You are Perfectly imperfect

My life is horrible... It cant get any worse. My dad controlles my life... I hate it. But one day i am removed from my school and moved next to niall horan's house i didnt know at first will i fall for him or his band members?? Read to find out;)


6. Awkward future

Belle's P.O.V
I got to admitt Zayn is hot! I always knew he was, but its different seeing him in person! Niall gestured at me so i let myself in. I looked around the house. It. Was.a.mess. Zayn picked up garbagesand dumped ot in the trash. He also crumples bunch of clothes in a laundry basket. I told him its alright so he stopped and put on some clothes. I heard some noises so i walke toward the stairs. I froze right on the spot. I saw harry with absolutely no clothes on! I saw both niall and zayn attacking harry. They were yelling and cursing at him. Harry was pouting while niall blocked my view. I hope i dont see anymore of those... Zayn came back down and apologized for harry's behavior. I always knew about his bad habbit but it was worse than i thought!
Harry's P.O.V
I woke up at the sound of my phone. I had no clothes on. It was usual. It is so comfortable without clothes. So i walked out of my room. I yelled out a loud owwww as i jam my toes against the wall. I went downstairs to get water when i saw a girl standing so i smiled and said hi. Atleast, i tried when both niall and zayn both attacked me... They yelled and cused at me. My feelings were hurt! So i pouted along my way to my room. I looked back but niall was bloking my view. So i went back upstairs to get dressed. Totally uncomfotable!
Niall's P.O.V
I cant beloeve harry! He just walked out like that! I attacked him and cursed at him. I blocked belle and harry's view. I hope other guys dont make pervert impression onher anymore. I wanted her to be friendly and comfortable with her. At this rate, everybody will be awkward. I worry our future.


Hey guys!!! Let me know if the story is good so far<33
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