My Twin Brother

This is a One Direction fan fiction. I don't have much of a blurb, because my BFF and I are writing this together and we haven't planned it all out.


2. My Twin Brother Chapter Two

When I awoke I was in the hospital. I saw the nurse bouncing up and down "You are Harry Styles sister!" She said excitedly. "Yeah." I explained. "You were in a coma." She added. 'How long?" I asked. "Three months." She answered. All I culd think was NO MY DATE. I was starting to tear up being in a coma for three months I will not see Harry or Niall for five months because they are going on tour. This will be a lonely month becuase my friend Kaitlyn is going with Liam. I will be alone for Christmas and my birthday.

I was allowed the next night. I was sitting there all alone when the doorbell rang and to my surprise it ws my Uncle Laurence. I thought he forgot about me and Harry. I ran and wrapped my arms around my uncle, I squeezed him as tight as possible. He said "Are you okay I heard you were in a coma and I decided to come down and stay with you for your birthday and Christmas and your brother did not want you to stay home alone because you were just in a coma.'

When  woke up the next morning I could smell bacon and eggs. My unle was in his PJs still. He has slept in Harry's room since he would have no room otherwise.

The bacon and eggs were amazing, they were the best I had ever eaten.

I was lounging on the couch and I flicked on the TV. I heard Hurrican Sandy was supposed to hit New York tommorow night. I was very scared and upset because all of One Direction was there, and Kaitlyn was too.My uncle said "It probably won't be that bad."

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