You are Perfectly imperfect

My life is horrible... It cant get any worse. My dad controlles my life... I hate it. But one day i am removed from my school and moved next to niall horan's house i didnt know at first will i fall for him or his band members?? Read to find out;)


3. The blonde next door

I go and pick it up. I go into my house with the key and sat on the couch. I took put the note and read it."hey im a guy next door. Just let me know if you found the key. Leave a note in my mailbox;)" awwww how cute. I wrote back "thx soo much i found my keys and in my house safe and sound. I owe you one<3" i slid the letter in his mail box.
Niall's P.O.V
I was wating for her reply. Before going to bed, i decided to check one moretime. Yesss!! She replyed! I read the message and fell in love with her. She made a heart sign to me. That's good right?? I smile like an idiot, my mom looks at me weirdly, but i ignore it and go to bed. I will wake up early and wait infront of her house to meet her. It may seem weird but the moment she bumped ito me that day, i felt love in first sight.
Authors note:
Hey guys!! Let me know if its so far so good!! I will update frequently;)
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