nothing. But now that you're gone I actually realize how much I like you. God forbid me how much I love you! And don't tell me you don't feel the same way because if you tell me right now that you don't have any feelings say it or forever hold you peace." He says then goes silent.
-"Why are you not speaking? Why don't you tell him to leave?" Marcus asks a few seconds later.
-"Look Marcus you're a really nice guy but..." I start
-"I can't believe this!" He almost shouts. "Have a nice life! I can't believed I waisted my time on you! Goodbye we are over." He says and walks out. I look at him walking out then at Zayn in disbeleif. I slowly get up and grab my little jacket I had brought along. I walk out of the door still shocked.
-"What was that!" I shout as I hear Zayn running up to me.
-'' I was just saving your but!"
-"I can't believed you ruinned everything for Marcus and I! Like I can't believe you would ever do such a thing to me! I actually liked him! Now I will never be able to get him back! You ruined everything Zayn! I just can't believe that you out of all people would do that! How could yo-" I start to say but get cut off by Zayn's lips pressed against mine.
-"If you really liked him you would of spoken up when I gave you the chance. But instead you stayed silent. Everything I said was true. I just forgot to ask one thing."
-"What!" I say annoyed at hearing the truth. I did stay silent! I did feel extrem butterfly's when he kissed me. I think I actually really liked him.
-"Will you bemy girlfriend and not just some girl that I sleep around with that comes and goes. I want you to be mine and I want the world to know!" 
-"Yes!" I reply without thinking. I guess I let my heart speak instead of letting my brain think. My lips quickly pressed against his to a perfect kiss.

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