You are Perfectly imperfect

My life is horrible... It cant get any worse. My dad controlles my life... I hate it. But one day i am removed from my school and moved next to niall horan's house i didnt know at first will i fall for him or his band members?? Read to find out;)


2. The note

When i woke up, i was in a bedroom... I figured this is my new room. I unpack everything. I was too tired to do anything i laid in my bed listening to heart attack. Soon, i fell asleep. I woke up by my phone. My dad was calling me. I picked up the phone. He was asking me if i arrived i say yes and ask him about school. He told me i wasnt going to any school. I freak out i wanna scream my head offf. What am i going to do now? Ill be board all day. Wow i never thought i wanted school badly but now i do. My heart sinks. My life is messed up... I want education but cant have that. I asked him why he didnt reply. Instead he hung up. I throw my phone across the bed. I sleep some more. When i woke up, it was 5:19pm. I was sooo hungry. I got up and put my hair in a messy pony tail. I wore a random t-shirt and and sweat pants. It was cold outside so i wore a thick furry jacket. I grabbed pair og my uggs and ran outside. I was tweeting about how i missed my friends... Clumsy me, i bumped into a guy. I was so embarrassed so i ran away without looking up. When i finally found Taco Bell i order a chicken qusadilla. I grab bunch or hot sauce and walked back home. I couldnt find my keys... Shit! I think that guy before picked it up. I just sat outside. I found something sparkle. It looked like my house keys and a note...
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