It's not always exactly,dear.

12 year old, Taylor Clark was just the normal girl, with the over common, normal name. But her voice was her only abnormality. Her voice was powerful, yet sweet. It was sweet, but strong. Taylor's mom, Cathleen, signed Taylor up for a new Nickelodeon show "After mom leaves," and Taylor gets the audition.
Soon, Taylor gets signed as a recording artist, and works with several celebrities.
Eventually, Taylor learns the hardships of being a celebrity, and takes a break in which she visits her family.
The only question? Will the fame eventually get to Taylor's head?


1. The Introduction

Cathleen snuck out of her house,without her youngest daughter,Taylor noticing her absence. Taylor was oddly enough,the only family member who had the talents of singing and acting,and Cathleen did her research,and Nickelodeon is having auditions for a new show in downton Los Angeles,where they just so happened to live. 

Eventually, Cathleen reached her destination... Nickelodeon Studios. Cathleen saw a sign that read "After mom leaves audition sign-up's this way --------------->" Pointing towards a big,red brick building. Cathleen walks into the building.

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of teenagers and children in the room going over lines and trying to memorize them, Cathleen hurries to the sign-up table.

When Cathleen reached the front of the line, she smiles at the woman, with a name-tag saying "HELLO, MY NAME IS ALICIA"

 "Hello, Alicia. I'm here to sign my daughter up."  Alicia handed Cathleen a thin, brown clipboard with a piece of paper clipped to it, and a pen. Cathleen sat down, and looked at the paperwork, and frowned. "Lots of words, here for a sign-up sheet." Cathleen mumbled to herself. 

Later that day, Cathleen had gotten the paperwork processed and the chief of Nickelodeon had read Taylor's papers, and gave Alicia a letter to hand to Cathleen, who would then have to deliver to Taylor.

On the ride back to her home, Cathleen contemplated ripping the letter open, and reading every.last.word. But, she didn't. She wanted it to be a surprise for her youngest daughter, and wanted it to be an 'almost-surprise' for her, herself. Cathleen was glowing with joy, as she approached her house. "This should be amazing!" Cathleen thought, aloud.


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