You are Perfectly imperfect

My life is horrible... It cant get any worse. My dad controlles my life... I hate it. But one day i am removed from my school and moved next to niall horan's house i didnt know at first will i fall for him or his band members?? Read to find out;)


4. I wanna take it slow

Niall's P.O.V
It was 6:00am in the morning. I woke up and go down stairs. I see mom vacumming the house. She stops and stares at me. She has this "what the f..." Face and stares at me... I grab my phone and keys and run out. 5 seconds later my phone rings. Its my mom. She asks me if somethings wrong and i tell her ill be back before midnight. She sighs and hangs up.
I stand infront of her door trying to peek through the cracks. What am i doing??... I sit down on her door steps slowly fall asleep
Belle's P.O.V
I hear my alarm clock go off. I slammed it but it woldn't shut up so i threw it across the room. Finally, some peace. I fall asleep again.
Niall's P.O.V
I hear a loud bang so i instantly open my eyes. I stare at the house for about five minuets. I thought it was just my imagination. I put my hood on and slowly close my eyes.
Belle's P.O.V
I wake up as i hear my tummy growl at me to feed it food. I slowly got up and dressed. I walked through the hall way and walked down the stairs. Well more like fell down the stairs... Owwww! I drag my body to the kitchen and cook my self pancakes. Mmmm sooo good!!! After, i clean the dishes and went to shower. Steaming hot water warmed up my body from cold winter. It felt soo good. I got out of the shower and dressed. I wore a leggings with long loose shirt. I put a zip up sweater over it. I grabbed my purse. I was planning to go grocery shopping since i only had enough to make about two pancakes. I open my front door and see a big sack and ot seemed to move... I freak out and scream. I calm down when he shown hes face and says"good morning love" at i quickly relize its Niall James Horan
Niall's P.O.V
I hear a scream and wake up. I turn around to see a girl frightened. I know who she was. She is the girl next door. I smile at her and she finally calms down. Now i see a shoking expression. I just stared at her. She was beautiful.
Belle's P.O.V
Wow! I always thought about it, but he was hot and cuter than i imagined. He just stares at me with his braces showing. How cute:) i force my self to let out a "good morning" i was soo nervous! I steped down and crouch down next to him. I tell him "this is my house, did you need me?" I ask as politely as possible. He says "yes, you" im now stuck on a roller coaster, upside down, i blush crazily. I quickly stand up and. Turn around when i turned around he was close to me. I mean really close to me. I like well... Love Niall but that was a different kind of love. He comes closer and i push him away... Urggg why did i do that ! This is once in a life chance!!! Im sooo stupid...
Niall's P.O.V
I found my self close to her... I didnt know what i was doing i just followed my body. I needed to snap out of it but she was attractive... I snap out when she pushes me away. I was kind of hoping she would stay but she didn't but i understood why so i just backed away and said sorry. I heard her mumbling in her breath. I was listening to her care fully and she said "i wanna take it slow... Whatever it is..." I let out a sigh. Its depressing but what can i fo, i just met her even though ive been looking at her the moment she came. But she probally didnt notice...

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