It's not always exactly,dear.

12 year old, Taylor Clark was just the normal girl, with the over common, normal name. But her voice was her only abnormality. Her voice was powerful, yet sweet. It was sweet, but strong. Taylor's mom, Cathleen, signed Taylor up for a new Nickelodeon show "After mom leaves," and Taylor gets the audition.
Soon, Taylor gets signed as a recording artist, and works with several celebrities.
Eventually, Taylor learns the hardships of being a celebrity, and takes a break in which she visits her family.
The only question? Will the fame eventually get to Taylor's head?


2. The letter.


Cathleen handed the acceptance letter to Taylor once she walked into the house,and got Taylor’s attention. “What’s this?” Taylor questioned her mother.  “It’s a letter... From .. Nickelodeon Studios!!!” Cathleen exclaimed.  “OH MY GOSH! WHAT?! HOW? WHEN? WHERE?!” Taylor screamed, jumping around with the letter in her hands.  

“Well, open it!” Cathleen exclaimed. “Oh..Right.” Taylor said, embarrassed. Taylor opened the letter to see the printed words.


Taylor and Cathleen,

Taylor’s paperwork was quite amazing.

She may be the next Selena Gomez... Or not.

Do you think you could also audition for singing the theme song?

If you could, we’d be forever grateful.

Auditions for the show are tomorrow. Cathleen, thanks for signing your daughter, Taylor up. We think she may get the part. Not much competition up against her.

Thanks again, to the both of you, and good luck,Taylor.

~Alicia and the Nickelodeon staff.

Taylor squealed. “OH MY GOD. WHAT IS AIR,MOM?! WHAT IS AIR?!” Taylor screamed.  Cathleen chuckled at Taylor’s tension-breaking humor. Taylor’s puppy Zoe’s ears picked up when she heard screamed. Zoe was an adorable 6 month old red nose pit. “No one’s hurt, Zo-bear. Go back to sleep"

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