You are Perfectly imperfect

My life is horrible... It cant get any worse. My dad controlles my life... I hate it. But one day i am removed from my school and moved next to niall horan's house i didnt know at first will i fall for him or his band members?? Read to find out;)


5. Vas happenin??

Niall's P.O.V
So we just stand there very awkwardly untill group of fangirls starts taking pics and screaming. I hate fangirls! They scream too much! I grab her hand and runaway. My heart was beating the whole time as we held hands. Untill her legs gave up and collasped to the groung. Dhe breathed harshly. I put her on my back and found a restaraunt. I put my hoods up and let her down. By that time, she has calmed down. We go in. Lucky me!! The random restaurant is actually Nandos!!! I loved Nandos. I found her a seat and sat her down i ordered some peri peri chickens. It was good as usual. She told me thank you and digged into her food. So did i. We probably sidnt talk for about 20min. We were too busy stuffing food down our throat. I haven't eaten breakfast so i was really hungry. After, she smiled at me i died right there at that moment. She was so cute when she smiled. I asked her if she wanted to hang out at my flat. I was hoping she woul say yes. She did!!! I was soo Happy! So we took a taxi back home. On our way, i told her that the boys are at my flat. I wanted her to become good friends with my mates. So off we go!!
Belle's P.O.V
Man the food was great!! He invited me over to Zayn's flat. I was exited! Im finally able to meet one direction!! I gladly said yes!! Now we were on taxi going to Zayn's flat we rang the door bell... Shirtless Zayn opened the door... He . Was. Hot!!!!!but i quickly blush and turn away...
Zayn's P.O.V
I was chillin in the couch with only my boxers on. The boys and i styed at niall's flat since we just got back from our tour and very worn out.Suddenly i heard a door bell. I had a feeling it was niall ao i opened the door. Well i got part of it right, it was niall and a strange girl. She was so beautiful she looked as if she was shoked. I stared right back at her. Ahe quickly blushed an turned away. Then, i remembered i was only in my boxers. Niall started screamming at me ro put some clothes on. Than he compared me to an apple without my apple peels, chicken without feathers, ice cream without a cone... I was amazed at how fast he talked and how red his face was. So i said " Vas Happenin?" And she laughed that mysterious girl i didn't know laughed. Her smile was the cutest<3 i think i have feelings for her... I hope niall didn't but it seemed like he also had feelings for her... Im soooo confused!!! But i know for sure, she is perfect


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